Chapter 4.04 Creep

Lainey held Caleb’s hand tightly in their coach’s office.


The heads of the Olympic team saw their routine last week, and now they were talking to their coach about the choice about having the two of them on the team.

While their coach spoke on the phone, Caleb whispered to her. “Can you imagine if they pick us?”

“Sh!” Lainey scolded him, wanting to listen to what their coach was saying. She wanted to pick up as much of the conversation as she could.



“Okay. Thanks. I’ll tell them the news.” With that ambiguous end, their coach said goodbye and he hung up the phone. Grinning at the two of them, their coach said. “So, I’m pretty sure you guessed who that was, and they said that they loved your routine, and want you two to represent us.”

“We’re on the team?! We’re on the team!” Lainey cheered, ecstatic.

“We’re on the team, Lain!” Caleb cheered too, grinning along with her. “So, what have we got to do?”

“You’ll have a few months to prepare and perfect the routine you showed them, practising here for a while before going over to where the games are being held and practising there before they start.”



“Guess who’s got into the Olympics?” Lainey shouted as soon as she entered the flat.

“What?!” Roisin asked, going over to her. “For real? You and Caleb got in?” Grinning, she asked this.


“Fuck yeah we got in!” Lainey enthused, smiling widely. “The fucking Olympics, Roisin!”

“Have you told Nick yet? Oh my God I can’t believe this! I’m so proud of you!” Roisin grinned too, hugging her sister.



“Yeah, I told him in the car driving back here.” Still smiling, Lainey then added. “We’re celebrating tonight too, going out to one of the popular clubs to celebrate. You should come along too, get your mind off of a certain someone and them being away for about a year still.”

“Lain…” Roisin’s enthusiasm vanished as she pouted. “I don’t want to. I-I mean…”

“Oh shut up. Come on. It’ll be fun.” She grinned.



“I don’t know, I mean, I just don’t know.” Roisin frowned, watching Lainey as she did so. She’s noticed something weird’s been going on with her lately, but she didn’t really want to mention it, not now at least.

“Why? Jesus fucking Christ, all I’m asking is for you to have some fucking fun.” Snapping that question, Lainey then sighed, and smiled sweetly at Roisin. “Come on, why not? You like some of the other girls I go skating with, and you know you’ll have fun. Come on, celebrate.”



“You know, I’m really proud of us Lain.” Caleb grinned at her, swaying slightly as he did. Lainey couldn’t quite tell if it was his attempt to move in time with the music, or if he’s had a bit too much to drink.

“I’m proud of us too.” She grinned in response, figuring out he was probably drunk. “We really worked hard for this.” Tapping him lightly on the shoulder, she didn’t want people to get suspicious of the fact she wasn’t drinking, so was trying her best to act drunk.



“We did, yeah.” Pausing for a second, he played with a bit of her hair. “You hair is real pretty when it’s down. Fluffy.” He slurred slightly, running it through his fingers.

“Okay, and you’re drunk.” She laughed, taking his hand away from her hair. “But thanks. You have pretty hair too.” Holding his hand for a little while, she hesitated before letting go.



Running his own hand through his hair, he winked at her. “Thanks. I try.” He then asked. “Hey, want me to buy you a drink?”

Shaking her head, Lainey smiled slightly. “It’s cool, I’m fine. I don’t want one. I’m trying to sober up a little.”



“For real?” He asked, scoffing slightly. “You’ve changed, Lain. You used to be able to drink more than me. Is something going on? Is that why?” He asked, tilting his head slightly, not meaning to as his arms rested on her waist.

“I just, I want to make sure I don’t make any bad decisions through getting too drunk. That’s all. You know I do bad thinks when I’m drunk.” She remarked, lazily draping her arms around the back of his neck



“Hey, I’m a bad thing, do me.” Grinning, he laughed at his own pickup line. “We could go back to yours this time? I know you prefer it at yours.”

Smiling somewhat, it was weird. Even though he was acting stupid, and was drunk, and the obvious answer would be to say no… There was part of her that really didn’t want to say no. “Just let me find Roisin, then we can go back to mine.” Kissing him softly, Lainey lost track of what she was supposed to do. What was it again? Right, she needed to find Roisin.



“What? You’re going home early?” Roisin asked, pouting. “Why? It’s fun here. The girls at your skating place are fun!” Grinning at her, Roisin leaned on the bar, seemingly supporting herself on it.

Sighing slightly, Lainey began to wonder if she was one of the only sober people here. “Me and Caleb are going back to ours, okay? You’ve got your key too, right?” She asked, considering to ask one of her friends to watch over Roisin.



“Whaaat?! What happened to sisters over misters?!” Roisin asked, appalled. She then gasped. “It’s because you like him! Don’t you?” Poking her playfully, Roisin grinned. “You loooove him!”

“Shut up, drunk.” Lainey nudged her playfully, grinning. “Make sure to get home safe, okay? And…” Looking around, she found one of the girls. “My friend here, Sofia, she’s going to look after you, okay?”



“I’m sorry, but can you please look after her?” Lainey asked her, frowning slightly. “It’s her first night out since her boyfriend was deployed again.”

“Sure thing, yeah. I know what sisters can be like.” Sofia laughed, grinning at Lainey. “Congrats by the way. I saw the routine you guys did, it was super good! I mean, I heard that rumour about one of you being on stuff but I know that’s not true.”

“Heh, thanks.” Smiling in response, she kept herself from seeming panicked. That was a rumour? “Anyway, make sure she gets home alright, okay?”



“How ya feelin’, sunshine?” Talking purposefully loudly, Lainey asked this as she noticed Roisin in the kitchen, the next morning.

“Shh.” She shushed, frowning. “My head hurts, okay. Shh.” Sighing, she then smiled. “So, you and Caleb huh? Is he still in your room?”



Nodding, Lainey then added. “Don’t get the wrong idea though. We made out in the taxi back, but he fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got back. We were about to get started and then he just fell asleep.” Laughing slightly, she grinned at the thought. “I’m just letting him wake up whenever he wakes up. He was pretty out of it.”

“You were too though. I mean, you said a few times before, you usually are when you hook up with him.” Roisin joked, and then groaned. “Ugh. It hurts to talk. I’m going back to bed.”



“Night, Princess.” Lainey grinned, watching her disappear back into her room.

“Yeah, whatever.”

And with that, Lainey went back into her own room, and saw something shocking when she did.



“Lainey, what the fuck are those?” Caleb asked, having woken up and seeing the PEDs she kept in her nightstand after trying to find where he put his wallet..

Lainey didn’t even know how to respond. Whether to be outraged that he found them, or ashamed that she has them. She felt like the severity of what she’s been doing is really resonating with her now.

“You don’t even have an answer?” He asked, glaring at her. “You’re not even going to explain yourself?”



Lainey opened her mouth to speak, but there really wasn’t anything she could say.

Equally as silent, Caleb stood up, gathered his clothes, and stormed out of her room, shoulder barging her on the way out. There was soon the sound of the door opening and closing as Lainey realised how badly she messed up.


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Chapter 4.03 Feelings

“I can’t believe you have to go again.”


“I know, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.” He mumbled, absently playing with her hair.

Sighing heavily, she asked. “What time do you have to leave?”



“Later this afternoon, I’ll be gone before dinner.” Joe spoke quietly before adding. “I think I’m going to be stationed away for quite a long time this time. There’s been a lot of trouble, a lot of people are without houses and necessities so we’ve got to drop down medical and food supplies, and some of the guys are helping to rebuild. Also to peace keep.”

Frowning, Roisin mumbled. “Just be safe, okay? And call as often as you can. I worry about you when you don’t call.”



“Okay, mom.” He teased, grinning at her. “It’ll be sooner than you think before we see each other again, you know. We’ll probably get longer together next time, hopefully.”

“Hopefully.” She echoed, agreeing. Looking over at him, she smiled softly. “Maybe next time, we can talk a little more about that thing we mentioned.”

“Yeah, definitely.” He grinned at her. “We should probably get up soon, yeah? I mean, it’s our last day together, we should spend it doing something.”



“You know, Lainey’s going to be at the rink for about another hour or so, so…” Trailing off, Roisin grinned.

“We can stay in bed for a little longer.” Joe agreed, moving on top of her.



“You know, Lain, you’ve been getting better over the past few weeks.” Caleb, Lainey’s couples partner, smiled at her. “More, I dunno, better I guess. Don’t get the wrong idea, you’ve always been great but you’ve just been more energetic for the past few weeks.”

“Thanks, I guess.” Lainey grinned at him in response. “I mean, we’ve got to be our best because the people in charge of the Olympic team want to watch us.”



“Yeah, it’s pretty stressful, huh?” He asked, his arms discretely going around her waist. “We’ll be great though, I mean, we work on it enough.” Taking a moment, he then asked. “You busy tonight?”

Glancing back at him, she smiled somewhat. “Roisin’s boyfriend is getting deployed overseas early tomorrow morning so he’s leaving later, so I’ll be comforting her, probably.”



“Well, if you get the chance to break free, you can come over to mine for a while. We can open a bottle of wine, spend some time together where it’s not freezing cold…” He trailed off, smirking at her.

Pausing for a beat, Lainey panicked. Not because of the proposition or the implications, but because of the… Supplements. “I’m alright. I’m trying to stay away from drinking for the mean time.”



“That’s kinda sudden.” Caleb pointed out, curious behind her reasoning. She’s never turned him down before. “You’re not pregnant, are you?” Only half joking, he asked this.

Sighing, she hit him playfully. “No, I’m not. I’m just… Not drinking for a while. Anyway, weren’t you the one who said our arrangement wasn’t very professional?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at him. “Not that I’m objecting to it, but what changed your mind?”



“Alright, alright.” Part of him knew there had to be some reason behind the whole wine thing. After all, the past few times she was the one who brought it over. “And what can I say? I miss our little arrangement.”

“I’ll text you later, I’ll meet you at yours if I can get away later.” She promised, and then moved his arms away. “Come on, one of the rinks is free, we should practice.”



“I really don’t want you to go.” Roisin frowned, pressing herself against Joe as the two of them hugged goodbye. “Have they told you exactly how long for?”

Wincing slightly, Joe had been trying to keep away from using exact time frames, but he couldn’t keep it from her. “About fourteen months. Give or take.”



“What?!” Roisin asked loudly. “That long?!” Taking a moment, she asked. “Is that why you didn’t tell me an exact time frame? Because it was so long?”

Staying quiet for a moment, he sighed heavily. “Yeah. That’s why.”

“That’s also why you brought up, that thing, right?” She asked again, frowning slightly.

“Yeah, that was why.” Looking briefly to the side, he then looked back at her. “The other guys would make fun of me for saying this kind of thing, but I care about you a lot, Ro. A lot. I know that proposing so soon was stupid, and still is stupid. I just… I want you to know how serious I am about you, and about us. I love you, Ro.”



Smiling softly at him, she kissed him softly. “I love you too, and I want us to be together for a long time, and we will be. But for the mean time, I just want us to be us for now. No responsibilities. Just us.”

“Just us.” He agreed, smiling back at her. “But hey, when I get back, we’ll have more time together. Maybe by then you’ll have figured out what to do with the money. Have you decided by the way?”



“I think I have, yeah.” Smiling slightly, she then sighed heavily, hugging him tightly. “I really don’t want you to go. I want you to stay here with me.”

“I want to stay too. I don’t want to leave.” Frowning, he held her close. “I promise, I’ll be back before you know it.” Kissing her on the top of her head, he picked up the stuff he left at her place. “I’ll call you as often as I can, and video call when I can too.” He promised, smiling softly at her.



“I love you.” She told him, watching him open the door. “So, so much.”

“I love you too.” Kissing her once more, he took a moment before he stepped outside of the door and left.

There was a moment of silence after his footsteps died down, where Roisin felt herself begin to cry. It all seemed to follow some sort of sick cycle. First, she’s excited as Joe comes home, the two of them spend half of their time happy being back together, and the other half trying to ignore the fact he’s leaving. They have a heartfelt goodbye, and he leaves, while she’s stood there getting upset, wishing and praying that this isn’t the last time she’ll see him.



“This show is so stupid.” Roisin grumbled, turning off the movie as the two main characters finally fell in love with each other. “It’s so stupid. Like hell that would happen in real life.”

“You’re just being bitter.” Lainey pointed out, honestly rather glad she turned it off. “Why don’t we watch something else instead? It’s too quiet without anything on.”



“Fourteen months, Lainey. Four. Teen. Months. That’s about four hundred and twenty five days!” Sighing heavily, she kicked one of the cushions absently, trying not to get upset. “I hate this. I just want him back.”

Sighing too, Lainey moved over and sat next to Roisin on her sofa. “I know. I know you want him back.” Hugging her somewhat tightly, she mumbled. “Why don’t we talk about something else? You said you decided what to do with the money?”


“Yeah, uhm. Joe mentioned something about rebuilding houses, and then I thought about it, and I decided that I want to do something kinda similar, like owning properties and renting it out to people who can’t afford their own places.” Roisin explained, and then frowned slightly at the buzzing sound. “Is that you?”

“Yeah, Caleb’s been texting me. He wants me to go over.” Lainey mumbled dismissively, checking her phone, pulling a face, and then putting it away.



“Caleb? Your partner, Caleb?” Roisin asked, pulling out of the hug and turning to look at her. Smirking somewhat, she added. “You know, I used to think that male figure skaters were always at least a little bit gay, until I met him.”

Grinning in response, Lainey reassured her. “Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure he’s an anomaly.” She then explained. “He wanted me to go over to his, but I said I was busy with you tonight.”



“Lain, you don’t have to stay with me. I’m being boring and mopey.” Laughing slightly at her own defence, she smiled at her. “Go and meet him if you want to. I don’t mind.”

“I can’t just leave you here, not right now. I don’t mind, seriously. There’ll be another time for him and me. Besides. Sisters before misters, right?” Grinning, Lainey added that cheesy line.

“Yeah, sisters before misters.”


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Chapter 4.02 Issues

“I know this may be a lot for you to handle.”


“After all, we’re aware that you’re still young, and inheriting a large amount of money is can be stressful for anyone.” Listening to a financial adviser telling her how to look after her dead father’s money isn’t exactly the way Roisin wanted to spend her eighteenth birthday. Ideally she would have spent it with her family, friends and her boyfriend, but that’s not how today is going it seems.

Granted, she’s seeing her family at another time today, and is seeing Joe later, and her friends, well, she’ll hang out with them at some point, but she’d rather be doing anything other than this.



“There are some options we can take regarding the money. Personally, I would recommend investments and spending your money in useful ways. Even though it may seem fun, I would advise against spending it all on partying and other… Frivolous activities.”

“There’s just something I want to know about the money,” Roisin started, somewhat hesitant as she said what she wanted to. “I just wanted to know, are there any other strings attached?”


Screenshot-2730Furrowing their eyebrows, the financial adviser frowned. “I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean.”

“I mean,” sighing, Roisin took a moment before explaining herself, “I mean, is this connected to my dad’s family? Have they touched this money or is any of it theirs?” From the few things she’s learned about her father’s family, Roisin’s gathered that it’s best to stay as far away from them as possible.


Taking a moment, the financial adviser began to explain. “The will your father left stated that everything would go to his next of kin. For a long time we haven’t been able to track you however due to, those events, we managed to figure out who you are and where you are. Don’t get the wrong idea, some members of your father’s family have managed to twist some of the words in the will, however the money is yours, and purely just yours. The house and other physical assets are in other people’s names, because of a clause in your grandfather’s will, however the money is yours, no strings attached.”



“Hey, you seemed pretty frazzled on the ice today.”  One of the other girls training at the rink (Louise? That’s what Lainey thought her name was) approached Lainey after her training with her partner, Caleb.

Narrowing her eyes slightly, Lainey explained as she put her training things in her bag. “I think I just overworked at yesterday’s training. That’s all.”



Louise grinned, somewhat mischievously. “You know, I think you’ve been off for a few days now.” She commented, looking at her nails. Glancing back over at her, she mentioned. “I mean, you need to be the best you can be, right?”

Leaving sorting out her skates, Lainey straightened up to look at her. “What are you on about? If you’ve come here just to psych me out, I’d prefer it if you just left.”



With a melodious laugh, Louise held out her hands in defence. “Hey, hey. That’s not what I meant. I meant, if you ever needed any… Assistance, I guess.”

“Doping?” Lainey asked, caught off guard. Lowering her voice to a dangerous whisper, so no one would hear their conversation, she explained. “I don’t know who the fuck you think I am, but I’m not that kind of skater.” Quickly untying her laces, she swapped out to her normal shoes. “Don’t bother me with that again. I’m not and never will be one of those ‘roided athletes.”



“Silly, it’s not steroids. No one does those anymore. It’s just, performance enhancing, you know? Like how singers use auto tune or how actors use those fake tears and fake blood. It’s only a bad thing if you make it a bad thing.” Smiling somewhat, her voice took a slightly darker turn. “After all, you’ve worked so hard, and I’ve seen some of the newer competition. Would you really want to give up when you’re so far along?” She asked, looking over at the door. “That Elena’s on the ice right now, isn’t she? I only saw her skate a bit but she looks good.Kinda reminds me of you in a way. You’ve got my number, right? In case you change your mind, that is.” And with that, Louise hummed and left the changing rooms.

Lainey paused, and looked at the door, unsure of what to think.



Back at the flat, Roisin absently flicked through TV channels, unsure of what to think or to do with the money. Knowing that it was purely hers, with no strings attached… It was hard. How was she supposed to even know what to do with so much money? Sure she could just give it all to charity, but to which one? So many were corrupted, and she was concerned about making the wrong choice.

Sure, she could make her own business or something, but what kind of business? She wasn’t very good at thinking about things like that. She could buy herself and Lainey a bigger flat, or even a mansion, but she liked their flat. She didn’t want some massive house, not yet at least. Maybe when they were older, they could get one of those fancy penthouses…



But was that really the right way to spend it? What was the right way? Is there even a right way? How would she know that whatever she did with the money was a good thing? A large part of her wished she was never faced with this, after all, it would be so much easier if she wasn’t faced with the burden of having so much money. Right now, she began to realise that money really didn’t buy happiness. In fact, all it brought around was stress.



There was the sound of the door opening and closing as Lainey walked back into the flat after her training. Sighing heavily, it seemed apparent that for a few moments she wasn’t aware that Roisin was here. Glancing over into the living room, her troubles vanished and she grinned. “Hey, happy birthday. I figured you wouldn’t be up when I left.”

Smiling back in response, Roisin replied. “Thanks.” Sighing heavily, she flicked some more through the channels. “So, I had that meeting with the bank people today.”



“Oh yeah, that was today, wasn’t it?” Lainey asked, sitting on the other sofa. “What happened? Is the money all yours?”

Nodding, Roisin’s eyes stayed locked to the TV. “Yep. It’s all mine. The money, at least. The house and the other stuff isn’t though. There was some tag line in my grandfather’s will that said things went to my dad, or some of his cousins if my dad wasn’t around, and because the physical assets weren’t in my dad’s name, they’re not mine. My dad’s money however is all mine.”



“How much is it?” Lainey asked, watching her little sister. The incident of today and what was propositioned to her can wait as this felt more important.

“A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Like, I could buy one of the mansions near where the celebrities live and it would only make a little bit of a dint.” She mumbled, and sighed slightly. “I just don’t know what to do with it all.”



Letting out a low whistle, Lainey wasn’t sure what to say other than. “Fuck. That’s a lot.” Taking a moment, she then decided to change the subject. “Is Joe coming over later today? Or is he spending time with his family?”

“Joe’s coming over later today, and I’m thinking of us having dinner here.” Looking at Lainey expectantly, she smiled sweetly.



“And you want me to leave for a while, yeah?” Sighing dramatically, Lainey then grinned. “I guess I can do that, because you’re my favourite step-sister.”

“I’m your only step-sister.” Grinning in response, Roisin was happy that she got her way. “You can make plans though, right? I don’t want you awkwardly hanging around.”

“Hey, don’t worry. I can probably meet up with one of the other skaters.” Feeling her phone buzz in her pocket, she figured it was from that person.



It was later during the day when Roisin started to feel nervous about seeing her boyfriend again. It’s been about two months since he’s last been home, and it’s the first time that the two of them will have had a whole flat just for themselves, so she wanted it to be special, but also relaxed. Nothing too serious, but still sweet and special.

As she looked over at what she was cooking, she sighed heavily. If only she had somehow inherited her mom’s ability to actually cook. That would have been useful. At least she still had some of the recipes her mom used, even if her mom never stuck to the recipes.



Maybe if she just put out a lot of wine then it would taste better? Probably. Hopefully. Getting drunk makes everything taste better, sure. That’s why gross fast food always tastes better after a house party or going out, right?

“I guess it’ll just have to do.” Roisin mumbled, and the sound of knocking on the door got her attention.

“Hey! It’s the military! Open up!” Grinning, Roisin rushed over to answer the door, recognising that voice.



Grinning up at Joe, Roisin simply mumbled. “Hey.”

“Hey.” He grinned in response.

“How long have I got you for?” She asked, grinning. All she knew was that he was coming home, but not for how long.

“Four whole months together.” He grinned in response.



“I’m surprised you wanted to meet me here.” Louise pointed out, smiling at Lainey. She had told her to meet at an empty dive place, mostly so their conversation wouldn’t be heard by anyone who knew either of them.

“Yeah, so am I.” She mumbled in response, watching her carefully. “So, when can I get them?”

Taking something suspicious out of her bag and handing it over to Lainey, Louise gave an odd smile. “I’ll give you the number of my guy. He can meet us here in about half an hour. For now, I say we enjoy ourselves.”



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Chapter 4.01 A Fresh Start

A place to call her own… Almost.


It was crazy to think. Very few people who are nearly eighteen could say that they owned their own place. Roisin felt that she was lucky in that regard. For once, calling herself lucky. That was weird. An anomaly. Her beliefs were that in this world, there was a certain amount of luck, and she just so happened to be left with the shorter end of the straw.

Perhaps there was some millionaire out there who had all her luck.



Maybe a millionaire who’s mom wasn’t arrested. Roisin would love to know what that feels like. The Incident happened when she was little, so she wasn’t fully sure what actually happened. All she could remember was that her mom and Nick said they were going out somewhere early in the morning and bringing back two surprises (which later turned out to be her younger half siblings Jack and Neala), and then somebody from her mom’s past realised who she was, and what she had done.



She could remember the trial for her mom going on for a long, long time. It was hard for them to find a jury who hadn’t heard of her mom’s case. Roisin wasn’t sure how true it was, but her mom was accused of killing three people: her mom’s best friend, her aunt Melody, and her dad.

Nick was always adamant that her mom never killed her best friend or her sister. The issue of Roisin’s dad was never brought up, really. Mostly because all that needed to be said about him was said in court. According to her mom, her dad wasn’t a good man. For a lot of the court hearing, Roisin, Lainey, and their brother and sisters, and another other young people had to wait outside, or they weren’t allowed to go into the courtroom.



Her mom was put in jail, for life, with no chance of probation. She was found guilty for all three murders, and they had strong evidence of her definitely killing her dad. Another reason why the topic of her dad never came up. It wasn’t necessary. All it caused was hurt and pain.



Roisin anxiously played with the ring on her left hand, looking around the new apartment. It belonged to both her, and her step sister Lainey. Well, technically it was Lainey’s because she was already over eighteen, but the two of them are sharing the place. Not that Lainey would be around all too much. She’s always off somewhere around the world competing.



What started off as just ice skating lessons turned into a more persistent hobby for Lainey. That persistent hobby soon turned into Lainey doing competitions and competing for titles in ice skating, and now she was even at the level of competing in nationals and maybe even the Olympics.

Roisin had to admit, part of her was jealous of Lainey’s ice skating skill. The two of them had lessons together when they were younger, but where Lainey had the skills of a young Olympian, Roisin had the skills of a young Bambi.



“What’s up? You look like you’re thinkin’ pretty deep about something.” Lainey pointed out, frowning as she watched Roisin. “You’re kinda starting to freak me out.”

“I’m just thinking about things, that’s all.” Smiling somewhat, Roisin responded.

“Thinking about what you and Joe are going to do together when he gets back?” Grinning mischievously, Lainey raised an eyebrow. “Just let me know in advance, okay? I’ll make myself sparse.”



Hitting her sister on the shoulder, Roisin tried to hide how red her face was. “I-It’s nothing like that! You know it’s nothing like that!” Joe’s Roisin’s boyfriend; the boy who (apparently) lived next door in the old flat. Roisin can’t really remember that, all she could really remember Joe being is that twat who sat next to her in English class at school for three long, long years. One of those trashy, cliche stories where the two started out hating each other, then got along, and then really got along with each other. Joe’s dad was in the military, and he knew from a young age that he too wanted to join the military as soon as he could.

“I’m just saying. If I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in nearly a year…” Trailing off, she just grinned as an explanation. Looking her up and down briefly, she then asked. “You think you’re ready to… You know?”



Pressing her lips into a line, Roisin took a moment and then sighed. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I want to be ready but I don’t know. I mean, I just don’t know.” Shaking her head, she then grumbled. “Makes me sound pretty lame, huh?”

“No, I think it’s kinda cute.” Teasing, Lainey added. “Little Ro just wants to hold hands with her boyfriend and maybe even kiss if she’s feeling brave enough! Is that what the promise ring is for? Showing that you both only want to cuddle and do nothing with each other?”



Rolling her eyes, Roisin grumbled. “Whatever. You’re just bitter because you’re alone.”

“No, I just think it’s stupid.” Lainey pointed out, smirking slightly. Despite growing up together and being so close, the two girls had polar opposite views when it came to relationships and dating.

“Stupid like that celebrity ice skating show you’re going on?” Roisin asked, teasing in response.



Groaning, Lainey glared at Roisin. “I’m not going on that fucking show. I’ve told them so many times. I’m not doing it. Only sellouts and people past their prime go on lame shows like that.”

“It’s not that bad if you’re the professional one though, I guess. You’d probably enjoy ice dancing with some forty year old ex-soap star from twenty years ago.” Faking being earnest, Roisin grinned at her. “You might like it, you might decide that wrinkly guys are the guys for you.”



Taking a moment to just stare at her dumbfounded, Lainey simple said. “Shut up. He’d probably have more talent than you, not that it matters because I’m not doing it!”

“The guy or the show?” Roisin asked, giggling.

“Shut up!” Lainey hit her playfully, laughing too at her joke.



Lainey then grinned at Roisin. “See? This is just what I wanted. Us sisters, taking on the world together. Me in an exciting job, and you… Well I guess teaching can have it’s perks. The two of us living together without Aisling or the twins or dad to bug us. We can have people over, keep the booze in the open, sleep in until three! We can gossip about things and just have a drama free life.”

“Drama free life, huh?” Roisin echoed, smiling bitter sweetly. “Sounds nice.”



“The only drama is going to be on the TV, or us disagreeing on things like what to wear or I dunno! Shit like that, you know?” Lainey’s enthusiasm was soon dulled by the phone ringing. Sighing heavily, she asked. “Can you get that? If it’s that stupid show again tell them to shove it.”

“I like the receptionist girl though, it’s not her fault you don’t want to be a sellout.” Grinning, Roisin moved to answer the landline phone. Very few people called from this number, it was usually either spam callers or people calling about business deals for Lainey (which soon gets redirected). “Hello? Who’s calling?”



“Hello, am I speaking to Roisin Buckingham?” The person on the other side of the phone seemed nonchalant about asking the question, unaware of the implications of that name.

The question, despite being so incredibly simple, caught Roisin off guard. Staying silent for a little too long, the person asked again. “Is this Roisin Buckingham?”



“Y-Yes, I-I don’t really go by that name but…” Trailing off, she could see Lainey out of the corner of her eye mouthing ‘who’s calling?’ but Roisin simply pointing to the phone, signalling that it was important . The only time she’s ever been referred to using her dad’s last name was in court, and obviously when she was very little. She was Roisin Matthews, using her mother’s maiden name.

“We’re aware you may not go by that name anymore, but it’s the name the account is under. We’re calling to schedule an appointment with our team of financial partners and accountants before you get your inheritance.”



All the words being said made sense on their own, but not in this context. It took Roisin some time to wrap her head around whatever the fuck was going on here. It sounded far too official to be some kind of complicated prank. She knew her mom got a lot of hate because of what she did, but a lot of the pranks regarding her were just directed at her. “I’m sorry, what?” Roisin asked, getting back to what the person on the phone was on about.



“The inheritance you’ll receive from your father’s side of the family.” The person explained. “The account has been locked and gaining interest, and wasn’t accessible to anyone until you were an adult. We’re aware that’s rather soon, and we believe it’s wise to talk about the responsibilities of that much money.”

“That sounds smart, yeah. Good idea.” Roisin mumbled, not sure how to get her head around what was happening. She had inheritance? She knew about the things her mom owned (the restaurant, for example, and some of her money) but she never thought about what her dad owned. Whatever her dad did own, was it all hers? She knew that she was his only child, so, would it all be hers?



“We’re happy you’re on board with this plan. We understand that you’re young and money can be an intimidating thing, especially at this large of a value. Another member of staff will be in contact shortly. Is this the number we should call you on or would you prefer another?”

“I-I’d prefer it if you called me on my mobile.” With that, she gave the person on the other side of the phone call her number.



“One of the financial partners will be in touch with you soon, Miss Buckingham. In the meantime, we hope you have a pleasant day. Goodbye.”

“Bye bye.” Roisin responded meekly, and then hung up the phone using both of her hands. Pausing with the phone in it’s holder, she thought over the conversation. It was real, without a doubt.



Lainey watched Roisin for a moment, not sure what to do. Whatever it was, it was pretty serious. “H-Hey, Roisin? What was that all about?” Noticing how pale she’s become, Lainey added. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Not seen a ghost, but I think I’ve inherited all his money.”



AN: Soooooooooooooooooooooo


I know it’s weird because I kinda cut halfway through gen 3 to start on gen 4 and honestly I would have loved to give Juniper’s story more attention, but I just didn’t have the willpower to make that happen. I would have love to have done it justice, but everything was getting kinda heavy and I wanted a story that was still dramatic but less…. Challenging xD

So yeah! Start of Gen 4! Roisin’s career is education, which was kinda mentioned above. I dunno when I’ll announce the other rolls, probably at some point during the course of this generation (if I don’t disappear for about a year again, heh, whoops!).

I’m aware that there may (or may not be I dunno) newcommers who don’t know about… Any of the crazy shit that happened in my legacy xD. So, basic run down (of what’s relevant): Juniper (Roisin’s mother) married a guy called Sam Buckingham. He was very rich, very important, but he also had psychopathic and violent tendencies, often being abusive towards Juniper, and even went so far to kill those he felt like were threats to their relationship (Melody and Mia, Juniper’s sister and best friend respectively). Juniper and Sam had Roisin together, but shortly after she learned about this plan where he was mostly using her for an heir. She, being paranoid and also hormonal from having a newborn, aimed a gun at him. THey got into a fight and she shot him by accident. She kinda went on the run, thinking she had gotten rid of all evidence of it. That’s when she met Nick (Lainey’s dad, Lainey’s mom was never really in the picture) and they had a dramatic will-they-won’t-they relationship involving ex-wives coming back into the picture (Lainey’s mom), accidental pregnancies with random sugar daddies (and giving said child up for adoption) and I dunno other dramatic things. They get together eventually and got married and had three kids together (Aisling, Neala and Jack), (the latter two were kinda teased about from last chapter’s time skip which has been followed by this time skip heh xD). The rest, well, it’s all briefly explained up there. Oh! Also! Juniper was a psychic, mostly because of her career roll xD

Juniper’s rolls, for anyone who is curious, were:

Second Chance
5 Kids (Roisin, Lainey, Aisling, Neala and Jack)
Fortune Teller (Genuine Psychic)
Politics (Sam)/ Freelance Photographer (Nick)
Change of Scenery

Generation 4; What You Need To Know

Otherwise known as:

The Matthews Legacy Cheat Sheet!

Okay, so I’m going to quickly go over all that needs to be known, as it’s been a while since I was last active and I don’t want to bore people with having to read through my entire legacy.

So, my Gen 3 heiress, Juniper, is a psychic. There’s a long winded arc as to why, but it’s not all too vital. She has two brothers and two sisters (all older): Belle (who works as a detective), Ashton and Melody (werewolf twins) and Nathaniel. She was especially close with Belle.

Fast forward many years, her family (mom, dad and half-brother Nathaniel (her mom Alyssa was a bit of a slut because I had the 5 kids and half sibling rolls)) moved to a new town. Juniper met some new friends, and a best friend Mia. Mia was special, she was who Juniper had her first kiss with and had legitimate feelings for. However, this group of friends were a bad influence on Juniper and she started acting rebelliously and stupidly. After going to a seedy nightclub and getting her drink spiked (which made her ill but not too bad just like idk bad enough to scare parents but she was still fine) her parents decided to split her up from her friends and send her to a private school. That’s where she met Sam Buckingham.

The Buckingham family pretty much owned Glendalough. They were easily the richest family in the entire town and often abused that power. They were known as evil, but Sam was different!

Juniper and Sam fell in love, Mia was annoyed and told Juniper that Sam’s family were murderers. Juniper didn’t believe her, and then Sam proposed to Juniper. She said yes, much to the dismay of her parents and Mia, and the two of them were going to get married. Mia confessed to Juniper, which Juniper denied as she was kinda getting married, but the two of them kept being best friends.

Juniper and Sam were happy, until Juniper had a vision that Sam would soon start being abusive, which was true. At that time, Juniper also really wanted a baby. Juniper was somewhat delusional about what Sam was doing to her; not really believing he would do it, and probably blaming herself for a lot of it, likely which pressed her into wanting a  baby, as if that would fix things. Fast forward some time, and while her sister Melody is visiting, Juniper finds out she’s pregnant. Melody advises her against staying with Sam, to which Juniper angrily denies. Melody is then found dead. Juniper has her baby, still married to Sam, a girl she calls Roisin (pronounced Row-Sheen). Juniper has a vision that Mia’s going to get killed, just like Melody did, in the Buckingham Mansion. She warns Mia, but Mia ignores her warning.

Later Juniper learns of a plan that Sam had to kill Juniper, just like how his own dad killed Sam’s mom. Angered, confused and hormonal, Juniper points a gun at Sam, and tells him that she knows about the plan. Sam tries to get the gun from Juniper, and she shoots him in the struggle, killing him.

Juniper runs off to the city with Roisin, and makes a new life for herself as Jennifer Matthews. A few months later, she meets Nick, who has a daughter about a year older than Roisin, called Lainey. Lainey’s mom is Nick’s ex-wife who ran out when Lainey was a few weeks old. Nick and Junie do that cliche thing where they don’t get along but then become friends and move in together. Nick’s ex-wife comes back into the picture, and he falls for her again and moves back in with her, which is when Juniper dates another blonde billionaire (Daniel). Things end badly with Nick and his ex-wife and he moves back in with Juniper. Soon after, the truth about who Juniper is comes to light, and she tells Nick everything and he keeps her secret. Soon after that, Juniper finds out she’s pregnant again, but Daniel taps out. Deciding to give the baby up for adoption, she finds a couple she likes (Anthony and Lukas) and gives them the baby (which is also called Juniper) there’s an issue about the paternity of Juniper as Daniel wants her as an heir, but Nick messes with the DNA testing so it seems as if the baby is his, when it isn’t.

Soon after that, Nick and Juniper get together, and live happily ever after, for a bit. The rest of Juniper’s story is continued in the first chapter of Gen 4!

Memory Lane Challenge (?) (Matthews Random Legacy and DRSE)

is this a challenge?


So, I was nominated by HeatherFeather for my Matthews Legacy, and then nominated by Twinsimskeletons (SNP fuckboy but jk I love Carys really) for my DRSE on tumblr.

So…. Yeah

Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award.

1.Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
2. Share FIVE many lmao of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.

I added in the number 1. Do I only have to share 5? I’m sharing more.


So, I’m gonna start with my legacy (after all that is what’s here) and then do DRSE in the same post.


1.) Where Thomas and Erin got together

so, confession: I don’t have any pictures before Chapter 2.06 (I used to delete them after each chapter) so I had to hunt for the Generation 1 ones, which is why there’s a lack of them, and I remember this one where she thought he was dead and she realised that she loved him and was willing to be with him and then he turns up and aww cheesy.


2.) Thomas and Erin getting married

Hmm ^-^ I just like this one. Nothing else I really have to say, I just like this one

3.) Alyssa with baby Belle-y Boo



Jesus this is really zoomed in in the viewer thing o.O

I just love small Belle. I thought this challenge was gonna be cringey, but it’s not that cringey xD


4.) Alyssa’s ‘naughty’ dream of Adrian


I loved these two together. They had such chemistry (or at least did in my mind) and they really clicked together. There was a definite attraction there and the affair they had being one of those stereotypical office romance affairs. You know the whole “So I wanted to talk to you about this pressing issue *closes door* the issue of your clothes still being on” kinda thing, rather under the radar. It’s what Alyssa needed because Damon was so boring! However, Adrian wasn’t good for her. They were about the same age, so no issue there, but she was more mature mentally than he was (after all, she had three kids by this point)


5.) Bridgeport Hookup


What? I liked these two together


6.) Tyler to the rescue


I like this one because Alyssa’s finally made the right choice when it comes to guys. She’s picked one that’s not a douche and who she has a connection with. She’s lucky he was so hung up on her, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten a second chance.

7.) Belle and her boyfriend’s first kiss



8.) Toddler Juniper in general

Fuck me she was so fucking cute. Where did we go wrong?

I kid, I kid.

But seriously. I couldn’t pick a favourite. The one with Alyssa and Tyler kissing her, I love because it’s first one. The one with Nate I love because I just love it. The one with the pigeon at the front I love because she wanted to rule over pigeons, the one of her crying I love because her arm felt “squiggly”, the one with Tyler because that’s just after her first vision, the one in the dark because I loved her relationship with Belle. The one of her looking under the bed because that was after her premonition of Belle’s pregnancy (and she was wondering where the baby was hidden). The one adjacent because she looks sassy and the final one because she was confused by the vision and decided to ask Daddy about it.

9.) Ashton and Faye


I put most detail into Faye, she was my favourite spare spouse ^-^ I loved her. I loved how she was fascinated by the human world and I picture her now being a little bit like Sonia Nevermind in a weird way? Like kind of not used to our customs and says weird sayings, but is a really nice person, like a cinnamon roll, and Ashton really loved her which was sweet, and they got over the whole her mum trying to kill his mum thing xD

10.) Alyssa’s wedding (and the fact her parents were watching)


Alyssa finally got her ending, and I loved how Erin and Thomas were watching it all happen ❤


11.) Juniper’s first kiss with Mia


I have so much I want to say here about Mia’s and Juniper’s relationship, but let’s just enjoy the picture, okay? xD

12.) *mastermind voice* Despairingly fateful encounter


When these two met. Ah.  If only she knew that she would one day murder him ❤ but for realsies, I actually liked their relationship before it turned toxic.


13.) Juniper’s and Sam’s relationship

I liked them together. What can I say? I liked them back when they were (probably) prom king and prom queen (Juniper was only prom queen by default) and were ‘relationship goals’ at school. Before things turned nasty.

14.) Lead up to Juniper’s wedding

I felt so bad for Mia. If this was a regular legacy: no roll rules or anything, she and Mia would have ended up together. But, I feel like it makes me overthink, kinda. Because if she ran off with Mia, she would have never married Sam (obviously), never had Roisin and never killed Sam and never met Nick. So, I guess it’s all just I dunno. It’s all in perspective, you know? Chain events and what they lead to. She wouldn’t know what she was missing if she went with Mia, but she doesn’t know what she missed by picking Sam, and likewise so many missed events for the pursuit of the path she’s taken.

15.) Juniper starts to fear Sam


I just like her face, and her hand placement. Like, you can almost see that she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s seen something so awful.

16.) DEATHS!

muchos deadinos. Ripadipdip


17.) Juniper shooting Sam


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I always intended for Sam to die. I originally pictured it as Juniper being innocent and Sam getting killed by someone else (my original plan for Melancholia fun fact she was going to kill Sam and no one would believe a fairy did it), but then I was like “what if…?” and voila murdering Juniper and abusive Sam (mostly so she’d have more of a motive to do it)


18.) Juniper and Nick at that wedding

Screenshot-1230I have too many favourite pictures of these two together.

19.) The Juniper Buckingham reveal


she looks lowkey evil in this, like a proper serial killer, and I love it.

20.) Juniper and Juniper


I do feel so bad putting both Junipers through this (especially older Juniper) but it is what it is, I’m afraid. She’ll always wish she kept Juniper I think, deep down that is, but that’s just not how her life played out sadly :c

21.) The morning after…

Screenshot-3504I think I just like how awkward this is, and how he was focusing very intensely on the ceiling, and she was focusing on his face (or at least shoulders and above), and this is how it kinda all started out with them being more than just friends.


DRSE section!


I miss them all being alive and no one being dead :c

2.) Octavia bringing Ricky to his knees in the first trial

Not even gonna sugar coat it, she was one of my favourites and I was almost heartbroken when she came up to be killed. It makes sense for someone to want to kill her (as she is the Ultimate Debater after all), but I still love her and how badass she is.

3.) When Elettra was scared and spent the night in Mikey’s room


I just think any moments when he’s comforting her is sweet because she’s badass a tough cookie and doesn’t want people seeing her upset, so idk I think it’s sweet how she’ll let him see her upset but no one else really. She trusts him with that.

4.) Helen comforting Masae after Kasem died


I like their unusual relationship ^-^ Like Masae’s really outgoing and Helen’s really quiet and I just like the contrast between them. I feel like they help each other be better. Helen’s taught Masae to listen more and be a little quieter at times, whereas Masae help Helen become more confident

5.) Melissa’s and Octavia’s relationship and their underwater kiss


Again, I just love these two together ❤ it made me so upset when Tavi died, and ugh. I think Melissa blames herself a lot for Octavia’s death, even though she wouldn’t want her to, just because of how preventable it was (they had an argument just before Tavi died, and if she had just stayed in her room with her and not gotten so wound up…)

I don’t think Melissa’s really been swimming all too much after the second trial.

6.) The third motive

this was my favourite motive by far. Even though it took a lot of work from me, I loved it. I loved it in the game too and how it like just broke people (aka you know who if you played the original game)

7.) Bonnie’s break down at the end of the third trial

Bonnie… Ah. They didn’t deserve what had happened. It was all in an act of self defence, and they killed the victim because if they didn’t, they would have been killed instead (granted they could have just broke free and ran off…). I feel bad for them, but I guess wrong place at the wrong time

8.) When Aries was outted as the spy.Screenshot-3414.jpg

the reasons why she became a spy were to protect herself and her family, which is sad because her pride kept her from telling everyone straight out about what was going on (that and if she did, she figured it would only end negatively for her and for her family).

9.) The death of Steve

Screenshot-3747True despair!

10.) This picture

Screenshot-3929I’m not sure if they’ve noticed it and are staying quiet, or if they haven’t yet, but there’s something somewhat significant about this picture that neither Carys nor Owly have spotted. I kinda hope it stays that way though


This was so fucking long. I’m sorry. In my defence for the Matthews bit, how can I choose 5 pictures from about 150+ chapters?!

And with DRSE, I have so many pictures for that too. It’s like impossible to choose!


But thank you so much for reading all this, I appreciate it, and thank you for nominating me ^-^

Seeing as though I’m kinda late to the party, anyone who sees this, consider yourself nominated ^-^