Belle Matthews

Belle Matthews

Bio: Belle is Alyssa’s first daughter. Her father is the guy who Alyssa cheated on Tyler with. Belle was used to being an only child for a while, until all her brothers and sisters came along. Belle had her first kiss on her first day of school, and she’s easily a hopeless romantic. She adores book, art and music, but don’t let that fool you. She can be clever when she needs to be.


French Culture (hidden)
Hopeless Romantic


Kids Music

CC Used: 

Skin is by Lady Frontbum, Naughty &Nice

Hair is Newsea’s SailAway

Everyday Outfit:

Dress is from Showtime EP
Leggings are from All About Style
Shoes are from Lorandia Sims 3 (I think…)

Formal Outfit:

Dress is by Anubis (its the asymmetrical one ‘Endlessly Together’)
Earrings from Showtime
Shoes are same as above (Lorandia Sims 3)

Sleepwear Outfit:

Negligee/Nightie is from Master Suite

Athletic Outfit

Shirt is from Master Suite
Shorts are from University Life
Shoes are Base Game

Swimwear Outfit

One piece is from Island Paradise

Outerwear Outfit

Coat is by Anubis (heart clasp one)
Boots are from Pets
Gloves are Base Game
Jean Leggings(Jeggins?) are by Anubis (there’s a top in there too, but I only used the jeans)

If you do ever wish to use my Belle, please tell me! Either leave a comment on here or PM me on Mod the Sims.

I want to know what my Baby Belle is doing ❤


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