Rosie Matthews

Rosie Matthews

Bio: Rosie is Thomas’ oldest daughter. She lived with her mother for a while until she was a toddler and she then lived with Thomas and Erin. She was turned into a witch when she was a child by this evil fairy. She was rather bossy to Connor when they were little (being about the same age) and even though she threw a tantrum about her little sister at first, she soon realised that Alyssa wasn’t all that bad. She got engaged as a teenager, which is why she wears a ring (a claddagh ring)




Family Oriented



Used CC:

Her only out of game CC is her ring. You will need Supernatural as she is a witch, you will also need the EPs and Master Suite SP.

Please do tell me if you decide to use Rosie. Either drop me a comment on here or message me on Mod the Sims.


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