Thomas Matthews and Erin Matthews (Ne Meehan)

(I’m merging them together because I didn’t use all too much cc and I can’t get any pictures of them anymore)

Thomas Matthews and Erin Matthews (Ne Meehan)


Thomas: He was my founder, and I honestly feel like I didn’t pay all too much attention to him, mostly because I had to focus on getting money quite a lot that generation and with Erin only being a busker… Anyhoo, he’s lived in Dragon Valley all his life, and he wanted to join the military. He has two daughters Rosie (mother is an ex-girlfriend he was dating pre-legacy) and Alyssa. He and Erin started dating when he came home from a war, and they got married before his elder birthday.

Erin: She was the ‘help’ in this generation, but I shamefully paid much more attention to her because she didn’t have a proper job (ergo more shooting time with her). She was born in a city and came over to Dragon Valley to escape her engagement to a highschool sweetheart (again, pre-legacy). She has a son and a daughter, Connor (father is a hookup Erin had just when she moved to Dragon Valley) and Alyssa.







Loves the Outdoors



Commitment Issues


Loves the Outdoors


Used CC:

I didn’t use all too much. The only piece of CC not in an expansion pack is Erin’s hair. All other pieces of clothing is from one of the EPs, or Master Suite or Town Life

Download Thomas

Download Erin

Please do tell me if you use either of them. Either drop me a comment on here or message me on Mod the Sims.


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