Ashton Matthews

Ashton Matthews

Bio: Ashton is Alyssa’s second oldest (just) child and is the twin brother of Melody. His father is Alyssa’s ex-fiance, Damon. Ash is a werewolf, and a rather hot-headed one at that. Despite being a genius, he often doesn’t let it show and can be rather lazy at times. He does happen to have a way with words though, especially around girls.


Couch Potato
Hot Headed


Dark Wave

CC Used:

Skin is by Navetsea (there’s a few on that page. It’s the ‘Glam’ one, second down I think)
Hair is Skysims 005 (Ha! I found it!)

Everyday Outfit:

Shirt is from Showtime
Trousers are from Showtime
Shoes are from Showtime

Formal Outfit:

Shirt is from Late Night
Trousers are from Supernatural
Shoes are from Late Night

Naw, he looks almost embarrassed in this picture. Bless

Sleepwear Outfit:

Boxers(or briefs, I dunno the difference) are from Master Suite

Athletic Outfit:

Hoodie is from University Life
Bottoms are Base Game
Shoes are Base Game (Carrie likes her converse, what can she say?)

Swimwear Outfit:

Bottoms are from Island Paradise

Outerwear Outfit:

Coat is from Seasons
Trousers are from Supernatural
Shoes are Late Night

If you do decide to use him, please do tell me. Either leave me a comment here or message me on Mod the Sims.

Thank you


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