Connor Meehan

Connor Meehan

Bio: Connor is Erin’s son. He never met his dad, although he does know that his mom and his dad didn’t really date all that much. He grew up with his sort-of-sister Rosie, and even though they weren’t strictly related, Rosie was his bossy big sister. He met his friend Sabrina when he was a kid, and he started dating Sabrina when they were teenagers. He was muddled about what to do when he grew up, however he’s now got a family with Sabrina and a pack of dogs too.





Dog Lover

Loves the outdoors

CC Used:

Connor is cc less. I’ve only used things in the EPs for him.

If you do ever use him, please do tell me. Either leave me a comment on this page or message me on Mod the Sims


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