Download A Sim

It took me some time to figure out how exactly to do this, but I’ve figured out my way of doing this.

The sims in Generation 1 aren’t as detailed for now as I made this after their generation so it’s a little more difficult to get to them

Click on the name of the sim you want, it’ll take you to their page. Names with a line through them and no picture means that they aren’t up for download yet.

Generation 1:



(I don’t think I ever mentioned her last name. Well, there it is for ya)

Generation 2

(Thomas’ and Erin’s children):



Connor Meehan

(again, last name probably never mentioned, he has the same surname as Erin)

Generation 3
(Alyssa’s children):
Juniper Matthews

2 thoughts on “Download A Sim

  1. Heyho Carrie! I have kidnapped your Nathaniel–and added him to my town. He may or may not have a cameo in my next legacy—should I ever get anything written, lol In the meantime—I hope he makes some pretty babies for my new town’s genetics. =)


    1. Ah! That’s exciting! So far in my game, he’s made rather pretty babies. Thank you for telling me, and I hope you enjoy having him around ^-^ (just a warning, I’ve been told that Alyssa’s kids all procreate like bunnies haha)


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