Generation 3 Summaries

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Generation 3



Family Structure: ???

Number of Children: 1/???

Primary Income: Fortune Teller- Psychic Branch

Secondary Income: Politics

Generation Goal: ???

Miscellaneous Fun: Gourmet

Chapter 3.01 Epiphany in Yoga Class: Juniper kicks off her generation by ponder about her new in-laws and whether or not she should confide in Sam about her biggest secret (her clairvoyance). At yoga, she manages to make friends with the other women there. The other women there have children, and that makes Juniper question whether or not it’s too soon for her and Sam to start trying for their own family. Upon trying to ask him about his opinion on the matter, she chickens out and talks about redoing the house.

Chapter 3.02 New Additions to the Family: Juniper cuddles with a hella load of kittens (part of Sam’s political campaign (he’s running for Mayor) to seem like a nice guy who cares about animals) after a morning of almost losing a precious pair of earrings, and she and Sam discuss the two of them possibly getting a pet (Juniper’s hoping a cat) and then Juniper lets it known that she wants a baby. The two of them discuss it back at the Mansion, Sam mostly being against it, until he has a call from “work” and goes up to the study. Really though, he goes into the surveillance room and Ophelia (his cousin) and they argue over the fact how Ophelia thinks that Sam’s ruining everything because he’s disagreeing with Juniper and making her upset. He argues that he wants there to be at least a little bit of time to it being just him and Juniper.

Chapter 3.03 A Bit of a Psychopath: Juniper and Sam are at a fancy party, held by some of the most important people in town. Juniper’s talking to the other women at the party, one of whom is Claudia, the wife of Sam’s competition in running for mayor. The topic of kids comes up amongst the women, and Juniper mentions that she and Sam are trying for a baby, but nothing’s yet happened. Claudia’s rather snarky towards her about it, filling her head with worries about her relationship. The topic soon turns to Juniper’s pretty necklace which Sam bought for her, which is when Juniper hatches an idea. She fakes feeling unwell so she can be excused from the conversation.
A little later, it’s noticed that the necklace is missing, and the hosts search the bags to try and find out if someone’s taken it. It winds up in Claudia’s bag, and her and her husband get kicked out of the fancy party. Back at the mansion, Sam notices that Juniper seems to be feeling a lot better. He then pieces together that Juniper framed Claudia, and she applauds him for finally realising that she did it. Juniper then has a scary vision of Sam being abusive to her, which makes her uneasy.

Chapter 3.04 Cracks in the Veneer: Juniper feels disheartened because it’s been five months since she and Sam started trying for a baby, and still nothing has happened despite her trying her hardest to get pregnant. She’s also confused because everything in the house seems to get moved or misplaced, and it makes her feel stressed out.
To try and ease her stress, she goes to her yoga class, only to be met with the girls who were her friends all angry at her, and the instructor informs her that the cheque had been cancelled, by Juniper. Angry, the instructor kicks her out of the class.
Confused, when Juniper gets home she tries to ask Sam about it, but chickens out because she knew he was stressed out with his campaign, and knows he isn’t good to talk to when he’s angry. She escapes into the kitchen, but he follows, clearly not in a good mood after being interrupted from his work. She asks him about the cheque and he gets furious at her implications. He’s abusive to her, and wonders aloud why he ever married her. Once he’s gone back off to his office, Juniper rips up the calendar, deciding to give up on trying for a baby. As she throws it in the bin, she finds the confirmation of her cancelling the cheque for her yoga class.

Chapter 3.05 Election Part 1: Juniper wakes up alone, knowing that Sam’s rushed off to work because it’s the election that day. Originally, her day was planned to be one hanging around the house, until Mia texts her and lets her know that she’s in town. The two girls meet up for coffee, and they both talk about their own lives. Mia mentions that she’s partly amazed that Juniper doesn’t have any kids yet (Mia knows Juniper, and knows that she’s always wanted a huge family) and Juniper explains that she and Sam had been trying for one a while ago. Juniper asks Mia about her own life, and Mia confesses that she’s been dating someone new. Juniper’s happy for her, but at the same time, she feels awkward with the thought of Mia dating someone else. After a while, Mia notices a scar on Juniper’s jawline, and Juniper admits that her jaw had been broken a few months ago, and that it was a really bad break. Upon being asked how it broke, Juniper stutters out an excuse; saying that she broke it when she fell into the sink. Mia doesn’t think this adds up as she’s known Juniper to have very good balance and never fall. Juniper accuses her of implying the worst, to which Mia lets the conversation drop. It’s implied that Sam broke her jaw, which he did.

Chapter 3.06 Election Part 2: It’s the election evening, and both Sam and Juniper are watching the TV, and waiting for the phone call, to find out who’s won the election. Sam apologises for his abusive ways towards Juniper, and she falls for it and tells him that it wasn’t his fault. They make idle chit chat, and then Juniper gets a vision of her talking to someone she doesn’t know (and can’t see). She gets suspicious, and notices that her future self tells this mystery man about her clairvoyance. Present Juniper panics at how calm the future Juniper is. She also learns that the mystery man is a witch, which is what encourages her to tell him about her clairvoyance. After the vision, present day Juniper is stupefied as she didn’t even tell Sam that she can see into the future, and she wonders about how well she trusts this mystery man.
There’s a phone call, and it turns out that Sam won the election.

Chapter 3.07 Stonewashed Denim: Juniper wakes up feeling worse for wear, and Sam’s concerned about her. Unfortunately, he can’t take the day off to look after her, despite wanting to. Juniper tries to get extra time in bed, but there’s someone at the door. It turns out to be Melody (Juniper’s younger older half-sister), and she explains that she needs Juniper’s help. Melody thinks she might be pregnant, but she’s too worried to take the test on her own, so she wanted Juniper to take one with her. Reluctant at first, Juniper realised she’ll have no say and she goes along with the plan. When they’re waiting for the results, a nervous Melody suggests that the two of them swap tests so it won’t be as bad. Juniper hopes that Melody’s test is negative, for her sake, and she figures that her own will be negative too. Once the time is up, Juniper sees that Melody’s test is negative and tells her. Melody stays quiet for a moment, and then tells Juniper that her test is positive.

 Chapter 3.08 Interrogation: Carrying on straight from where we left it, Juniper’s thrilled about her pregnancy, whereas Melody’s worried for her little sister. Melody tries to talk Juniper into leaving Sam while she still has a chance, and telling her that the Matthews family will always be behind her. Juniper doesn’t take Melody’s suggestion too lightly; wondering why she should leave Sam when she loves him. Melody explains that Juniper shouldn’t be around someone who’s abusive to her, and will likely be the same way to their child, but Juniper isn’t hearing any of it because she knows that Sam loves her. Melody tells Juniper that Sam doesn’t love her, otherwise he wouldn’t be treating her the way he does. Juniper then asks Melody to leave.
There’s a short blackout, and Juniper hears a noise come from the kitchen. When she goes into the kitchen, she find Melody dead on the floor.

Chapter 3.09 Questioning : Since Melody’s death, there have been a lot of detectives sniffing around the Buckingham mansion. Up until now, Juniper hasn’t spoken to any because Sam’s taken care of them, but the new head detective wants to talk to her, and she learns that the new head detective on the case is Belle (Juniper’s older older half-sister). Belle questions Juniper about what happened, and one of the other police officers makes a link and implies that Juniper killed Melody. Belle dismisses them, and then confronts Juniper on what happened, and explains that Juniper’s the lead suspect, which is why Belle took over the case. Juniper ensures Belle that she didn’t do it, and the sisters have a little girly talk (mostly about Juniper’s pregnancy). Once the police officers come back into the room, Juniper’s allowed to hide upstairs again. As she passes the study, she has a premonition of their daughter joining Sam while he works, and it gives Juniper hope for their future as a little family.

Chapter 3.10 Fragile: It’s Juniper’s baby shower, but she doesn’t especially feel in the mood for a party. She felt like it was only done for publicity, and most of the people there were annoying her. The main reason why she hasn’t hid away was that Mia was hopefully coming. Mia comes, and nearly annoys Juniper too by asking all the irritating questions Juniper’s already faced that day. Juniper lets it known that she’s feeling miserable at this party, and Mia asks her what’s going on and suggests that they talk about it inside. Once inside, Juniper’s happy to be off of her feet and whines that pregnancy isn’t great, at all. Mia then changes the subject back to what was upsetting her. Juniper tells Mia that she and Sam have had two arguments: one was about him finding her anti-psychotic medication and reacting poorly to it, and the other was about Sam not being around when it’s her due date and about a month or two after that, and Juniper suspects that he’s cheating on her. Mia tries to cheer her up, but Juniper just wants some time alone, so Mia lets her have that. Juniper then has a vision of her future daughter, and about her birthday being forgotten which makes Juniper feel all the more sad. Downstairs, Mia confronts Sam on him leaving Juniper when she needs him most, and tells him that she knows something weird is going on. Sam then warns her to stay away from his family, and threatens her with a secret she’s keeping from Juniper (the fact that she and her girlfriend are moving away). Mia begrudgingly agrees to keep quiet.

Chapter 3.11 Shush: At the hospital, Mia reflects on how weird it seems that Juniper’s a mom now. She secretly wishes that Juniper could see how bad Sam was, and knew that Juniper would have come to her senses if Sam missed Roisin being born, which he almost did. At that moment, Mia realised that Juniper much preferred Sam’s company over hers. Mia’s girlfriend, Kylie, is also there and Mia confides in Kylie about what she saw while she was staying at the Buckingham mansion while helping out Juniper. Meanwhile, in her hospital room, Juniper mentions to Sam how weird it is that they’re parents now. He tells her that he only has three days to spend with her and their daughter Roisin. Sam then gets a phonecall and has to leave the room, letting Juniper hold Roisin. As Juniper watches her daughter sleep, she hopes that Roisin isn’t a psychic like how she is. Mia confronts Sam once again and tells him that she knows about the Buckingham plan, and threatens to tell Juniper. Sam then talks her out of it.

Chapter 3.12 No Room for a Heart: Juniper has a vision of a grown up Roisin being cruel to someone who works for her, and Roisin doesn’t feel any sympathy, saying that is how “her father raised her.” It startles her because the previous visions of Roisin have involved her being overly nice. Juniper had also invited Mia over because she had a vision of her one day being killed at the Buckingham Mansion, and Juniper wants to prevent that, so she’s invited her over in order to tell Mia to stay away. Mia also has the agenda of telling Juniper what she saw in the Buckingham Mansion when she was there. When there, Mia doesn’t take to the suggestion all too nicely, and gets confused, and wonders why Juniper thinks this. Juniper tells her that she’s a clairvoyant and hasn’t seen it (also getting distressed because Mia doesn’t believe her, and Juniper’s doing her best to protect her best friend). Mia doesn’t believe her, but agrees to stay away for a while anyway to please Juniper. As Mia leaves, Juniper sees to Roisin and reassures herself that she’s done the right thing and is ignoring the voice that’s calling her. Downstairs, however, the murder’s there and the chapter ends with the murder’s covering Mia’s mouth and pulling her away (and implying that Mia’s died).

Chapter 3.13 Where There’s a Will: In light of the second death in under a year at the mansion, Sam decided that both he and Juniper should make a will in case either of them are the next to get killed. They agree that their own assets (meaning the ones they had before being married, so their own personal inheritances) will stay theirs, yet anything they share will go straight to Roisin. They disagree on who will look after Roisin if they both go (Sam wants her to go to one of his relatives whereas Juniper wants her to go to Belle, Nathaniel or Ashton). She keeps hearing voices and gets freaked out by them. She and Sam take a break on writing the will, and Juniper goes up to see Roisin. When she enters the nursery, she finds a ghost holding Roisin. The ghost introduces itself as Alice Buckingham, Sam’s deceased mother.

Chapter 3.14 Lie: Juniper talks to Sam’s biological mother, and at first she thinks that the ghost is acting weirdly. Alice first starts by telling Juniper how she really died; confessing that Sam’s dad really did kill her, confirming the rumours to be true. She then says that many of the Buckingham’s first brides died in the same way she did, and that she refused to let another Buckingham bride the same way. Juniper’s sceptical, but she doesn’t announce her doubts aloud and lets Alice continue. Alice continues by revealing the Buckingham’s plan by telling Juniper about a psychological form abuse called Gaslighting, in which the abuser tricks the victim by moving their things and making them doubt themselves, which leads them to become submissive and dependent. Juniper doesn’t believe that Sam could do that, but upon considering it more, she realises that Sam was trying to gaslight her. Alice also makes it apparent that he was also trying to isolate her from her family and any friends that she may have been trying to make, all in the name of this so called ‘Plan’ of theirs. Juniper accuses Alice of lying, not wanting to hear these things about her husband anymore as Juniper pokes holes in Alice’s theory, questioning why they used her and not anyone else. Alice then tells Juniper that the Buckinghams used Juniper because of her family’s wealth.She also says that the Buckinghams control the town, and they know everything and can control everyone, because everyone’s afraid of the Buckinghams. Juniper then realises why Mia was so against her marrying Sam, and Alice mentions that anyone who goes against the Buckinghams gets killed, correctly implying that Sam killed Mia, and Melody as they both went against him. Juniper still doubts Alice, asking how she could talk about her own son in that way, and Alice explains that she doesn’t feel like Sam’s mother as if she was in control, she wouldn’t have let him turn out this way, and she says she doesn’t want her granddaughter (Roisin) to turn out that way either.
Once her conversation with Alice was over, Juniper went into the study ‘closet’ and found all the screens and the plan, with a gun next to the main whiteboard with the plan on it. As the door opened and Sam walked in, Juniper picked up the gun and aimed it at him.

Chapter 3.15 Conclude Picking up from directly where we left off, the married couple were in a bit of a stand off. Sam tries to calm Juniper down, while Juniper questions the meaning of their entire relationship, gun still trained on him and ready to shoot. He manages to almost get the gun off of her as he holds onto the barrel, but in the midst of the struggle, she accidentally pulls the trigger and shoots him. Upon realising what she’s done, she rushes over to Sam but only to find it’s too late, and that she’s killed her husband. Juniper begins to get upset, but quickly stops herself and starts to come up with a plan.

Chapter 3.16 Evidence: Picking up again from directly where we left off (or like, ten minutes after) Juniper has a vision of herself talking to mystery man, in which she mentions that Belle’s found out about her murdering Sam, and they decide to run. Back in the present, Juniper is freaking out in the bathroom, and trying to come up with a plan after washing off all the blood. She thinks of how to clean up: removing her most recent fingerprints, disposing of the gun and trying to get rid of the footage on that camera. While doing this, Juniper feels overcome with guilt over what she’s done, but progresses on still. She takes Roisin and as Juniper’s ready to leave, she doesn’t know what to do with the bag of evidence she’s taken, or where to even go. In that situation, Juniper feels like her parents are the only ones she can trust. She calls her parents, and heads back to her family home for some advice.


It’s incredibly tasking and rather tedious to update these frequently, and often I end up forgetting and neglecting my poor summaries page.

Ergo, just because that’s the last update on the summaries, doesn’t mean it’s the latest update. All of the chapter titles are linked, so if you’ve seen me posting far ahead of where the summaries end, there’s probably a few more chapters waiting for you to read, so just click on the link, scroll right to the bottom of that chapter, click next post and keep on readin’ 😉


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    1. Yeah… The start of this generation was really dark. It’s a little more light hearted where I am now, but it’s still got kind of heavy undertones
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