Alyssa Matthews

Alyssa Matthews


Bio: Alyssa Matthews is the (considerable spoiled) daughter of both Erin and Thomas Matthews. She’s always been rather selfish and can be a little hot-headed at times. She has a reputation for being a cheater and has a habit of putting her own intentions and interests first. Despite her slight vanity, she does love her kids more than the world itself, and she would do anything for her family.


Family Oriented,
Green Thumb
Loves the Outdoors


Dark Wave
Stu Surprise
Hot Pink

CC Used: (there’s a lot, warning)

Skin is by Lady Frontbum, Naughty &Nice
Hair is by Peggy (Anubis retexture(Adjust shine))



Everyday Outfit:

Top is here from The Sims Resource
Pants are here from The Sims Resource
Shoes are from Lorandia Sims 3 (I think…)



Formal Outfit:

As we know, I dress Alyssa up quite a bit so I’ve just plugged in my favourite one for her
Dress is from BEO Creations
Shoes are from Late Night
Hair is by Peggy (Retexture by Anubis)
Necklace and Earrings are from Showtime



Sleepwear Outfit

Lingerie is from The Sims Resource



Athletic Outfit

Shirt is from University Life
Shorts are from Generations
Trainers are Base Game



Swimwear Outfit

Bikini top and skirt are from Ace Creators (Anubis)



Outerwear Outfit

Outfit is from Town Life
Boots are from Seasons


Download Alyssa Here


I hope you enjoy my spoiled generation 2 heiress, and treat her nicely (I know I didn’t!)

If you do use her, either leave me a comment or message me on MTS. I would love to know! ❤


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