Chapter 3.45 It’s Nice We’re Not Naked Now

There was another body in the bed as Juniper woke up.


Based on the fact it was her room, she couldn’t just up and walk out and pretend it never happened. The only option she could think of at that time was to close her eyes, rest her head back down where it was, and pretend she never woke up until he wakes up and sneaks out. It wasn’t like she minded sharing her bed either, he was warm to cuddle up to, and it made her feel weirdly safe being this close to him.

It was weird because this shouldn’t be happening. Nick was her best friend, she shouldn’t be waking up mostly naked in bed with her best friend.


What they did felt like a hazy memory, one which she had conflicting emotions about. She had seen that they ended up happily together but part of her was worried still about if she forced it when he wasn’t ready, would it all just break? It was a risk she wanted to take, but one she wasn’t ready to take. She felt him stir awake and she quickly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. Maybe if he took the initiative and sneaked out then her queries would be answered.

As he woke up too, he recognised the room and could clearly remember what happened. She was sad, he comforted her, there was weird tension, they kissed, fucked and then fell asleep. It was probably something they should talk about. “June?” He asked, knowing she was awake. He wasn’t stupid, he could tell that she was faking. “June?” He tried again, yet she was being stubborn. “Juniper.” Using her full name, he didn’t wait as long before continuing. “I know you’re awake, stupid.”


Glancing up at him, she gave him an awkward smile. “Morning.”

“We need to talk.” He looked down at her for a split second before his attention focused on the ceiling. He wasn’t sure what exactly to make of what had happened. It was weird because they could have stopped at any time, re-evaluate the situation and decide it’s not the best thing to do, but they didn’t.

“Yeah, I guess we kinda do need to.” She agreed. “We should probably put actual clothes on as well, so we can actually, you know, look at each other without seeing… Things.” She mumbled, getting off of him.


“I can agree to that.” He mumbled, his gaze focused hard on the ceiling like it was the most important thing he has ever seen. Even though he was extremely tempted to glance down to his right, he didn’t because that wasn’t the right thing to do, and he knew she’d be extremely pissed off at him if he did.

In the time he was focusing hard on the ceiling, she had managed to locate some clothes to put on and tossed his clothes over to him too, to make this whole ordeal slightly less awkward.


There was a long, tense, awkward silence as neither of them knew what exactly to say.

“So…” Juniper started, never having been in this situation. “It’s nice that we’re both not completely naked now, I guess.” Smiling awkwardly, she regretted what she said as soon as she said it.

He gave her a look, and then sighed slightly. “Yeah, fantastic.” Taking a moment, he then pointed out. “I’m not really sure where this leaves us, or if it changes anything. Does is change anything?”


 “Do we want anything to change?” She asked quietly, sitting on the bed at the same time as he did.

“I don’t know.” He confessed, sighing heavily. “I don’t know.” Repeating, he mumbled. “It feels way too early to talk about this.”

“It does, but I don’t want us to be all awkward and junk for ages while we have breakfast and a coffee.” She pointed out. “I mean, I’m not great at making conversation when I’m uncomfortable as it is, let alone postponing it and more awkward sentences like the one I said earlier.”


“That’s a good point, I don’t want a variation of ‘it’s nice that we’re not naked now’.” Letting out a single laugh, he used humour to hide how awkward he felt. He stayed quiet for a while before asking. “What do you want? From this I mean?” He asked, glancing over at her.

She merely shrugged in response. “I dunno. I mean, we’re really good friends, like best friends. The closeness where if we were both eight, we would have friendship bracelets.” Juniper started, but soon stopped as she said this.

Nick took this opportunity to add humorously. “We can get each other bracelets if you want. If we keep this up, we can get each other special best friend bracelets.”


Narrowing her eyes at him, she grumbled and smiled somewhat bitterly. “I feel like you’re not taking this seriously.”

“I am, I am. Sorry. Serious Nick from now on, okay?” He reassured her. “Anyway, you were saying about how we’re close?”

“Yeah, we are close, and I don’t want to throw that away and make things weird if the possibility of us doesn’t work out.” She made her concerns known, frowning as she did so.

“Well, have you seen anything about us? Whether we work out or not if we do try?” He asked, figuring that would be a clearer answer.


Hesitating slightly, she explained. “It’s not that clear cut. See, my visions don’t always come true. Everything is kind of like, well, you know when there are weird TV episodes where the main guy goes into the past and sits on a butterfly or something small and then the future is really messed up? It’s kinda like that. Everything I do or what others do alters the future. For example, before we broke up, I saw a vision about me and Daniel being together. Granted, it wasn’t very nice, but it was still something and it’s pretty clear that won’t happen. And I know you’re probably thinking that if I just tell you the good stuff I’ve seen then it’ll be fine but that’s not it. If I do that, then you’ll be with me because you think that’s how it’s supposed to be and not really because you want to.”


“Right, so we’re gonna have to talk about feelings and stuff, aren’t we?” He mumbled, not especially wanting to do that.

“Yep. Feelings and all that junk.” She agreed, sighing slightly as she did so. “Who’s going to start?”

“Well, ladies first.” He gave that excuse, smirking slightly as he did so.


Rolling her eyes, Juniper took it upon herself to go first. “Alright then.” Staying quiet for a while, she thought of how to phrase it. “I do like you, as in more than a friend like you, but I love having you as a friend, and I don’t know what I’d do without you, so I don’t want to mess that up.”

“So, do you want us to stay friends or…?” Nick asked, trailing off as he did so.



“I dunno, what do you want?” She asked in response, not so sure where to go. The only boyfriends she’s had started off romantically. She’s never really been friends with someone before dating them.

“I would like us to be more than friends but-” He started, but was soon interrupted.

“But what?”


“But the way you were acting yesterday about Sam, I just, I don’t know.” It was bothering him slightly, as he didn’t want them to try dating, only for her to still be in love with her ex-husband.

“You’re concerned I’m still in love with him?” She asked in response, and his silence spoke volumes. “There will always be a part of me that loves Sam, just like how I know there’ll always be a part of you that loves Elle, but I think that how I felt yesterday was a mix of me missing him, but mostly hating how everything felt so… Stagnant. Like, how I’ve been here for so long and I feel like the only good thing come from me moving here has been you.”


The corners of his mouth twitched up into a smile as she said that. Changing the subject slightly, he asked out of interest. “Hey, remember when we first met?”

“Yeah, I remember. You were such a dick.” She commented honestly as she stood. “I hated you. Hated. I felt so pissed off that Roisin decided to be friends with Lainey.” She couldn’t help but find it somewhat amusing that they only started talking and tolerating each other because of their daughters. Did that mean that their daughters technically set them up?

“I hated you too. I thought that you thought you were better than what you actually were.” Grinning as he said that, he then added as he stood also. “I dunno, I just think it’s funny how far we’ve come since then. We tolerated each other, then liked each other, hated each other for a bit, liked each other and now…”


“Now we’re stood here talking about whether or not we should be a couple.” She finished his sentence, smiling slightly. “Imagine if the versions of us when we first met saw us now.”

“They’d be so disappointed in us.” Laughing as he said this, he then went back to the topic at hand. “So, what are we going to do? Because I think I’d prefer us to be more than just friends.”


“I think I’d prefer that too.” She agreed, giving him a somewhat sheepish smile. “It’s going to be really weird being in a relationship with you. I mean, it’s you. Nick. Room mate Nick, Lainey’s dad Nick.” She mumbled.

“I know, dating psychic Juniper, Roisin’s mom, know-it-all Juniper who I have to call Jennifer in public.”

“Hey, I am not a know it all.” Sneering slightly, she rolled her eyes. “So, we’re really doing this, huh?”


“I guess we are, yeah.” He wasn’t sure what else to say. This conversation felt somewhat awkward but probably because things between them were changing.

“Should we like, kiss or something? I feel like that’s the thing to do.” She mumbled, but then added. “But now I feel like I’ve kinda ruined the moment by asking if we should do it.”


“I think we should still do it anyway despite you wrecking the moment.” He added the last bit teasingly. “So, should we just like, go for it?” He asked.

“I think so.” She replied, giving a somewhat sheepish smile.


The two of them spent a short time looking at each other, seemingly building up courage to do what they were about to do. Tentatively, moving closer, their lips locked in a soft kiss.

It wasn’t the first kiss they shared, nor would it be their last, but this one felt different.

It felt right, as if it was meant to be.



Finally properly together oh my wow.

So, a timeline because I’m sad/interested on how long Nick and June have been like a thing

Juniper has her first vision of Nick on 29.10.15 (they’re in UK date format. Day.Month.Year)
So, we first met Nick properly 30.3.16
They made friends the next day xD
He moved in 27.05.16 (which is funny because that means they’ve been living together (or at least had first moved in) for over a year before finally acting on their feelings xD)
They went to a wedding together 17.6.16
He got in contact with Elle again 6.7.16 and moved out on 6.8.16
He moved back in on 2.9.16 and that’s when she properly started dating Daniel
She told him about her being psychic and about her killing Sam on 30.9.6
She told him the whole story about being Juniper and her killing Sam on 22.10.16 and he also mentioned about his past then too
(there was a cute Xmas special on 21.12.16 lmao)
He found out about Daniel and did not approve on 5.2.17
Juniper found out she was pregnant again on 19.2.17 and broke up with Daniel then
Juniper had Juniper Jr on 1.5.17 and was done with Daniel for good then too
They first properly kissed on 28.5.17
And they started dating today 😀 29.5.17

Wooow so much has happened

Just for the record, things are gonna move slightly faster (it’s about time we got a wriggle on, am I right?) from now on because I’ve got something awesome planned for chapter 50 😀

I’m excited and happy, is anyone else feeling this way? 😀

Chapter 3.44 One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Six

“Smile for the camera Lain.”


Lainey grinned at her daddy, anxious to go though. It was her first ever day at big kid school! She was excited! Quite a few of her friends started earlier, but because she was younger, she started school later on.

Nick gave Lainey a smile in return, making sure to get plenty of pictures. It felt weird that she was going to school, based on the fact she’s not even five yet. She was going to be one of the youngest in her year, and it was kind of sad that she wasn’t going to be in the same school year as Roisin, who was going to be one of the eldest in her school year.


“I wanna go! Come on!” Stomping her foot, Lainey was getting sick of the pictures. She wanted to go to school already!

Sighing heavily, Nick took a moment as he watched Lainey. It felt like yesterday he and Elle found out they were having a girl, and now she was off to school. It made him feel old, or at least older than what he actually was. “Alright, but you’re having more pictures at school.” He gave her advanced warning, and she pouted.

“Daddy…” She whined, giving him a look.

“What-ty?” He asked in the same manner, grinning at her as he took her hand and they walked out of the apartment.


Today was a bad day, or at least it was a day that Juniper had bad feelings about. Today just wasn’t a good day.

Fiddling with the necklace, Juniper sighed heavily. Today was the type of day where all she wanted to do was go to sleep and pretend like this day isn’t a real day.

Usually, anniversaries are nice occasions. Happy. This would have been a happy one if it wasn’t for other circumstances.


When she left her bedroom, she saw Roisin looking at the front door with a frown. “What’s up sweetie?” Juniper asked, bending down to Roisin’s height.

“I wanna go too.” She whined, pouting at her mommy. “Why can’t I go?” It wasn’t fair. Roisin wanted to go too! School sounded exciting and fun!

“You’re too little, baby. You’re going to have to wait until next year.” Juniper explained, but saw that Roisin was fascinated by her necklace.


“Pretty.” Roisin smiled, reaching for the charm on her necklace. “I have it now?”

“One day you can have it.” Juniper gave her a sad smile, knowing that when Roisin was older, she’d know the truth about everything.

“Daniel bought it?” Roisin asked, remembering he bought mommy and herself a lot.


“We’re not talking to him, remember?” Juniper asked, frowning as she did so. She did not need to be reminded of her adopted child’s father today.

“Right, right.” Roisin mumbled, and then smiled. “Good.” Following up with that, she asked. “Who bought it?”

Juniper thought for a moment, wondering how to say it and whether or not she should mention Sam. However, she knew that it she opened that door, she wouldn’t be able to close it again. Smiling softly, she excused. “One of mommy’s boyfriends a long time ago.” As far as Roisin was aware, Nick was daddy, and if she started talking about Sam being daddy, not only would it confuse her but she didn’t know how to end that conversation once starting it.


“Can I be friends?” Roisin asked, smiling. The only one of mommy’s boyfriends she met was Daniel, and he was okay but not great. She wanted to meet more and see what they were like.

Juniper shook her head softly, frowning. “Sorry baby, you can’t. I don’t talk to him anymore. He’s not very nice.”

“Oh, okay.” Roisin answered, frowning slightly. She didn’t like him now if he wasn’t nice but he made mommy happy so she could put up with him. “Play now?”

Grinning, Juniper nodded. “Sure, let’s play now.” She had the day off of college and had nothing else on for the day, so there wasn’t anything major to even distract her.


It wasn’t too long before Nick came back after dropping off Lainey for her first day of school. It made him feel weird to think that she was old enough. Well, she was barely old enough. Going around the corner, he noticed Juniper and Roisin were playing together. Part of him didn’t want to interrupt, but when she smiled at him, he went over.

“Did you take plenty of pictures?” She asked, seeing the camera in his hands.

“Yeah… I think I pi- annoyed her.” He was about to use profanity, but remembered that Roisin had a habit of repeating words she found fun to say.


Raising an eyebrow at him, Juniper was pleased that he managed to stop in time. She too could remember the day one of them swore in front of Roisin, and how she repeated the word ‘fuck’ for almost the entire day (Roisin liked that word because it sounded like duck). “You’ll have to show me them later.” She smiled at him, still paying attention to Roisin though.

“When it’s less weird to think that I have a daughter at school then I will.” Mumbling as he sat down with them, his attention also turned to Roisin as he asked her. “You’re going to stay little forever, right? And you’re not going to go to school and you’ll stay with me?” He asked, grinning at her.


“Yeah.” Roisin went over to her daddy and cuddled with him. “Love you.”

“I love you too.” Nick grinned back, cuddling her. “Don’t ever grow up, okay?”

“Okay.” Roisin responded obediently.

Even though it was sweet, Juniper felt guilty. The four of them, almost like a little family, it made her think. Specifically, it made her think about how things would be if she was still married to Sam. Well, would she even still be married to him or would he have killed her by now? Five years would be an awfully long time for a psychopath to wait.


There was a large part of her screaming about how wrong this was, almost rueful and mourning of what could have been. What should have been. Herself, Sam, Roisin, maybe even another one. Maybe. Maybe she could have spoken to him. Maybe they could have resolved their issues peacefully. Maybe he would have ditched the plan. She had seen visions of herself and Sam when they were old, so it was a possibility. At some point in time, that was what was going to happen. But…

She ruined it.

“Are you alright?” Giving her a concerned look, Nick asked this as Roisin went off to play with the doll house. Juniper looked as if she was going to burst out crying at any given moment.


“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine. I’m totally fine.” Her voice choked slightly as she held back the urge to cry. “I uhm… I think I just want some time alone today.”

“Did something happen?” He asked. Often, she would email or text Anthony and Lukas to see how baby Juniper was doing, and it often didn’t end in a good way. The other day she got a video of the baby managing to sit up on her own, and then falling back down after, and Juniper couldn’t take it. “Do you want to talk about it? I don’t think emailing them is too great of an idea if you keep getting this upset by it.” He knew it was hard for her, and knew that she wanted to see pictures, but he didn’t see the worth if it was upsetting her this much.

Sighing softly, she knew he would mention that. “Look, I promise I’ll be fine again tomorrow. It’s just today… it’s not a good day. It’s nothing to do with the emails. I just need to be left alone today and to just think.”


The hesitation was clear as day on his face, wanting to say that he didn’t want her to but also realising that it must be a bad day. He tried to think about what could be bothering her if it wasn’t to do with the baby, but nothing came to mind. “You’d tell me if it was something really bad bothering you, right?”

“Right.” She agreed, and then sighed slightly. “I… It’s nothing to do with Juniper, I just wanna have kind of a quiet day today. ” She mumbled, standing up and heading into her bedroom.


So it was a quiet day. Not much happened. Juniper mostly kept to herself while Nick did some work from home and kept Roisin occupied before picking Lainey up from her first day of school.

There was a knocking sound on her door, and she looked over to see Nick there. “Hey, I just wanted to check that you were alright.”


Giving a small smile, she nodded. “I’m fine.” Moving the book she had away, she then asked. “Do you need me for something or did you just want to check up on me?”

“I was just gonna check up but what’s in that?” He asked, looking over at what she was looking at. He could make out that it was a photo album.

“It’s nothing.” She excused, moving it further away.

“Nothing? Just a photo album filled with empty pages and you were admiring the nothingness?” He asked, giving her a look.


“Yep. Precisely.” Nodding in response, she smiled at him. There was a silence as he continued his doubtful look and it became evident that he wasn’t going to leave until she told him what it was. “It’s my wedding album.” She mumbled.

“Seriously? I didn’t think you had that.” Surprised by that answer, he was expecting it to be something to do with Roisin, not that.

Nodding, she answered quietly. “Yeah. I took this just in case I wanted it. I saw it in the study as I left and I knew I wanted to keep it, I didn’t want to leave it in that house.” Her attention was on the album, not looking back at Nick who was walking into her room.


“You can’t just drop that piece of information and not expect me to be curious.” He pointed out, grinning as he did so. Picking up the album and sitting next to her, he let her open it as she explained what things were.

“Well, that’s me and Mia, who was my best friend. She was my maid of honour at my wedding.” Juniper began rather dryly, not really wanting to talk about it. “She was pretty drunk.”

“Geez, you look so young in it.” He pointed out, looking at her and then back at the picture with a slight grin. It’s weird to imagine her blonde. “It’s weird seeing you with your natural hair colour. I’m used to pastel variations of every colour under the sun.” He commented, and then furrowed his eyebrows when he noticed writing on it. “What does that say?”


Laughing once, Juniper explained. “Mia was trying to be funny. It says ‘I know your mommy is keeping you a secret but auntie Mia loves you’, and then she rambles off about something else I can’t quite make out, I see Belle’s name in there I think? She wrote it when she was drunk, and I don’t think she knew about it either. I didn’t know at the time, but she and my other friend Brie were betting on whether it was a shotgun wedding or not; Mia betting that it was. I wouldn’t have found out if it wasn’t for Mia telling me when she had a bit too much to drink. I know she didn’t remember though because for a good three or four months after the wedding she kept hinting at her suspicion that it was a shotgun wedding.”

“She sounds cool.” Nick grinned. The only thing he really knew about Mia was that she hated Juniper’s husband who killed her, and that she was Juniper’s best friend. Apart from that, he knew next to nothing so it was nice to at least put a name to the face. “I think I would have liked her.”


“I think she would’ve liked you, or at least approved of you.” Smiling slightly in return, she recalled the conversation that she had with Mia a while ago. “Which is saying something because she’s hard to impress.” That, and the fact that Mia had a crush on Juniper, well, she probably wouldn’t have approved of all too many guys.

“That’s good to know, I guess.” Turning the page, he stumbled across a picture of her and Sam together. Feeling a lot more awkward, Nick wasn’t so sure what to say about it. Why did he feel so awkward about seeing her with her ex? Was he jealous? No, that’s stupid. But still, even though he felt awkward looking at it, it almost felt like he couldn’t take his eyes away. From the picture, it looked like she really loved him but he wasn’t sure if he could tell if Sam felt the same way from what he saw. It felt weird seeing her like that, it was odd. The two women; the two Junipers, they were like two completely different people. Only, he wasn’t sure which version of her seemed more real. Did she still have feelings for her ex-husband? A large part of him selfishly hoped not.


Closing the album, he noticed the date on the back cover, and that it was today’s date five years ago. “It’s your anniversary.” He pointed out the obvious.

“Five years.” Sighing heavily, the image of her happy with Sam was burned into her mind. If only she could have that back, the happiness she felt then. “It’s kind of scary how fast time can go by.” She mentioned, somewhat idly as she got up and placed the album back in a drawer.

“Is that why you’ve been upset today?” Nick followed up, looking at her as he did so.


Staying quiet for a long time, she sighed heavily before nodding. “Yeah.” As she fiddled with the necklace she was wearing, her attention was fixed on the floor. “I know you probably think it’s stupid, me getting so bothered by this, but I just…” Looking down, Juniper mumbled a response as she sat back with Nick. “I miss him.”

She was expecting him to call her stupid for missing him, which was why she was surprised when he understood. “I get that. I get the same way about Elle sometimes. It’s stupid because it didn’t work out first or second time but still. I guess it’s different though because if I wanted I could just talk to her, not like I would want to but I could.”


“I get your point but it’s not much comfort when I know I’m going to die alone.” Juniper said outright, sighing heavily.

“Oh come on June, don’t be stupid.” Nick argued in response. “You know that’s not true.”

“Isn’t it? Okay, so think of this: I’ve had my one chance at love, and that’s already ended. Now that’s over, what next? More relationships like the ones I’ve tried? I don’t especially feel like going through all that again.”


“You do realise that we’re people and not the animals on Noah’s ark, right? We don’t all just have one person each and if we do, then I guess I’m dying alone too then because I’ve already had mine.”

“Elle doesn’t count. She’s a bitch. You’ve still got your chance. Me on the other hand? I’ve blown it. I had my chance, I’ve had my love, now it’s gone and I’m going to die alone.”

“So Elle was a bitch but Sam was a completely nice and perfect guy? Don’t be so stupid June. He was an ass, I can’t believe it’s possible but he’s even worse than Elle. There’s still someone out there who’ll love you and who’ll love Roisin. You’re too young to start adopting cats.” Teasing slightly at the end, he looked over at her as he said this. Even if his feelings for her never became more than just feelings, there was a part of him that would be fine with that as long as she was happy. That’s what he wanted most: to see her happy.


“I hope so.” She mumbled quietly, looking to the floor as she did so. After a beat, she looked up at him and spoke again. “Somewhere out there, there’s got to be someone for each of us. Two people who like kids and treat ours as their own. People who we can trust with anything. People who we care deeply for, to the point of caring too much for friends.”

“People who might not be that far away.” He chimed in.

There was a long pause, the air seeming the hang in the weirdly tense room. They were both looking at each other, seemingly entranced.


It was an unexpected occurrence. One which, on the grand spectrum of things, was bound to happen but the timing was unexpected. It’s difficult to know when exactly things like this happen as the world is full of so many variables.

There is no determined cause and straight forward effect. Every conversation and answered question creates a new fork in the probability path. Maybe if he had answered no to her question a month ago about if pasta would be alright for dinner, this may not have happened for another year. Maybe if she had enquired further about his current photo shoot two years ago, they would already be together.

The world and all it’s inhabitants are based on coincidences and mishaps. Correspondences and links.


Liebster Award! -Take Two

So, based on the fact that it’s been over 2 years (and it was still gen 2 the last time I did this) I decided to make a new post. That, and I’ve been nominated twice now so I feel like it would be bad of me to just stick it on the end -4/10 would recommend doing that.

Image result for dank memes

I feel like I needed a meme but I couldn’t find one so here.

The Rules:

–Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award.
– Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you.
– Nominate people (comment on their blog to let them know).
– Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions

So, I was nominated by loladiamond01 and Violincat, thank you very much and I love how I’m getting nominations from people outside of the RLC family ❤ it makes me happy ^-^

EDIT (I learned how to  do this lmao why did wordpress change?! ;-; ): I’ve also been nominated by Nocriel, I need to catch up on their blog actually, I feel kinda bad. Also Owly nominated me too, oh gosh aren’t I popular? xD

So, my nominations are (and I’m sorry in advance that there won’t be tons, I’m kinda out of reading others’ stories, too much school work! >.<):

1.) Twinsimskeletons and their SOL legacy

2.) Owl Face and their Clover and a Bee legacy (where she nearly fuckin’ killed her main character the gosh darn mad woman)

3.) Heatherfeather19 and her Diffy Legacy 

4.) Melynx and her Chaos Theory legacy

5.) Urunwa and her Sleitinn Legacy

I dunno who else sorry xD I need to read more people’s stuff and catch up on everyone’s things but alas, where is the time? ;~;

Anyway, questions!

Loladiamond01’s questions:

Is there any song you are addicted to right now? If so, then what is it?

I’m currently in love with Hypnotic by Zella Day. I think I just love the Melanie Martniez vibe

Do you prefer to work in the silence or do you put on music when you write?

I like background sound and music while I write, especially if I’m writing a scene I need a particular mood for

Do you prefer writing about female or male characters? Why?

Female purely because of the fact I am female so… Yeah

What length is your hair?

About collarbone length-ish. I want it to be longer though :c if I have my fake hair in then it’s longer xD

Do you like reading? If so, do you prefer short books or longer stories?

I do but my attention span has literally just plummeted :c I prefer reading scripts and plays because they just get to the point, y’know? xD

How long have you been writing about your sims’ lives?

It’ll be 4 years (!!!!!!!! wtf!!!!) in December (the 1st to be exact. All my generations have started on the 1st of a month. I remember I had to wait to October 1st because last chapter of Gen 2 was on September 1st)

Do you prefer staging your story or going with the flow and seeing what happens in game? I’m not asking which one you do, just which one feels better to do and satisfies you more.

Staging I prefer and do, but I like gameplay ones, but my laptop can’t really handle that and all the CC I have xD

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist?

No xD I like things being good but I do get to a “oh that’s good enough” state if I’ve been workin’ on something for too long

A pool or the sea? Or you don’t like water?

Sea because pools wreck hair and pools are weirdly warm and I feel like that warmth is pee >.< at least in the ocean it’s relaxing and there’s the current and if it’s warm it’s because of the sun, y’know?

Which one do you like more- warm or cold weather?

It depends. If I’m doing nothing and outside then warm. If I’m doing things then cold.

What is your dream job?

Honestly? I don’t know. I think… Ah I don’t know. I just don’t know. I feel like I don’t dream as much as I used to which is sad, but hey.


Violincat’s Questions

What’s the last song you’ve listened to?

Technically, because I’ve got the Harry Styles Carpool Karaoke on, it’s Sweet Creature by him xD

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Well, it’s currently 7:03 and I’m awake and doing this so… Early bird xD

Name three of your favorite books?

Oh gosh, I don’t even know. I’ve not read anything in so long >.<

How old were you when you had your first crush?

I think I was in Y2, which means I was about 7? Yeah, about 7

Every single person you’ve ever had a crush on shows up at your place one day. What do you do?

Probably do some maths because majority of them do maths xD For realsies though, I dunno. It would be kinda surprising because I have random 1 day crushes on people lmao

Craziest situation that ever happened to you?

I had a pencil go through my arm. That was pretty wild

If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be?

Lessen all the hate. There’s too much in the world. As well as that, I would make education easier, especially here. It feels like I constantly have to jump through hoops backwards on a tightrope just to go to somewhere next that’ll give me the hope of achieving something

What is your favorite thing to do after a stressful day?

crying Literally every day is stressful, so I guess just chilling and watching YouTube videos while doing work

What is your favorite saying?

Shit happens

What was the best meal you’ve ever had?

At this restaurant, there was this smoked salmon pasta in creamy tomato sauce it was the best ❤

You’ve won an all-expenses-paid trip for a week for any place in the world. Where would you go?

Ahhh, I don’t know! There’s too many places I wanna see and go to! >.< I wanna go everywhere in the world and see everything! Right now though, I’d pick either New York or Japan


1. Who’s your favoUrite sim?

I feel like it’s Juniper, purely because I know her best, like you could ask me any obscure question about her and I’d probably be able to answer it.
2. Do you stage a lot? How do you do it?
Yep. I stage all the time. I think I do it quite simply, after the set has been built (i.e. June and Nick’s apartment, a coffee shop etc) I pose whoever’s being used and position them, make sure the lighting’s good, and then get a good angle (cropping out/avoiding any issues in the poses if there are any) and then take the picture
3. Is there a roll you’d really hate to play?
Anything that’s too heavy. I don’t like the normal careers, purely because they irritate me and I dunno. The Matthews have a lot of money so I don’t really need the careers if that makes sense?
4. How about a roll you’d love to play?
I LOVE the second chance roll, purely because of how different you can make it, and the different reasons for breaking up. That and I dunno, I don’t want a couple to be together forever because (and this may just be my scepticism) what’s the chance of being with someone forever? You’re bound to find someone new or get bored.
5. What is your favoUrite Sims EP and why is it Pets?
I do actually quite like Pets, I like how you can focus on horses and make that a career, also I like the li’l animals you can like collect.
6. What parts of yourself as a person in real life do you recogniSe in your sims (personality, experiences, appearance or whatever) or your story in general? Don’t say nothing, I’m convinced there’s always a little bit of yourself in your sims! 😛
Juniper definitely has my sharp tongue and sarcasm, only she’s much more open with it. I am as sharp tongued and sarcastic as she is, but I tend to not express it (and even though I’m rather hot-headed, I get flustered when I’m angry). I feel like I somewhat relate to Alyssa also: slutty and smart 😛
Also, the character development I’m planning for Roisin right now is rather me (which is rather similar to Junie too ngl), like the career which she’s going to have in the story is probably a job I’d love to do, but you’ve gotta be good at art to do that, and I’m shit at art (Roisin’s good at art, very good *nods*).
7. What lifespan do you play your RLC on/how many sim days?
I think I have it on epic? I think?
8. Would you play Sims 3 without any CC or mods?
I would, but I dunno how long it would last purely because I’d miss all my cc ;-;
9. What other games do you play? Do you know Heroes of the Storm (I do not get paid by Blizzard, I’m just curious…)?
Danganronpa ❤ I’m so psyched for NDV3 this autumn! It comes out here like a day or two after my birthday (so I’m gonna basically avoid the entire fanbase for those 2 days lmao because almost everyone will have played it by then, I’ve already spoiled the fifth trial execution which makes me very sad ;-;), and I can’t express how excited I am for that ❤
I’ve never played Heroes of the Storm however
10. What’s a hobby of yours other than gaming/writing?
Uhhh, school? I spend most of my time on it, so…. xD
11. Is eleven questions too many?
That depends on the question length I believe. Long answer essay questions? Yes. Short answer questions? No. It’s open to interpretation I believe.


Owly’s Questions!:

  1. Who’s a historical figure you think is neat? Why?
    I feel like I should have an answer for this, but I dunno. There’s a lot of cool people in history and I can’t exactly choose one. There was a guy, Nate Champion, who kept back a bunch of Cattle Barons in the late 1800’s in America (a town called Buffalo) and he died because they like set his house on fire or some shit, but he gave up his life to save the town, which I think it pretty neat. Also Descartes is a fuckin’ mad man lockin’ ‘imself in a fuckin’ kiln and deciding that nothing exists.
  2.  I’ve invited myself over for dinner. What are your making for me?
    Probably something very lazy because I can never be arsed to cook anything proper. Probably something like chips (which are likely to be slightly undercooked lmao good job I don’t eat meat) with cheese and gravy, or probably something like smoked salmon pasta because I love that, or unicorn shit because it’s so unlikely as why would you visit me for dinner? Like out of all the cool stuff to do in Britain, visiting me for food isn’t up there tbh.
  3. If you were a sim, which neighboUrhood would you like to live in?
    I’d like to live in Bridgeport, or maybe Dragon Valley, I dunno
  4. Who is your favoUrite premade sim? How about your least favoUrite?
    Oh premades, it’s been a while. Uhm, I used to like playing as Agnes Crumplebottom and giving her a nice life and getting her a new husband and giving her a family and shit like that aww aren’t i nice? I didn’t like the Wolff (sp? lmao ironic) family because it’s a different spelling of my last name and I didn’t like their relationship, 12 year old me found it sad.
  5. If you could program a robot to do one task for you so you’d never have to do it again, what would it be? It doesn’t matter how complicated the task is; it just has to be something you could do yourself (so you couldn’t program it to make gold out of water unless you can do that yourself, so no cheating!).
    (who says I can’t make gold out of water??????? don’t underestimate me m8) I’d say tiding of any variety because who likes tiding? It’s tedious
  6. Okay, so now irony kicks in: what do you miss out on by programming the robot to do that task? (ex: you programmed the robot to tuck your children into bed at night, and now your children love the robot more than you)
    Literally, only good thing is when I find like money on the floor. That’s it, but I’d make the robot put the money to the side soooooo *shrugs*
  7. What would you like to improve about your writing, and what do you think you already do well?
    all of it needs improving lmao honestly I’m always worried that people get bored of what I’m writing, or that the way I word things doesn’t always make sense (like this sentence now lmao), it’s something I’ve picked up recently, I try and phrase things more complex but they end up not making sense. I think I do characterisation well? I think doing drama has helped me realise how vital that is tbh (also, small rant, I hate it when people have like these super detailed characters but never show them off? Like why? Like I’ve seen it on tumblr where they answer such detailed backstories, but then all they post are like staged sim selfies? I just don’t get it, if there’s no story then can there be any characters? And if there are no characters, can there be characterisation? I dunno, I guess it’s just something that lowkey irritates me.)
  8. What object from TS3 would you like to have in real life?
    Not technically an object but I’d like how easy it is for them to get jobs and do well in school, so I guess their entire work ethic as an object if that counts? If not, I’d like the time portal or the hover boards in ITF even though I don’t have ITF XD
  9. What’s your vice? You can tell me. I’m cool.
    I love gossip, not gossiping but more just eavesdropping. I like hearing scandalous secrets and bitching which I can use to my disposal if I’m ever in a disagreement with someone. It also makes me happy when I overhear the “popular” people bitching about each other because it’s just so fucking funny how they act like queen bees but no one likes them, not even their friends, and they’re so like reluctant to be seen with anyone else. pfft.
  10. Where’s your favoUrite place to be?
    I dunno to be honest, I like being a lot of places. I like scenic places, but not countryside scenic. Like, I like beaches and cities tbh
  11. Are we–as humans–enacting order in a chaotic universe, or are we enacting chaos in an ordered universe?
    Well, Aquanis (I think) has a theory of Natural Laws, and I don’t exactly know the very specific details, but I do know that they essentially say that order can come out of chaos, and it does kinda make sense. If you locked people in a large enough room (but didn’t give them an incentive to kill each other) with no rules, order will eventually form, so I believe that we create chaos in a world in which we created order by going against the order in which we created.


My questions!:

Who’s your favourite sim?
Favourite film?
Bright lipsticks: Yay or nay? (i’m yay if ur nay fite me)
Uhhhhhhh I’m running out of ideas so: Favourite song?
What got you into writing for sims?
Favourite Holiday (like Easter, May Day, Christmas etc)?
Best trash TV show?
Fast food or healthy stuff: what’s better?
Worst subject at school?
How do you feel right now?
If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? (I did an AS in this, I know the answer :P)

Chapter 3.42 Unwanted Attention

“I just want to say thanks again for bringing me out.”


Juniper smiled at Lukas as she said this. The two of them had spend the day together, mostly just to know each other better and because he wanted her to feel slightly more involved when it comes to decorating the nursery and buying things for the baby. That and the two of them got manicures in a very open place (he made sure to check it out and check it was safe before they went there).

“It’s okay, I really enjoy spending time with you Jen.” Lukas smiled back at her, the two of them sitting down at the table.


“I like spending time with you too.” She smiled in return. “I especially needed it today. Nick took the girls to an ice skating rink for a daddy daughters day, and between that making me feel slightly nervous and nesting instincts…” Shaking her head at herself, she smiled slightly sheepishly. “I guess I’m just glad to get out of the house, and I know the girls are too.” Because it was getting closer to her due date, she mostly wanted to stay at home and so did Nick, meaning that Roisin and Lainey had to suffer and couldn’t do many fun things.

“I feel kind of the same way, happy to get out of the house. I wanted to get a few last minute things for the baby, I know what you’re about to say and don’t.” He warned, teasingly.


“I’m not going to say anything, especially nothing about you already spoiling the baby before it’s even born.” Joking, Juniper grinned at him. Even though she’d never admit it, it made her happy to think that the baby was going to get everything he or she wanted and more.

“You’re starting to sound like my husband now.” He accused jokingly and then stood. “What do you want me to get for you?”


“Probably just a hot chocolate, something to keep me warm and make sure my hands don’t fall off.” She laughed a little. It was always so cold in the city during winter months, but she kind of liked it. “And that cake in particular has been calling out to me.”

“Do you want the normal hot chocolate or the one with all the cream and marshmallows and stuff?” He asked.


Shrugging, she grinned. “That depends.”


“On whether you think me giving you a child in the next week-ish is worth splashing out and getting me the fancy one.” Grinning at him, she responded cheekily.

Giving a single laugh, he grinned back at her. “Alright, the special one it is then.”


As Lukas went to get their orders, Juniper found herself having a moment of peace. She couldn’t really remember the last time she wasn’t talking to someone or had someone around. Nick was watching the girls which was nice for her. Even though she loved them both indescribably, she needed time away sometimes. That and she liked spending time with Lukas. He was really nice, and she knew both he and Anthony would be good with the baby. It made her happy to know that her baby was going to good people.


She had a feeling that the two of them were getting suspicious of her; thinking that she found out the gender without them as she kept picking out pink things whenever they asked if she wanted to find things for the baby (Anthony was the one who pointed it out), it wasn’t her fault she had seen them with a daughter.

She didn’t quite know how to feel at that thought: she was having a girl. She preferred not to think about it too deeply.


As the door opened, she looked up instinctively and felt herself go cold at what she saw. It was a kind of sudden coldness, also feeling an inability to move as to what she saw.


With another woman, one who seemed similar to herself.


As she locked eyes with him from across the cafe, she saw him look her up and down, a displeased look on his face.

Without thinking about it, her arm went over her bump, almost defensively as she returned by glaring at him. If she was in any other state, she’d go over and confront him and the new girl he was with, but at this moment, she took advantage of the power of her glare, feeling slightly confident in the fact that she didn’t do as he suggested, and that she could make two deserving people happy with the choice that she made, rather than keep someone like him happy.


Juniper noticed out of the corner of her eyes that his new trophy was looking between her and him, but she kept the glare at Daniel, and simply raised an eyebrow at him. Her expression was telling him to leave and not look back, and she was proud of herself as he snarled at her and left.

She felt proud that she got her way, without causing a massive scene.


Lukas saw Jennifer glaring at some random man by the door, some guy and a woman about half his age. He couldn’t help but wonder what was going on, mostly because of the very intense glare she was giving him. After it was seemingly over he sat down with their drinks and her muffin. “Who was that guy?” He asked, curious. Whoever it was, she must have some beef with him.

“You saw that?” She asked, slightly worried. She didn’t want him getting the wrong impression, that even though she was nice (well as nice as she usually was) with them that she was secretly a bitch.


“I only saw because I was paying attention to you, no one else was paying too close attention I don’t think.” He assured her before following up with. “Do you know him from somewhere?” As he took a drink, part of him was intrigued to what she was going to say.

“I guess you could say that I know him from somewhere.” She mumbled and then clarified. “He’s the baby’s dad.”

Choking slightly on his drink, Lukas wasn’t expecting that answer. “What? S-So he’s the guy…” Trailing off, he put his drink back down on the table.


“Yep.” Juniper answered, sighing slightly. “He’s the guy who gave me a cheque and pushed me towards getting an abortion.” She put rather bluntly, shaking her head slightly. “I’ve not seen him since I first told him. I guess it’s just… I dunno.” She changed the ending of that sentence part way, not wanting to have a teary feelings session in the middle of a cafe.

“Hey.” Noticing that she seemed close to tears, he put his hand over hers in a comforting manner. “You shouldn’t let someone like him get to you. He’s just one guy, one insignificant guy who doesn’t know a good thing when he’s got one. You’re funny, smart, pretty, selfless, you’ve got great nails.” He joked with the last one, and was happy to get a laugh out of her. “For every guy like him, there’s a different guy, one who’ll be there for you.”


Narrowing her eyes at him, she asked. “Are we doing this again?”

“Doing what?” Lukas asked innocently, drinking some of his coffee.

“This thing you’ve got with me and Nick.” She pointed out.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Shrugging innocently, he then grinned at her.


“Yes you do, I swear, you’re the worst. I swear, it’s like the moment you met the two of us and found out we weren’t dating you’ve been dropping so many hints.” She laughed and then shook her head. “There’s nothing going on between us, I’m kind of preoccupied with the fallout from my last breakup anyway.”

“You say that now but I give it a year.” He gave his prediction, and continued with. “I wasn’t at first, I kinda thought he was playing for our team if you get what I mean, but then I saw the looks.”


“What looks?” She asked him, drinking some of her hot chocolate.

“See, you don’t see it because you take part in it. The way he looks at you and the way you look back at him… You can’t honestly tell me that nothing’s going on there.”

“Lukas, sweetie, I know this may be hard for you to hear but nothing is going on. Nothing.” She assured him, smiling slightly as she did so. “We’re just friends.”

“Okay, okay.” He agreed verbally, but he knew that there was something more between them, even if she refused to admit it.


“I’m home.” Juniper called as she walked back into the flat, she figured Nick was probably back by now with the girls.

“Mommy!” Roisin squealed, running up to Juniper and hugging her, somewhat throwing Juniper’s balance slightly.

“Careful sweetie.” She mumbled, taking a step back to regain her balance. “Did you have fun today with Daddy?” She asked, smiling as she did so.


Roisin shrugged, clearly not the biggest fan of ice skating. “Okay I guess.”

“I really like it.” Lainey informed her, coming from the living room with Nick following her. “Really really. Go again?” She asked, looking between both Juniper and Nick.

“Maybe once the baby’s here, like I said.” Nick reminded her, smiling at Juniper as he saw her. She couldn’t help but wonder what Lukas meant by the way he looks at her, he looks at her like how a normal person does.

“I’d love to ice skate with you Lain, but after the baby’s born, okay? That’s a promise.” Juniper smiled at her, and she meant it. It seemed like Lainey really enjoyed her time ice skating.

“Okay, promise.” Lainey grinned in response, and with that she and Roisin went off to go play in the living room.


“So how was your day out with Lukas?” Nick asked as the two of them were alone.

“Good, good. We got our nails done.” She grinned, and sat down at the dining table. “You wouldn’t mind doing dinner tonight, would you? I know it’s my turn but my feet are killing me and I really want a nap.” She pouted, hoping he’d agree to cook dinner as she kicked off the shoes she was wearing.

“Yeah, sure that’s-” he stopped himself, and narrowed his eyes at her. “Are those my shoes?” He asked, wondering why she wore them. She was quite a few sizes smaller than him.


“Hmm? Oh, yeah. The only shoes which fit comfortably that are mine are my sandals and flip flops, and I’d rather not lose my feet by wearing those out in the snow.” She laughed slightly. “It’s cool, right?”

“Yeah, it’s cool. I’m just surprised they fit, that’s all.”

“If it protects your manhood, they’re still way too big but I’ve got swollen pregnant lady feet so…” she knocked her feet together, as if to add emphasis. “Better to be too big than too small and tight. Did the girls both enjoy ice skating?”


“I’m not sure if Roisin was too big of a fan of it, but Lainey loved it.” He smiled, and then continued with. “I think next time we go, I might ask about getting lessons for her if she enjoys it this much.” He answered. It made him happy to see Lainey so happy doing something, and it seemed pretty clear that at the moment she loved ice skating.

There was a silence between them, only short as Juniper confessed. “So, I saw Daniel today. He was with another woman.”


“Daniel? As in that Daniel?” Nick asked, his eyes narrowed at the subject.

Juniper nodded, frowning as she did so. “Daniel as in baby daddy Daniel, yeah.” Sighing heavily, she mumbled. “Nothing bad came from it, we just had a mini-stare down which I won as he left, but I just can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Do you want to talk more about it?” He asked, frowning slightly. The times she did talk fully about Daniel or the baby lately, she’d get so far and then stop and say ‘I dunno’ and change the subject.


“I guess it just made me think about what I meant to him, that’s all.” She mumbled, looking away. “I mean, I’m going through all this, and he just finds another woman, almost the exact same as me. I suppose the only bright side is that him sowing his seed everywhere means more children for adoptive couples, but it just makes me feel kinda used.”

“Not that I’m trying to get you riled up or anything, but is that really what bothered you most?” Nick had known her for a long time now, and knew that surely this couldn’t be the thing most bothering her about seeing Daniel again.


“I don’t know what you want me to say, Nick. Do you want me to say that I wished that he shoved the other girl to the side, came over to me, proclaimed his love for me and then me, him, Roisin and the baby live together happily ever after? Because that’s not what I want. What I do want is for him to have some kind of moral decency and to, I don’t know, just not leave me out in the loop like this.” She spoke a bit louder, tears threatening to spill.

“June, I…” Nick started but soon trailed off. He wanted to say sorry for asking too much, but at the same time he knew it would be beneficial to talk about it (hopefully).


“I don’t want to talk about this any more. It’s been a long day and I’m tired.” She mumbled, and then asked. “Can you help me up? I just want some time alone.” He took her hand as she outstretched it, and she got up with his assistance.

“I’ll let you know when dinner’s ready, alright? Don’t expect anything too spectacular.” He joked about himself, trying to lighten the atmosphere, but it didn’t work as she went into her room without saying anything more.


As she got back to her room, she felt her phone buzz. Checking it, she saw it was a text from Daniel.

“Hey, I’m sorry about what happened today. Me and the girl you saw me with broke up.”

Narrowing her eyes, she wondered why he would bring that up. “Oh?”

“I thought it was inappropriate to date someone given the circumstances.”

“The circumstances are nothing to do with you anymore, you made that pretty clear about nine months ago.”

“That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking about you.” When Juniper read that, she felt determined to not fall into his trap again, but she couldn’t help but be at least a little swayed.


“If I’m being honest, I’ve not stopped thinking about you either. I guess it’s slightly more challenging in my condition though.”

“I’ve missed this, I’ve missed talking to you.”

“I’ve missed you.” She responded, and then closed the messaging app on her phone. What was she doing? The sensible part of her was telling her to stop, but a large part of her didn’t want to.


AN:  I know what you’re thinking you’re probably thinking “Juniper????? The fuck???”

Also please ignore the many continuity errors at the start of this chapter   >.>   <.<

Sunshine Blogger Award

Do I really need to post an inspirational picture? Ah, I’m gonna post one of a cat instead, or a meme.


It’s a cat meme. You’re welcome.


So, I thought I had been nominated for this before, and I checked and there wasn’t a post, but it turns out I have been nominated and I’m just a dick.

Sorry xD

Uhh, so I’ve been nominated by Becky, Owly, Annie and this douchebag (just kidding Carys I love you even if you don’t love me ;-;)

Jeez, first of all thank you so much ❤ but idk who I’m going to nominate now xD all y’all gon’ get nominated again 😛


Okay so I have to post rules now, right? Right, let’s copy and paste them from someone

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
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So, let’s get this shebang started

Carys the SNP lover’s questions:

1.What or who inspired you to start writing SimLit?

Uhhhhh… I don’t know really? I can tell you what inspired my tumblr stuff but the Matthews? Mate it was like 3 years ago I can’t remember

2. What’s your favourite animal?

Cats ^-^

3. Do you have a favourite trope in writing?

I like the happy ending cliche, I dunno, I just like how everything ends nicely, y’know?

4. Do you have a least favourite trope/cliche in writing?

Right, I hate that one where you know the girl ends up in an awkward situation like going to a club or a party with a guy she hates but also loves and she has to get pretty and wear some skanky but also pretty dress and oh she’s so awkward and hates makeup but oh she looks so pretty with it on and her hair’s curled and even though she looks like a tart the guy is blown away and blech. (let’s ignore the fact that I did this cliche)

5. Do you write other stories outside of sims?

Not really tbh. I want to but I just don’t have the time.

6. Do you play any other computer/console games?

Danganronpa (obviously. I’m currently waiting for more to be released onto Steam) and I went through a Stardew Valley phase and I’ve completed Alice: Madness Returns, but that’s about it.

7. How long have you been writing using the sims games?

3 years this past December

8. Do you have a favourite story line in the legacy/story you’re working on?

Uhhhhh, don’t make me choose >.< I guess if I had to narrow it down, last generation I liked the whole Alyssa cheating for the second time scenario, and this generation (this is going to make me sound sick and twisted) but I liked Juniper’s relationship with Sam and writing that, and the repercussions of it.I dunno, they were just dramatic to write and I guess with the latter, I liked seeing Juniper turn from this weak little housewife to this badass single mom doing everything on her own and body checking and sassing most people in her way.

9.Do you listen to music while you write?

Yeah because I have a very low attention span

10.What book has most impacted you in the last couple of years, and why?

Sadly, I’ve not read any really impacting books lately, but I did read Lungs by Duncan McMillan as part of my theatre studies coursework (but then I didn’t get to do that one >.<) which I really liked. It definitely made me think a lot more about things to do with the environment.

11.Do you have any writing rituals?

Uh, yeah. First I pray to the almighty God of the underworld before I sacrifice 20 virgins to him and he gives me the power to write mediocrely  (no I don’t)


Annie’s Questions!:

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world right this instant, where would that be?

New York or London, lets go shopping

2. Has anything awesome or potentially life-changing ever happened to you because you started playing The Sims? Maybe you met a great friend or you found out about something cool while checking out Sims stuff on the internet?

I’ve met a lot of nice people and have discovered cool games and also met a Scottish SNP fuckboy (I couldn’t swear on her blog because idk if she likes swears on her blog but my blog my rules). That and I think the most awesome thing is that I can express myself and write and do that openly, that’s awesome enough as it is ^-^

3. Name one thing that is on your computer desk right now that should not be there.

Uhh, I don’t have one so I guess it’s existence shouldn’t be there right now

4. Mountains, sea or city?


5. If you could have any career from The Sims 3 in real life, which one would you choose?

I like the idea of the scientist career and how you can just go into the building and be like “let me be a scientist!” and that’s an okay thing to do. I think I want the general concept of how careers work rather than any specific career. Just walk in and be like “can I be this please lol hire me”

6. What is your biggest reason for sticking to TS3 instead of moving on to TS4? Toddlers, open neighborhoods, aesthetics or something completely different?

First it was toddlers and now they’ve added toddlers, and I think that was my most reason, but now it’s more because the novelty has worn off and I think doing something on TS4 would distract me from this and yeah

7. Is there any particular skill you are trying to learn at the moment? If not, what is something you’d love to be able to do?

I’d love to be able to dance or figure skate alas I am not graceful enough. Also drawing, question 9 reminded me of that.
8. Coffee, tea, or cocoa?

Coffee. I like mocha’s specifically. I hate tea because it’s just weird icky water, and hot chocolate’s nice but I like it made with milk and that’s bad for skin so… Yeah. Whittard’s white hot chocolate though ugh omg ❤ – ❤
9. Do you have a favourite (visual) artist?

I don’t really tbh, mostly because I’ve not properly looked into it. I used to go on Deviantart a lot but then I just get jealous because I want to be good at drawing but I’m not
10. If you could pick any time period to live in, which one would it be?

I’d say the 1950’s/60’s purely just for the clothing. I want that to come back in style: floaty skirts and blouses and petticoats ❤ so pretty

11. Which other games do you play besides The Sims? Or, lacking that, what do you like to do in your spare time besides playing TS?

Youtube videos are a plus, and also makeup. I’m a massive makeup hoarder. I’ve got probably 40+ lipsticks alone. I have a thing with lipsticks, okay? Don’t judge me please.

Owly’s Questions!

1. If you were a sim, what would your five traits be?

Cat person, socially awkward, rebellious, loner and snob
2. What book has had the biggest impact on you, and why?

I don’t know ;-; I still don’t know ;-; I’m gonna say Lungs because it’s the only one I can properly remember.
3. What keeps you up at night?

Ahaha, a lot of things.
4. If you’re not a tattoo person, what is the one thing that you would possibly get tattooed on your body (if you were forced to)? If you do like/have tattoos, what is the one style of tattoo you hate the most?

I really want a dream catcher on the back of my right shoulder blade with feathers floating down across my back and forming a cluster on my left hip.

5. What’s your favorite marine animal?

Okay, so I’ve just discovered that Vaquitas are a thing and there are only 30 of them left! 30! Guys we need to save them! They’re so cute and we can’t let another animal go extinct.
6. What tv series or movie could you watch over and over again?

I think probably Grease or Hairspray. I know basically all the words to all of the songs from both and I love it.
7. You’re in charge of coming up with an obscure animal mascot for a sports team. What is it?

Uhhhhhh……… CATS?! I don’t know don’t give me so much responsibility ;-;
8. What’s your favorite joke?

Uh, I don’t know, I think my life is a pretty good joke.
9. What’s your favorite kind of weather?

I like it when it’s hot but breezy. I also like the rain but only when I’m not in it lol
10. In a cage fight match to the death, who would win: Fred Flintstone or George Jetson?

*shrugs* I dunno. Only one way to find out.

11. What’s one “rule” (not a grammar or style rule) that you follow while writing?

Well, like in showbiz, always leave them wanting more. I guess that’s why I love using cliffhangers the way I do.

Becky’s Questions!:

1. What is your favorite bird, if you can only choose from birds you have seen near your place of residence?

Pidgeons. I’m weirdly affected by them in a good way. I think they’re kinda cute even if my friend calls them “flying rats”
2. Three of the worst movies ever. Movies you actually watched, all the way through. Poor you.

Bridesmaids. That movie was shit and it relied too heavily on slapstick humour. Meet The Fockers as well, I just don’t like silly humour, I like witty humour not “hahaha they said poop and he’s drunk and was embarrassing hahaha” humour.
3. How about some movies that were so bad, you couldn’t finish watching them?

Twilight, duh. There was also Sweet Charity, which is a shame because I think I would have loved it but it just took too long to get running, you know? Like those movies where it takes ages to get started and you get bored.
4. You’re writing a buddy cop movie. What do you name your two main protagonists?

Elle Penbrooke and Malachi Reed? Idk I just came up with random names there

5. Did you see a cartoon as a child that scarred you because it broke the animation age ghetto? If so, what was it?

Yes. Watership Down. I still haven’t watched it since I was like about 7 (I had just gotten my own rabbits too and it terrified me)
6. What are your three most favorite starship designs?

*frets* this is the point where they realise I’m just smart and aren’t a real nerd. Uh… I liked this one (Carys and Owly don’t watch the video, it’s from DR and is kinda spoilery)
7. Psychic twins. Dead horse trope, or you just can’t get enough of how cute it is?

Uhhh, cute? *smiles nervously*
8. Five computer games you thought were fun, aside from Sims?

Stardew Valley
Alice Madness Returns
Danganronpa 2 (I’m running out of games don’t judge)
Goat Simulator?
9. Are you in love with any Non-PC games? Regardless of replay value, let’s hear some of your favorites!

I loved Harvest Moon when I was younger, I absolutely adored it. It’s kind of endless (although there is an end point of finding all the spirits/making a lot of money/getting married and having a kid)
10. Daffy Duck, or Donald Duck? Why?

Donald because I was raised on Disney
11. That one glitch you had in Sims 3 that you love telling people about. What happened?

I think the glitch where a fire almost burned down the Matthews’ old house was pretty entertaining.


I don’t think really know who to nominate, mostly because so many people have already been nominated. If you read this, or if you read my legacy or my tumblr (or both!) then you’re nominated because you’re awesome for supporting me, and if you can put through reading my stuff then you deserve an award. So, here’s my questions for anyone and everyone reading this:


1.) Last video game you played (besides sims) is now your life. How fucked up are you?

2.) How old are you? I’m just being nosy rn

3.) Is there a TV show you love but you know it’s trash but love it because it’s trash? I have one, don’t worry.

4.) You’re driving along a road, and notice a car in flames with two people inside. You’re shocked by the scene, and realise that you have enough time to save one of the people in there. To your horror, one of the people is your dad and the other is a cancer specialist on the verge of a breakthrough (no one knows what, only they know). Who do you save?

5.) Dog person or cat person?

6.) Who’s your favourite character you created?

7.) Who’s your favourite character that you didn’t create?

8.) Would you rather never have chocolate again or never be kissed again?

9.) Idk what’s your favourite colour?

10.) If you had the chance to go back and change one event, but it could drastically alter your life (better or for worse) would you do it?

11.) 1000 degree hot knife videos; what’s your opinion on them?



Chapter 3.22 It’s Pasta, Not Sex

One of the greatest talents Juniper’s gained since becoming a mom: multitasking!


Before, she would have thought that holding a toddler as well as managing to cook would be impossible, and she marvelled at the women who were able to balance everything at once. Before, she would have either dropped the child, burned the food, or accidentally stirred with the child’s arm while shushing the saucepan; needless to say, it would have been a disaster.

Now however, she somehow managed to juggle a baby and cooking while still keeping an eye on the other one which was running around the apartment.


Nick was working late that evening, or at least past the daycare’s closing time, so Juniper picked up Lainey as well as Roisin and brought them both back to her flat. Lainey wanted to watch Juniper as she cooked and wouldn’t stop asking her to help out, so Juniper figured that holding her and occasionally letting her stir would make her happy. Roisin on the other hand wasn’t as fussed, and was busy tottering around the flat while playing some game Juniper didn’t understand.

When her cell phone started to ring, Juniper moved around some of the things she was holding so she could pick it up. Glancing at the caller ID, she answered “Ghostbusters, what do you want?”


“Seriously Jen? That’s how you answer the phone? You’re such a little nerd.” It was Nick on the other side, and he then asked. “What if I was someone important and you answered it that way?”

“Well, I looked at the caller ID and saw it was you, and I know that you’re ancient so I thought you’d appreciate it.” Juniper reasoned, teasing him once again about his age as she pinned her phone between her shoulder and ear.

“I’d hardly call thirty one ancient.” As he grumbled, Juniper couldn’t help but laugh lightly. It was entertaining to poke fun at his age and he couldn’t do it back to her. “Anyway, I’ve finished up at the shoot so I’ll be coming over to pick up Lainey in about ten minutes.”


“Well when you’re twenty two, it’s pretty ancient. I can’t imagine your surprise when you first saw my flat and realised that it wasn’t a sarcophagus like what you’re used to.”

There was a short silence, and then the sound of him sighing. “You whipper-snappers, always being horrible to us adults-“

“Adult? More like elder.” Juniper interrupted but Nick carried on:

“I used to be young too once, and the next thing I knew, bam, thirty. It’ll happen to you too one day, and when it does, I’m just going to sit and laugh at you.” He spoke rather dryly.


“Yeah, but when I’m thirty, you’ll be almost for-” Juniper started, and he soon stopped her.

“So, Lainey hasn’t been too much trouble, has she?” Nick asked, and Juniper smirked to herself.

“Well, that was quite a sporadic subject change, wasn’t it?” Juniper asked; the prospect of being thirty was still absolutely terrifying but no way near as terrifying as being almost forty. In that moment, she felt almost sorry for Nick, being so old.


“What subject change? And I’m taking my daughter’s taken after me and was perfect in every way possible?” He asked.

“I think it’s more my influence, but yes, she’s been well behaved. She’s actually right next to me now, do you want me to put her on the phone?” Before Nick could answer, Juniper put Lainey back on the floor and gave her the phone. “It’s your daddy, Laines.” And Lainey took over the conversation from Juniper, which was nice as it meant that she no longer had to multi-task.


When she had a few moments to herself, Juniper put most of her attention in what she was making, and silently chiding herself for making far too much. Pasta was always difficult, it was hard tell straight out how much would be needed, and Juniper always seemed to go overboard and make far too much. It could be put away as left overs and used for her lunch tomorrow or something, but she wasn’t a huge fan on food that isn’t fresh, and it’s likely that it’ll probably just go to waste which is bad but there’s not a whole lot Juniper can do about it now, she can’t exactly whack the pasta back into the packet, could she?


There was a knock at the door, which Juniper figured was Nick. Upon hearing the knock, Roisin stood next to the door, and looked at Juniper expectantly.

“Up.” She instructed, holding her arms up and holding on to Juniper’s legs. Roisin liked to see who was at the door as soon as they got there. She liked to know who was at the door and liked to say hello to anyone coming in or just popping by.

“I know, I know. You like to be nosy.” Smiling at Roisin, Juniper picked her up and glanced around the room to check where Lainey was (which was sat near Roisin’s room and tapping a locked phone, wanting it to work).


“Nick!” Roisin chirped when Juniper opened the door. “Hi!” And she beamed, always friendly. It partly made Juniper wonder how she had such a chirpy child, based on the fact that she wasn’t too smiley herself and Sam… Well, yeah.

“Hey Roly-Poly.” Nick grinned back at Roisin as he came inside. “A busy body here as well as at mine then.”

“She just liked to know what’s going on, that’s all.” Juniper smiled at Roisin, who was still smiling. Her daughter would make such a good host, maybe she could be an event planner in the future? Then again, her daughter could do anything, she was the best little girl in the world. Well, when her thumb was out of her mouth at least.


“Daddy!” Lainey squealed, discarding the phone by throwing it to the side and ran over to Nick.

“There’s my girl.” He held out his arms for her, picking Lainey up when she was close enough while Juniper was looking over at her phone. Luckily it still seemed okay. “But I think you should say sorry for throwing Jen’s phone like that.”

“Sorry.” Lainey apologised half-heartedly, pouting lightly. “I missed you.” Looking back at Nick, Lainey was acting sweetly again towards Nick. It was clear that she had him wrapped around her little finger. “Up?” She asked, and Nick lifted her up higher so she was sat on his shoulders.


“I missed you too. Come on, we should probably get out of Jen’s hair soon. We need to go home and I need to start making us dinner.” He gave Juniper a small smile and then sighed. “Whatever I try and make though, it won’t smell half as good as yours. Anyway, thanks for looking after-” He was about to go, but she stopped him.

“You could stay here for dinner, if you like? I mean, you don’t have to, if you have to go I get it, it’s just that I’ve made way too much and it’ll save you and Lainey having to wait and it’ll just go to waste otherwise.” Juniper was rambling by now. Usually she didn’t ramble unless if she was feeling nervous or something, but here she was turning into a rambling wreck all over Nick and Lainey staying for dinner.


He looked her up and down, and smirked slightly. “If it’ll get you to stop rambling on, then yeah, we’ll stay for dinner. It’ll save me throwing something together back at my place.” He paused for a moment, in thought, and then asked. “Would you mind if I brought up a few of my cameras? I hate leaving them in the car.”

Juniper nodded. “Sure thing, I know how protective you are over them. Maybe I could finally see some of your work then? You talk so much about this photoshoot for that magazine, or this picture for that website and I’ve never even seen a single one.” Pointing out that fact, Juniper folded her arms.

“Alright, alright. I’ll show you some, don’t nag me.” He grinned at her as he left to get his things after putting Lainey down.


While he was gone, Juniper served up the pasta while smiling. It made her happy that she wasn’t going to have dinner alone again. Not that she didn’t love her daughter, but it would be nice to have an actual adult conversation over dinner (or at least as adult as the two of them could get).

She put Roisin and Lainey in separate high chairs (there were two at her place, likewise at his place just in case either of them were looking after both girls at dinner time) and gave them their dinner before setting the table for her and Nick.

He came back up with a few cameras and a laptop bag. “Where can I put these?” He asked, knowing it would be rude (and possibly expensive to fix) if he just threw his stuff on the floor.


“Just through down the corridor in the living room. There’s probably a few dolls and stuff there, so tread carefully.” Juniper instructed as she placed some of the pots and pans in the dishwasher to be washed later.

Juniper was sat down at the little table first, and Nick joined her as soon as he made sure his stuff was safe in her living room. Smiling as he sat down, he mentioned. “The last time I had homemade pasta was probably when I was still living at home.”

“So about a million years ago?” Juniper asked with a straight face, and then smiled sweetly at him.


Shaking his head, Nick picked up his fork and spun some pasta onto it. “I swear Jenny, you’re so complicated. One minute you’re being mean and the next you’re giving me food. I just don’t know where I stand with you.” He pouted at her.

“Well, based on the fact you constantly call me Jenny, Jenny from the block, Jenfizzle, Jen-Z, Jen Martini, Jen and tonic” She went on before he stopped her.


Smirking, he decided. “I think I can cope with the age jokes then, Jenny bean.” He grinned at her, and then made a small moaning noise upon eating the pasta. “This is good, this is really good.”

“Calm down, it’s pasta, not sex.” Juniper joked, teasing him yet again as she started to eat her meal also.

“Take this life lesson from someone older and wiser: Food can be just as good as sex, trust me.” He grinned, and before she could add in a comment, he continued. “Have you ever thought about going into cooking and all that? Instead of being a psychic at the hotel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great you’ve got a job but… Y’know.”


“My mom wanted me to go to college and get a diploma in catering, but I was in my ‘my mom sucks’ phase and married my ex-husband instead.” Juniper explained, swirling her pasta around the plate idly. “I’ve thought about going to college and doing night classes but-” She shrugged “I just don’t think it’s for me.” Smiling slightly, she refrained from adding that she seemed to have a knack for fortune telling. Even though that wasn’t her biggest secret anymore, it didn’t mean that she was just going to go and tell everyone that she was a psychic.

Tilting his head, Nick asked. “Why not? If you need someone to watch Roisin, I can easily do it. And how old were you when you married him?” He asked another question out of curiosity.


“Sam and I got married when I was nineteen and he was almost twenty.” Juniper informed him, and she continued with. “I just don’t think it’s for me, I mean, I want to I just, I don’t know. I don’t want to spend too much time away from Roisin.”

“Or time away from Mr Friday Night, hm?” Nick grinned as he asked her. “Am I ever going to meet this boyfriend of yours then Jen?”

“He is not my boyfriend.” Juniper answered quickly, holding back the vomit at the thought of that sleazy guy being her boyfriend. At this moment, she also felt panicked because what if he asked more about it? That was something she just did not want to explain right now.


“So, he’s a guy who you just happen to visit every Friday night for a few hours?” With a raised eyebrow, Nick gave her a rather sceptical look.

“He is not my boyfriend, can we please just drop it?” Juniper gave him a look and he held up his hands in defeat.

“Alright, fine, he’s not your boyfriend.” Looking over Juniper’s head, Nick then wondered. “What’s that other room by the way? The one next to Roisin’s and adjacent to the living room?”


“Spare room.” Juniper answered simply as she continued to eat. At Nick’s startled look, she gave him a confused on in return and asked “What?”

“Are you a billionaire or something? How can you afford a three bedroom place?” He asked, giving her a bit of a look. “I can hardly afford my own sometimes.”

“What can I say? Momma’s got money.” She grinned. “And it’s not just rented, it’s bought.” She whispered the last bit, smirking at him.

“Damn Jen. If I knew you were loaded, I would have become your friend much sooner.” He commented, grinning as he did so.


“And now we’re BFFs so…” She trailed off, grinning. There was a small nagging voice at the back of her head that wondered if they would ever be anything more than friends, but she couldn’t think about that right now. It was too soon. Too soon since Sam died. She didn’t want to move on too quick and then for everything to be ruined.

“Well, all I can say is if I ever need a place to stay, you’ll find yourself with a new room mate.” He grinned, joking with her.


AN: I feel like this is an awkward ending, but it’s ending there so deal with it. Also, I think I win with the most creative/crazy chapter names XD

Okay, so roll reveal. *drum roll* Juniper’s misc fun is Gourmet! Spaghetti is Nick’s favourite (hence his reaction to it) and she’s already made Sam’s favourite (which was like, autumn salad, lol that was great) and I can’t remember if she’s made her own or not yet…

She has not, I thought her favourite was pancakes but that’s Belle. Juniper’s favourite is French Toast which is awkward because that means I’ll have to get her skill level up to 9 *sigh*

Also, I think at this point I should remind you that Juniper has two rolls which are the same as Alyssa’s. Funny thing: I actually found this blogger who was called Alyssa Mathews and I was like WOAH! xD

As well as this, when Nick said “damn Jen” I was tempted to put backspace Jen and put “Daniel, back at it again with the white vans” but I didn’t because I’m mature! (or at least that’s what you think 😛 )

On a slightly sadder note, this is possibly the last Matthews chapter for a while. My GCSE’s are coming up soon, and even though I love Juniper, I’m not willing to sacrifice my future for her.

Chapter 3.14 Lie

TW: Blood. Suicide Mentioning. Graphic detail

“So, why were you trying to contact me?”


Alice sighed heavily at Juniper’s question. “It’s a rather long story, sweetheart and it’s not one you’d want to hear, but it’s something you need to hear. I’m just thankful I managed to get to you before it was too late.”

Furrowing her eyebrows, Juniper was confused. Alice sounded relieved but at the same time upset. “Too late for what?” She asked, completely unaware of whatever knowledge Alice had, and the burden of what she was going to say. So far, Juniper wasn’t so sure what to think of her mother-in-law; she was acting very strangely, almost like she was impending grief.


As the two women sat down on the chairs in the nursery, Juniper watched Alice. Sam rarely spoke about his mother, and when he did he often spoke about her in a passing reference, or memory or lack of them. What Juniper did know what that Alice committed suicide when Sam was little, which was why he didn’t remember much about her. Juniper watched as she sat with her shoulders tight and her arms staying very close to herself as her hand brushed away some of her hair. Her posture being as straight as an arrow. Her uneasiness didn’t only echo through the way she held herself, but also in the way how she kept starting sentences, only for no words to come out.


“I’m honestly not sure how to start this.” Alice gave a small, sad yet forced laugh as she looked away from Juniper. “It’s difficult to say, will you be patient with me?” Usually, Juniper would have said no to such a request, figuring that if something was so important one could just say it, but something about the way Alice looked, the desperation hidden deep behind her eyes, made Juniper rethink her answer.

Softly, Juniper nodded in response while staying silent.


It took Alice a while to find the words she wanted to say, before she managed to speak. “You know how I passed away, don’t you?”

Juniper nodded. She could recall Sam telling her what his dad told him about Alice’s death. “Yes. You committed suicide by cutting your wrists. Your body wasn’t found for a few hours, and when it was found, you had bled out.” Shuddering slightly at the thought, Juniper then tilted her head slightly. “Is this relevant to what you want to speak to me about?” She asked in the nicest way possible as she didn’t particularly enjoy the discussion right now.


“I didn’t kill myself. It’s a misconception that everyone believes. Arthur, Sam’s father, killed me.” It was hard for Alice to admit to this. Even after all these years, it still hurt an indescribable amount that her trust was shattered by the one person she was supposed to trust the most; someone who had vowed in front of many, many people to love her forever until death did them part, only for him to speed up the parting rate. Although she had known this for years, her side of the story had never been told before. Who did she have to tell? Who would have believed her?

Shocked, Juniper’s eyes widened upon hearing this. “What? H-He did this?” She wasn’t sure what to think. Juniper never really liked Sam’s father as he always struck her as the type of person who was hiding a body or two in the closet, only did she now know it was an actual body.


“Unfortunately, if you were to trace back the Buckingham family tree, you would notice it wasn’t all too much of a shock. Most Buckingham brides, at least the first ones, either went missing, killed themselves or were otherwise forgotten about. That’s why I want to talk to you Juniper. I don’t want you to wind up like me, or my own mother-in-law, or her mother-in-law. I wouldn’t be able to cope if  I knew I let another innocently naive girl go through the same thing.” Her voice had a gentle tone to it and there were tears welling up in her eyes. Alice looked away to dry her eyes.

If it was anyone else, Juniper would have interrupted and given attitude, but this time felt different.


“I know what you’re thinking Juniper. You’re thinking ‘Sam isn’t like that. He would never do that to me’.” Alice sighed heavily, shaking her head slightly. “I would’ve said the exact same thing about Arthur too. It’s because I was, and you are, completely unaware of the plan.” Sneering slightly as she uttered the word ‘plan’, Alice looked away.

“Plan?” Juniper questioned, rather confused.


“A dastardly thing that’s been passed down for generations. It’s the exact same routine every time.” Sighing heavily, Alice then asked. “Have you ever heard of gaslighting Juniper?”

“A gaslight? Yeah. It’s one of those little lamps that’s powered by gas. They used them before electricity was found. We learned about this in history at school.” Rather confused, Juniper answered. What would that have to do with anything?


By the look on Alice’s face, Juniper could easily deduct that her answer wasn’t suffice, nor was it the one Alice was looking for as she shook her head slightly at Juniper’s answer as she spoke. “Not the noun, the verb. Gaslighting. It’s a form of psychological abuse, done to make the victim doubt their own sanity and make them think that they’re seeing things.” Alice explained, and this caught Juniper’s attention.


It sounded like a more malicious version of what could have been happening to her, if Sam was the one moving her things. Surely though, he wouldn’t have intentionally done it with that purpose, if he had actually done that.


“Think about it Juniper. It stopped when he was away, didn’t it? That wasn’t just your imagination. Those pretty earrings of yours, he moved them into the bathroom. The dog leashes, he moved them off the hooks they’re usually kept on. All the things that went temporarily missing weren’t missing. They were moved purposely to mess with you.”

Once again left speechless, Juniper wasn’t sure whether or not to believe this. Had her husband really been doing that to her? Psychologically abusing her for some unknown purpose? It made her feel uneasy, and it made her doubt Alice slightly.


“That, and subtle isolation. How long has it been since you spoke to your parents? Or your brothers? I know you’ve spoken to Belle recently, but that wasn’t exactly your doing, was it?” Alice asked, and the question made Juniper wince slightly. In all honesty, she hadn’t spoken to her parents in a long, long time.  “The phone never seems to work, does it?” Alice raised an eyebrow for a brief moment. “That, and the friends you did make turned on you quickly because of that bounced cheque. Cheques don’t just bounce themselves Juniper. They either bounce because of insufficient funds or they’re cancelled.”

“H-He said he didn’t can-” Juniper started, not liking what she was hearing. She didn’t want to believe that her husband was capable of doing such things. She couldn’t believe it! He was different; she knew he was different.


“Open your eyes Juniper. He could have easily just lied to you.” Alice interrupted her, hating the fact that she was bursting Juniper’s bubble of ‘everything is perfect!’ but it had to be done for her best interest. The shadow of love had been blinding her from the cold truth all this time. All this time she’s been so naive to everything in her relationship with Sam.

“I don’t want-” Sighing with frustration, Juniper stood and paced lightly in front of where Alice and she had been sat. How could she believe this? Why would he even do this to her? He wouldn’t. Juniper knew Sam, she knew he wasn’t capable of that. He wasn’t like that. “You’re lying.” She accused.


“I’m lying?” Alice questioned her, rather taken aback.

“Yes. You’re lying! I know what Sam’s like. I know him. I’ve been married to him for just under two years. I know what he’s like, and I know he wouldn’t do that. Besides, why would he do that to me? Of all the people there are? I’m not that special and I’m not that gullible.” Juniper reasoned, scowling slightly. “Why would he use this elaborate plan you claim all the Buckinghams use, on me?”

“Think about it Juniper. What do you have what no one else really has?” Alice asked, staying calm throughout Juniper’s little outburst and her accusations.


This question stumped Juniper, as she didn’t really know. The main thing she had but not many other people knew about what her clairvoyance, but surely that would be a point against her. She took a random guess as she sat back down. “I’m a natural blonde and my eyes are a kinda weird colour?”

Alice shook her head in disbelief at her naivety before correcting her. “Money. Your family’s the second richest in this town, a fifth of your mom’s assets one day being yours, and all your dad’s too one day.”

“Yeah, but, surely that isn’t much more than other people.” Juniper argued, frowning slightly.


“This town isn’t a very wealthy town Juniper, excluding the Buckinghams. I know this may sound cruel, but did you notice that Mia’s house, and Ambrielle’s house were much smaller than yours?” Alice asked, and admittedly, Juniper had noticed that her house, along with the Buckingham Mansion, seemed to tower over the other houses in Glendalough. “Ever since your family moved here, they kept a close eye on you.”

Furrowing her eyebrows, Juniper asked. “What do you mean?”


“I mean, they made sure that you were always in their line of sight. Think about everything that happened when you moved here. Everything was planned out so that it would happen. Everything. Even the things that you think weren’t. Like your relationship with Ambrielle’s boyfriend for example. That was done so you would be put off dating just anyone who seemed like a jerk. That man who slipped something into your drink was planned by them so your parents would think your friends were a bad example, and would want to send you to a different school. Even your friendship with Ambrielle and Mia. That was done to push you towards going to private school. Whether it was them making you feel uncomfortable and wanting to leave, or making your parents worry about your well-being.”


Looking down, Juniper felt like she was being told a dystopian story or something. It was hard to believe that this was her life, and all the scheming done behind her back. Even those she thought were her friends! They were just doing a job they were set. She didn’t even know what to say as it felt like her entire adult life, and most of her teenage life, had just been a lie.

“Don’t get me wrong though.” Alice continued, frowning lightly. “They didn’t do it out of spite. They did it out of fear.” Giving a small smile, she mumbled. “Some people slip through the nets, and go against what the Buckinghams want. Mia was like that. That’s why she was so desperate to leave this town, and she kept pressing the idea on you of leaving and going to university.”


“What?! Are you crazy?!” “I’m sorry?” “Why would you date one of them? It’s probably the most stupidest things anyone could ever do!” 

Juniper recalled how negatively Mia reacted when she told her that she was dating Sam. Now knowing what Alice has told her, no wonder Mia reacted that way; she was worried about what would happen.


“Anyone who goes against them…” Alice started but soon looked away. Juniper wondered what Alice could mean, until she pieced it together.

Anyone who went against them was killed.

Juniper’s eyes widened in horror at what she thought was the truth. “Alice, no. Please, please tell me… No.”


“I wish I could tell you otherwise Juniper. I really wish I could. Arthur did the same thing to my two sisters as well. They didn’t like how he was keeping me away from them, so he made sure that they couldn’t see me anymore.”

“Sam isn’t like his dad though!” Juniper snapped, not wanting to hear any of this anymore. “He- He’s not like that. I know he’s not like that.  He’s not the same psychopathic monster as his dad is. How can you even talk this way about your own son?”


Alice stayed quiet for a long time as Juniper’s question lingered in the previously undisturbed air. Softly and simply with a solemn tone, she uttered. “Because it feels like he isn’t mine. He might have my eye shape and a similar mouth to me, but he isn’t mine. He’s a carbon copy of his father, apart from he had a chance if I managed to stick around a little longer, or if I had left when things started to deteriorate.” The silence was heavy with regret. Sighing heavily, Alice continued after a beat. “That’s why I wanted to talk to you Juniper. I want you to get out before it’s too late. I don’t want you to end up like me, and I don’t want my granddaughter to turn into another Buckingham psychopath.”


That’s most likely what would have happened in Juniper’s vision. The version of Roisin that was a monster. Glancing over at where her daughter was sleeping peacefully in her crib, Juniper knew she never wanted to feel the same way about Roisin as Alice felt about Sam.

But then again, how could Juniper really trust what she was saying? How could she believe it? Alice had made very bold accusations which might not even be true. How could Juniper really trust her anyway?

“I know you won’t believe everything I’ve told you, so if you don’t believe me, look in the study closet.”


As Juniper left the room and crossed the hallway towards the study, she was determined to prove Alice wrong. The closet was just a closet anyway. There was nothing in there, how could there be? It was a closet for crying out loud!


She felt wrong being in Sam’s office, almost as if she was trespassing. She needed to know the truth though. The truth that Alice was lying and Sam isn’t a horrible person, and he really is a sweet guy like she knows him to be. She knows he would never do any of the things in this plan.


Upon entering the study closet, Juniper was hit with a large sense of dread as it wasn’t actually a closet, but it looked like some sort of surveillance room. What caught her eye the most though was the whiteboard in this room.

On the whiteboard laid out their plan for Juniper, and much to her horror, everything Alice said was true. Everything. There was proof that they had planned on killing all her brothers and sisters, like they did with Alice’s. If that wasn’t sickening enough, there was also her among that plan. She was the first and last piece to be played in their puzzle.


Next to the whiteboard laid a gun, one that made Juniper feel uneasy just to look at. So much power in such a rather small object.

The sound of the door opening, and Juniper froze, knowing she had been caught in here.


“Juniper?” Sam asked, obviously shocked to see her in there.

Picking up the gun, Juniper quickly spun around and held it out, aimed at him.



We’ve not had a good cliffhanger in a while, have we?

I decided to make the ghosts look more… Sim like. I don’t like the look of the ghosts in game. They look too cartoony and you can’t properly see their eyes or anything. Even though it’s a bit irritating having to edit each picture of Alice, I’d prefer that over the game ghosts (and please ignore that it’s rather shite).

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Orgasm! OooorrrrrgggaaaAAAAaaassssmm (lol, kinda sounds like one if you sound it out)

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