Melody Matthews

Melody Matthews

Bio: Melody is Alyssa’s third child (just) and her second daughter. She’s the twin sister of Ashton, and she is a werewolf like him (inherited from her father, Alyssa’s ex-fiance). Melody can often be away with the fairies, making up a world of her own, and mean words often stick with her a little more than they should. But she’s a nice girl, and a brave one too. She’s rather good at fishing also.


Absent Minded
Over Emotional


Hip Hop
Egg Rolls
Sea Foam

CC Used:

Skin from here (like Ashton’s. It’s the glam one)
Hair is by Anubis (I finally tracked this one down. I knew it was Anubis hair)

Everyday Outfit

Top and Jacket are by Juliana (I only used the top and jacket, it comes with shorts too)
Jeans are from Generations
Boots are Late Night

Formal Outfit

Dress is by Anubis
Shoes are from Late Night

Sleepwear Outfit

Bra is from Master Suite
Underwear is from Master Suite

Athletic Outfit

Top is by Shock&Shame
Shorts are Late Night
Shoes are Base Game

Swimwear Outfit

Bikini top is from Late Night
Bikini bottoms are from Late Night

Outerwear Outfit

Jacket is from University Life
Trousers are from Pets
Shoes are from Seasons

If you ever do use her, please tell me. Either leave me a comment on this page or drop me a message on Mod the Sims


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