Chapter 4.11 So Emotional

Loosen, foot in, tighten, tightest around the ankle, secure around the hooks, secure bow and tuck


Approaching the ice with her skate guards still on, Lainey took some time to just look at it, and to just stand in her skates again to get used to the feel. It didn’t feel like it’s been about a year since she was last on the ice. There was a sense of great familiarity as soon as her skates were on.

Biting her lower lip, it also made her remember the reason why she quit.



Constantly fighting to be the best and never feeling adequate. Feeling the need to be on something to make herself feel like she was doing at least something right. Doubting her own abilities and doubting all the years of practice. Hurting those closest to her and doing serious damage to those relationships. Not to mention the damage being on the enhancers caused both mentally and physically.

It felt like however strongly she was being pulled to the ice, something else equally as strong was pushing her away.

But when the hell has she ever decided to listen to someone telling her not to do something?



Carefully, she took off the skate guards and placed them next to the rink’s entrance. Involuntarily, she held her breath as she stepped onto the ice. With the remote in hand for the speakers, she pressed the play button. As soon as music filled the room, she placed the remote down on the edge of the rink.

Inhaling, and then exhaling, she began to skate.



“You said we were going somewhere special?” Roisin asked, glancing over at Joe as the two of them walked hand in hand. “Why are we heading here?” Of course she recognised the area. It was near where the house she bought was, just outside of the city. Typically this place was a commuter town for the people with families who worked in the city. Juniper had been sitting in waiting for deliveries along with Lainey on some of the days. It made Roisin feel slightly guilty because a lot of the time she was busy at work, so she hasn’t really been able to see much of the house.

“Yeah, we are going somewhere special. I just figured we could stop off here for a little while.” Joe mentioned nonchalantly. Fishing the key for the house out of his pocket, he explained as he put it in the door. “Juniper said that she wanted my help moving some of the furniture, being a big tough army guy and all.”



“My big tough army guy.” Roisin added, grinning at him as she held onto his arm and kissed him, unintentionally stalling him from opening the door.

“Right, yeah. Your big tough army guy.” Grinning in response, kissing her in return. Staying in close proximity to her, he added. “I just figured, seeing as though it’s your place, you’d probably want at least some say in where things went, right? Feng Shui and all that crap.”



Giving him a look, she sighed slightly before saying. “I’m glad you want my say in it, at least.” Lowering her voice to a sultry tone, she then asked. “Maybe you and I could break in the new bed? You know, in case we get bored.”

Laughing slightly, he then commented. “It’s funny, the owner of the house I helped out with about two months ago suggested that too.” He joked, looking down at her.

“Or more like you said that to them.” She reminded him, giving him a look as he opened the door.



Roisin stepped inside the house first, and then hesitated. Glancing around, she saw that all the curtains were closed, and the only light was from tea lights on the floor. The tea lights were next to rose petals which were scattered heavily around the door, but seemed to disperse slightly (almost as if the person doing it realised how they were running out, as well as realising how expensive roses could be). “What’s going on? She asked, giving Joe a suspicious look. She knew she wasn’t missing any sort of important anniversary or birthday, so she was incredibly suspicious of him.

“Maybe Juniper knew we were coming here and wanted to make it nice for us.” He shrugged, playing the idiot. He knew full well what was going on, anxiously brushing his hand by his coat pocket then running that hand through his hair.



Following where the conspicuous trail of rose petals lead, Roisin frowned. “I thought Juniper said there were a bunch of boxed of furniture she wanted you to sort out.” Getting more and more suspicious of this whole situation, she pointed that out.

“Maybe she had Lainey sort out some of the stuff.” Shrugging in response, Joe then suggested. “Hell, maybe the trial leads to a whole stack of boxes.” Laughing, he then discretely urged her to follow them.



Following the suspicious path of rose petals, Roisin opened what she intended to be the master bedroom door. She stopped for a second upon seeing it, seeing it fully decorated. Taking a few steps inside, she realised that some of the things which had weirdly gone missing from her room were in here, as were some of Joe’s things. It was almost as if this bedroom in this house was theirs.

As she turned around to ask Joe what the hell was going on, she saw him down on one knee, holding a box with an engagement ring in it.



“Okay, so, I know you said no last time, but just hear me out, okay? Because this is really nerve wracking. I know when I did this last time, I kinda just mentioned it in passing and didn’t make that big of a deal about it, and I think that might be kinda the reason why you said no, because it didn’t really seem thought out. But this is thought out. I know we’re young still, but I’m serious about you Roisin, and serious about us. And I know this won’t ever be our place, but I wanted to kinda symbolise the kind of place we’d have together, or what I’d want us to have together. I miss you more and more every time I leave, and I’m happier and happier each time I come back to see you. Even after my time in the army is over, I know I’ll still be just as happy to see you when I come home, even if it will only be for a few hours compared to nearly a year. I guess what I’m saying is that I want to spend the rest of my life with you Roisin. Will you marry me?”



Wordless, Roisin just nodded in response, and got down to hug him tightly. After a few beats she managed to say. “Yes. Yes I will marry you.”

Beaming, Joe pulled away to look at her. “You will?”

“Of course I will, idiot!” Grinning, she held out her hand, which was shaking, for him.



Carefully, he took the ring out of the box and slid it on the fourth finger of her left hand. After a beat, he took her hand and just grinned at her. “We’re engaged.” He mumbled, as if it only just hit him.

“Yeah, we are.” Grinning too, she took a moment to admire her new ring. “We’re going to get married!” Laughing out of joy, she couldn’t stop smiling. “Is this the surprise you had planned for today?”



“Well, I’ve got it planned for us to go out and get lunch somewhere fancy, but we can celebrate here instead if you want?” He suggested, and began to smirk slightly. “Maybe break in the new bed?”

Instead of giving a verbal response, Roisin took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply.



Along with the music, the only sound was that of skates breaking apart the ice as Lainey glided along the ice. Despite having such a long break, it didn’t feel like any time at all. Sure, some of the more difficult moves were a little tougher because she wasn’t in as good shape, and she felt more tired quicker, but it was the adrenaline and love of what she did that was driving her to push through any pain she felt.

It was as if all the past anxieties she’s had about ever getting on the ice again have melted away, and it made her almost regret all the time she spent away from what she loved, but she knew that the distance was important.



She wasn’t especially planning what she was doing. She just moved along with the music, enjoying a feeling she has spent so long without and trying to forget. Everything else in her life always felt half hearted. At school she was never good nor bad. She got mediocre grades. Aside from Roisin, she’s never really kept around friend for too long, quickly getting bored of them, and the same in relationships, always getting bored with whoever she was with. Her tastes in food are pretty average, and most of the music she likes is popular. She felt like herself off the ice was average. Painfully boring. On the ice however, she felt like she belonged, and that she was something special, and she knew she was.



She knew she was good, and she’s always known that she’s been good. Lainey’s only regret is not seeing that in herself sooner, and focusing too much on the thoughts of others. The biggest part of that regret was being so focused with being better than other people that she put herself through mental and physical anguish, as well as hurting those close to her.

But she knew this was it. This could be it. Her second chance.



Very few people have gotten a single chance to do what she’s done, and the fact that she’s being given an opportunity to skate again is one she isn’t going to let go of very easily. She knew this was her time to recreate a name for herself, and to skate more. Maybe not for competitions, but just for her love of it. The past was in the past, and now is the time to focus on the future.

She felt small shards of ice fly up as she span, and instinctively raised her arms as soon as she was finished and the music ended. Only now did Lainey realise how out of breath she was as she realised just how heavily she was breathing. She didn’t realise how out of practice she was. Obviously she had been keeping fit, but clearly not to the same athletic standard as before.

The rink was silent, or it was before she heard the sound of slow clapping.



The rink was supposed to be empty. So why the hell was someone in here, watching her, and cheering for her? She didn’t want it. Whatever other people thought didn’t matter. Turning her head to see who it was, she hesitated, seeing someone she wasn’t expecting to see.



“Well, well, well.” Caleb started, grinning at her. “If it isn’t Miss Lainey Draven. Never thought I’d see you in skates again.”


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Chapter 4.10 Proposals

Despite Juniper thinking she was only staying a night, she ended up staying a lot longer


To the point of moving in with Roisin and Lainey. Even though she (understandably) felt like a bit of an outsider, it was still a lot of fun living with her two sisters. The three of them were spread out throughout the main living area. Lainey and Juniper were in the living room while Roisin was in the kitchen area.

“So, your military boyfriend is coming back today, right Roisin?” Juniper asked, looking over at where Roisin was stood, indiscreetly checking the time often.



Nodding while grinning, Roisin explained. “Joe, yeah. He said his plane landed super early this morning and crashed at a hotel near the airport. He’s getting a cab here and should be here kinda soon.”

“He proposed to her last time he was back and she said no.” Lainey filled her in, glancing over at Roisin, knowing she didn’t like it when that was mentioned.



“What?!” Juniper asked loudly. “Why?!”

Glaring at Lainey, Roisin raised an eyebrow at her, while she just raised her hands in defence. “What? Sisters share stuff.” And she grinned innocently.

“Why did you say no? You seem to really love him.” Juniper frowned.



“Because, it just wasn’t the right time. It felt like he was proposing because he felt like he should.” Roisin explained, sighing heavily. “It didn’t feel like we were ready for it, you know? So I said no.”

Sighing dramatically, Juniper asked. “Why? I bet it was really romantic.”

“It probably was, until she said no.” Lainey pointed out, continuing to tease Roisin.



Pursing her lips, Roisin absently swirled her coffee as she mentioned. “Hey, you know the guy who was Lainey’s Olympic partner? The two of them had a complicated on again, off again relationship and she hasn’t seen him since the two of them came home from then.” Roisin mentioned, sipping her coffee. “I mean, I bet if she was honest with herself, and he was honest with himself, then the two of them would probably be together but they’re not.”

“What?! For real?!” Juniper asked, her attention turning to Lainey.

Lainey just looked between Juniper and then Roisin, staying silent.




“So what happened between you and him? Why haven’t you spoken to him since? His name is Caleb, right? I bet the two of you were super cute together too.” Juniper grinned.

Sighing heavily, Lainey noticed Roisin rush over to the door as soon as she heard a knocking, while she answered Juniper’s questions as briefly as she could while keeping her happy. “We met when we were both about fourteen, well I was fourteen and he was fifteen, when we both went into couples figure skating and our coach partnered us together. We worked together on all of our routines until I quit figure skating. The two of us used to have an arrangement. It’s hard to constantly be so close to each other without feeling at least something, and that’s all it really was. My dad used to hate him because… Well, you know how dads are. I lied to Nick and said Caleb was gay, that worked for… Not that long. Let’s just say it unravelled rather swiftly. But yeah, that’s it.”



“Hi.” Roisin grinned as she answered the door.

“Hey.” Joe grinned back, embracing her and kissing her. With that, the two of them disappeared into Roisin’s bedroom.


Lainey watched as the door closed and then sighed. “Well, they’re probably going to be in there a while. Don’t take them not noticing us to heart. They’ve not seen each other in months, after all.” Getting up, Lainey walked into the kitchen but paused seeing a note on the notepad. “Hey, you know what this is?”

“Your manager called about some TV show thing.” Juniper mentioned, looking over at her. “She said she wanted to meet you soon, and I think Roisin told her that you’d call her back. Neither of us knew what it was about, you got any ideas?”

Frowning, she closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Yes. I know exactly what this crap is about.” Groaning slightly, she kicked the counter out of frustration and took the note. “I guess I should probably fucking call her.”



“You called about that stupid ice skating TV show right? That one where washed up celebrities compete at figure skating routines?” Lainey asked as soon as her manager picked up.

“They really want you Lainey but not for that. They’re willing to offer you a lot. How about you come down to my office at eleven today? I’m meeting with them anyway about it.” Her manager told her, pretty much pressuring her into it. “After all, you’ve been off the ice for a while. Aren’t you excited to get back onto it?”

Pausing, Lainey bit her lower lip. The only person she’s ever danced on the ice with is Caleb. She’s never done any partner routines with anyone, except from him. She didn’t know why, but she kind of felt… Bad about possibly dancing with someone else. “Alright. I’ll meet you at eleven to talk with them. But, I’ve got rules.”



“I wouldn’t expect any less from you, Lainey. Give Roisin my best.”

“I will, don’t worry.” And with that, Lainey’s manager hung up the phone.

Folding her arms, Lainey looked out the window. The last time she was on the ice was the Olympics, and when at the top of her figure skating career, she was the worst version of herself, and the hours after that when she and Caleb talked, and she apologised for all the crap she put him through with her PED stunt. It was weird to think that was just under a year ago now, and she’s not seen Caleb, a guy she used to see everyday, for almost a year.



“I’ve missed you so, so much.” Roisin mumbled between kisses.

“I’ve missed you too. You have no idea.” Joe agreed, and then suggested. “Maybe we could just spend the whole day in here?” Grinning as she kissed him, he broke away for a second to look at her. “Just you and me, reconnecting.” There was dirty intentions behind the smirk he gave her.

“I like that plan. That’s a good plan.” She grinned.



Before the meeting even started, Lainey had a game plan. If she had to stoop to such a low level of being one of those stupid professionals who helped clueless outdated celebrities on ice, she was getting her fair share of profit. She was not going to do it for nothing.

“Look. I have a few rules if I’m going to be one of the professionals.” She started, as soon as she walked into the office. “I’m pretty sure that’s what you want, but I’m not just going to do it for essentially nothing, so here’s what I want.”



“We’re all ears. We’ll consider nearly everything.” The female executive smiled warmly at her. “Even though we don’t  want you as one of the professionals, we want you to do something else.”

“I want the same pay check as the highest paid celebrity on the show. That’s first. Secondly, I want my partner to be someone close in age to me. I don’t want to, and I refuse to, dance with anyone over the age of thirty, purely because figure skating is kinda intimate, and I don’t want some old guy feeling me up while I’m wearing a very little, tight dress. Some people think because they’re famous they can do whatever and that’s nasty. If I’m coming on this show, I am not being with one of the weakest people. I got silver in the fucking Olympics and- Wait, what?” She asked, only just registering what she said. Lainey had walked in with this whole monologue planned of how she had standards and how she was above some stupid Sunday night TV show, but she was caught off guard by what the female executive said.



The male executive smirked at her, entertained by her outburst. “I get why Sports Illustrated called you so feisty now. Fire on Ice, that’s what they used to call you, right?” Grinning, he then shook his head. “Like my partner said, we don’t want you as one of the professionals. We didn’t think it was fair for you to be one of them.”

“Oh.” Lainey mumbled, and meekly sat down in the chair, feeling embarrassed. Even though her manager was keeping a straight face, she could tell that she wanted to sigh heavily and glare at her because of her outburst.



“It means a lot for us to have two silver medallists come from our city,  and because the two of you live here and always have, and our show’s here, we wanted to honour how many people the two of you have inspired to start figure skating. We want you and your partner to do a routine for us to open the show and to close it.” The female executive explained, smiling as she did so.

“My partner?” Lainey asked, despite not needing an answer. She knew they meant Caleb, and she honestly didn’t know how to feel about the thought of seeing him again. Anxious, definitely. But she couldn’t tell if it was an excited anxious or a scared anxious.



“Well, the two of you are a duo, right?” The male executive asked, sliding forward a contract. “He’s already agreed to do it. We asked him first, figuring that he’d be easier to convince, and give you more incentive.” Grinning, he uncapped a pen and slid it along with the paper. “Well, what do you say?”

Lainey stared at what felt like forever at the contract. The thought of going back to Caleb and figure skating made her feel beyond excited. The mere thought made her heart flutter with anticipation, but she hesitated. Did she really want to go through it all again? The fear of not being good enough to the point of almost destroying everything important to her? But then again, this was only some stupid TV show gig, not proper skating. But did she really want to see Caleb again? They’ve not spoken in so long, could she really bring herself to see him again?

“This is something me and my client will and should discuss in further detail, without any extra added pressure.” Lainey’s manager stated, probably only a few seconds after the male executive handed over the contract. “The two of us will talk about it, in private, and then get back to you.”



“Hey, so you must be Juniper, right?” Joe asked Juniper as she came into the living room. He and Roisin had left her room a while ago. “I’m Joe, Roisin’s boyfriend. It’s good to finally meet you.” He grinned at her, waiting for her to come into the living room. “You were kinda a surprise to them, huh?”

“It’s good to meet you too.” Smiling in response, Juniper looked Joe up and down, surveying him for a moment. She had to admit, her sister had good taste in guys. “And yeah, I was a pretty big surprise.” Laughing slightly, she brushed her hair behind her ear.



“Aww, this is cute. My boyfriend and new sister getting along.” Roisin grinned, happy that the two of them were making friends. “Anyway, I’ve gotta go shower. I just wanted to make sure the two of you could make friends.” Before she left, she whispered something to Joe that only he could hear before leaving the room.

Juniper could tell by the way that Joe was smirking that whatever Roisin just whispered was dirty. But that didn’t matter right now! “So, what’s this about the proposal?” She whispered, feeling somewhat cautious about asking. Part of her figured she was asking more than welcomed, but she wanted to know!



Sighing heavily, Joe asked. “Roisin told you, huh?”

“No, Lainey did.” Juniper corrected, and then asked. “So, what happened? How did it happen?”

“It wasn’t all that great. I just said that we should get married before I left, and she said she didn’t think she was ready for it. That’s all there is to it.” He shrugged, playing it off as nothing.

“Why don’t you try again?” Juniper asked, beaming. “I could help you!” The idea of helping Roisin’s boyfriend propose to her made her feel elated. “I could give you ideas! We could have code names for each other or something, I can be Falcon and you-”



“That’s great and all but-” Joe started, cutting her off. “I’ve honestly already got something planned.”

Gasping loudly, and then regretting it, Juniper asked. “What?” This felt so exciting, it was taking all her willpower to not bounce excitedly between her feet.

“Nothing too big. Just something simple.” Smiling, he then asked. “You’re gonna keep this  a secret, right?”

Nodding enthusiastically, Juniper asked. “Keep what a secret?” Even though it upset her slightly to not be involved in how her sister’s boyfriend was going to propose, Juniper was elated all the same.


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Chapter 4.09 Three Sisters

“My name is Juniper Smith, and I think I’m your sister.”



Laughing uneasily, Roisin asked. “What?”

Lainey paused, just looking at this weird blonde girl. “Okay, I think I know what’s going on here. You heard about the whole inheritance thing and you want part of it, right? Going to claim you’re one of her dad’s past kids, some kind of weird lovechild or something. Well, I can stop you right there because her mom and real dad were together since they were teenagers and unless her dad got freaky at like fourteen-”



“No! No. No, no, I grew up in the city. To be honest I don’t know anything about your dad. It’s actually your mom.” As soon as she mentioned her mom, it clicked for both of them who this Juniper looked like; their Juniper, mom Juniper.

“Jesus Christ.” Roisin mumbled, not so sure if she believed this. It’s true that this woman look a scarily lot like her mom, but how? “Uhm, do you want to come in for us to talk about this?” She asked, getting a sense that even though this situation was weird, this woman seemed harmless (or at least seemed like if she started to cause trouble, Lainey could probably take her).



“So, I know this is probably really weird. It’s really weird for me too. I mean, I’m used to think that I was an only child and now I know that I’ve got family. Biological family.” The blonde girl started, awkwardly stepping inside the apartment.

“Wait, how old are you?” Lainey asked, suspicious of this Juniper.

“I’m eighteen.” She replied, wondering about the question.



“So, older than Aisling. I think mom and Nick have only been together for about seventeen years.” Roisin mumbled to Lainey, who was still looking at Juniper suspiciously. Roisin then asked. “How… How did you find us?”

“Well, when an adopted child is eighteen, you can learn about your actual parents and family. My dads told me to stay away from my birth mom because of something weird happening, I’m not so sure what, my dads never went into it. I really wanted to find her though, and I did find out who she was, but it said she was in prison. I looked up about my birth mom’s other kids, and I found you and you were the oldest so… Here I am.”  This Juniper smiled slightly, somewhat uneasily. It was easy to see how bizarre her story seemed.



“Wait, there’s something that doesn’t add up.” Lainey pointed out, sitting down on the sofa. Before today, she would have said that Roisin looked spookily like her mom, but looking at this Juniper, well needless to say her opinion has changed. “Did your dads say who your proper dad was?” Lainey asked, curious. Despite looking quite a lot like older Juniper, she looked nothing like Nick, and she can’t really remember Juniper ever being with anyone else.

“They said it was this guy my mom was having a fling with, but apparently there was a bit of uncertainty between these two guys, and even though one of them asked for a DNA test, my dads weren’t sure if the results were really true or not.” Juniper explained, watching the other two. “I’m really sorry, I know this sounds rude, but who are you?”



“I’m Lainey, Roisin’s step-sister. Her mom and my dad are married.” Lainey made it a point to say that she was only Roisin’s step sister, not hers.

“Look, you seem nice and everything, and you do kinda look a lot like my mom but I just don’t-” Roisin started, unable to wrap her head around everything that was happening.



“Wait! I can prove it! I’ve got this picture of my birth mom.” Getting out a picture, she put it down on the coffee table. Pointing to it, she explained. “This one is my mom with me when I was born. Apparently it was the guy who they thought was my dad that took the picture, but I wound up looking nothing like him so that’s why my dads weren’t sure.” Juniper was starting to get confused about what she has and hasn’t said, mostly because she was just so excited and nervous to be meeting someone who was actually related to her. “But yeah, that’s her. It’s pretty faded and worn but, I mean, it is about eighteen years old, you know?”

Both Lainey and Roisin took the picture, neither of them sure how to respond. It was definitely older Juniper in that pictures, without a doubt. There was then a knocking sound at the door, to which Lainey mumbled “If that’s a surprise brother for me, I swear to fucking God.”

“I think that’s the pizza, let’s just all have pizza.” Roisin mumbled, in a daze about what’s happening.




The three girls ate in an awkward silence (Juniper probably feeling the most awkward, equally wanting to eat the pizza and having Roisin tell her to, and not wanting to eat it because she’s only just met them), no one really knowing what exactly so say. The best thing was that the TV was on meaning that the room wasn’t in complete silence.

The three of them finished dinner, and Roisin took care of the plates and the left overs, staying in the kitchen for a short period of time. Taking a moment, Juniper asked awkwardly. “Do… Do you believe me? What I’m saying, I mean?”



“It’s just a lot to take in.” Roisin confessed. “I’m honestly not so sure what to think.”

Pausing for quite a while, Lainey mumbled. “I feel like, I can kind of remember it. That or Juniper got really fat for about nine months and then lost the weight kinda quickly.” Stopping herself, she then corrected. “Older Juniper, I mean.” She began to wonder why she had the same name as her, then again, it wasn’t like she could talk. Funny, seemed like Roisin was the odd one out in this situation when it came to names. “But, I mean, it’s hazy, you know? It did happen when me and Roisin were like little kids.”

Roisin stayed quiet on the subject, having faint memories of her mom seeing this blonde guy? But they were faint, he was probably some kind of unrelated business person that was hitting on her mom.



“So, you don’t think I’m lying? Because I’m not! I swear I’m not.” Juniper looked at the two of them, hopeful.

“You do look a lot like my… Our mom.” Roisin admitted, feeling weird about this still as she moved to sit down. When she did, she changed the subject to something that felt easier to get her heard around. “So, where abouts do you live? I mean, if I have another sister, I kinda wanna see you more often.” Laughing nervously, she made a mental note that the next time she saw Nick to ask him about this. It felt weird to think that her mom had another baby that Roisin never knew about, another baby, but wasn’t Nick’s… Weird. Here she was thinking that she was the only one, but not anymore.



“I live quite far out of the city now. Me and my dads and my brother moved away about ten years ago. Honestly, I’m really glad I found you guys because otherwise it would have been a long way for not much.” Laughing somewhat awkwardly, she smiles uneasily. “My dads are actually kinda annoyed that I’m here, they didn’t want me to get too close to my birth mom… Our mom, because of that thing that happened. I tried to find out what it was, but whenever I tried these weird news stories came up.”

Feeling somewhat awkward, she felt like it wasn’t a good idea to go into right now what happened to their mom, her mom. “Why don’t you stay here for the night?” Roisin suggested, getting a glare from Lainey.

“Roisin? Can I talk to you in private for a moment?” Lainey pretty much dragged Roisin into her room.



“What?” Roisin asked, frowning.

“What the fuck do you mean, what?!” Lainey asked in a harsh whisper. “We can’t just have her stay with us! We’ve only just fucking met her!” Sighing heavily, she grumbled. “You can’t just invite someone you met like an hour ago to stay with us, weird secret lovechild sister or not. It’s not a good idea.”



“She probably is our sister, Lain. We can’t just kick her out, and make her go a real long way back home.” Roisin argued, frowning. “I mean, you saw that picture of mom with a baby, and how would she have that picture if it wasn’t her? I’m telling you, I don’t think she’s lying. I think she really is our sister.”

“Yours. Your sister. She’s not my sister, only yours.” Lainey pointed out, and then sighed. “Look, I get that it’s been a lot tonight that we weren’t expecting, but she can’t just stay. I don’t trust her. There’s something off about her. Her story just seems way too perfect and weird.”

“You’re being paranoid. Have you seen her? She’s a small, petite blonde girl who even I could probably take on in a fight.” Roisin pointed out. “Just look at what she’s wearing, I mean, come on. If she causes any trouble we can take her. That, and you can’t deny that she looks exactly like Juniper, mom Juniper I mean.”



Staying quiet for a while, Lainey mumbled. “Fine. She can stay. I admit she does look a lot like Juniper does, but I don’t know. Maybe I am being overly suspicious of her, but how weird is this? A sister we never even knew about shows up randomly out of the blue? It’s not like Juniper, older Juniper I mean, or Nick ever even mentioned it.”

“I know it’s weird, but if we both feel like she’s telling the truth…” Roisin trailed off, frowning. It was weird, even though everything was telling her not to trust her, she just did. “That and the pictures, I mean, that’s mom. I know we don’t really remember it, but we were what? Four and five-ish? Of course we wouldn’t remember. And they probably didn’t mention it because, well, how can they? It’s not an easy thing to just bring up, I doubt they would be like ‘hey kids here’s a random sibling you never knew about! Surprise!'”



There was a soft knocking at the bedroom door, and the sound of Juniper’s voice. “I-I can go if me staying is too much trouble. I understand that this is really weird, and I get it if you don’t want me to stick around much. I get it, I mean, it’s really weird.”

Roisin opened the bedroom door, and smiled at her new sister. “It’s alright. You can stay. We’ve got a spare bedroom actually. It’s still got a bed in, just in case any of our friends ever wanted to stay over, but I guess a family member staying over is just as cool, right?”



Grinning, Juniper held herself back from hugging her. “I’m sorry, I’m just so happy. I’ve never had a sister. I’ve got a little brother that my dads adopted when I was about five, but that’s been it. I’ve always wanted a sister, and now I’ve got two.” Juniper smiled widely, this situation going better than she could ever have hoped.

“Three, technically. We’re not sisters, but yours and Roisin’s mom had two other girls, and a boy.” Lainey added, still feeling somewhat guarded towards her. It was weird, this situation was weird, and Lainey really didn’t like it nor trust it.



Juniper ignored the fact that her real mom had other siblings. It wasn’t important to get angry about, or at least not get angry about to these two. “Speaking of her, where is she? Our mom, I mean.” It was still weird for Juniper to say that, it felt weird thinking about her having a mom. “There was something about a court date and prison time?”

Roisin and Lainey shared a look, somewhat unwilling to mention what actually happened. Sighing heavily, Roisin explained. “She’s still in prison. It’s a really long story.”

“Oh.” Rather dejected, Juniper’s shoulders dropped upon hearing that. Staying quiet for a moment, also wondering how to word this, Juniper then asked. “This is also something really weird, but maybe because you’re my sister, but do you ever get these weird… Feelings?” She asked.



Furrowing her eyebrows, Roisin answered. “No?” Giving a concerned look, she mumbled. “I know my mom used to zone out sometimes, but that’s the only weird thing she ever used to do. Why?”

Juniper nodded once, biting back a slight smile. “Oh, no reason.” So, there was something she shared in common with her birth mom. “I was just asking, for the sake of asking.”


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Chapter 4.08 Revelations

“What do you think? Do I look like a teacher?”


Roisin was grinning in her work outfit. It was her first day teaching, and needless so say she was incredibly nervous. “Well, what do you think?”

“You look great.” Lainey gave a half-hearted grin, looking and likely feeling awful from the withdrawals. Roisin knew that all of it was gone though, even going so far as to check her room thoroughly to make sure there were none there that were hidden away somewhere. Even though Lainey asked her to throw it all away, Roisin checked future just to make sure.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright? I don’t want to leave you alone if you’re feeling awful.” Roisin worried, frowning slightly.



“I’m fine. I’ll be fine. I don’t want to mess with your first day at work.” Grinning, Lainey reached over and nudged her with her foot. “Miss Matthews… You sound like a proper teacher. I can see you being all like ‘no you can’t go to the bathroom, you should have gone at break’ and shit like that.” It was weird, Lainey never really thought that Roisin would go through with being a teacher, she always figures she would do something more… Creative. It almost didn’t feel right seeing Roisin doing something so mundane, but if that was what made her happy then so be it.

Roisin grinned at her in response, and joked. “Young lady, I don’t appreciate that kind of language in my classroom.”

“Well fuck.” Lainey responded, carrying on the joke.

“Anyway, I need to go. It’d be pretty crappy if I was late on my first day. Later.” And with that, Roisin left to go to her first day at work.



When Roisin got to the school, she had a meeting with the head of the school.

“So, Miss Matthews. You’re newly qualified, aren’t you?” The headmistress asked, looking her up and down slightly.

“Yeah, apart from my teacher training stuff, this is my first teaching job.” Smiling in response, Roisin responded as she kept her hands in her lap to keep herself from fidgeting.



“And you completed that training at our sister school, right?” The headmistress asked, clearly questioning her to test the validity of her experience.

“Right. I was helping Mrs Markle in her class.” Smiling in response, Roisin confirmed.

Nodding, the headmistress took some time before explaining. “Well, until the end of the academic year, you’ll be working in another teacher’s class, getting to know the ropes and how this school operates and how to work the programs we use here.” Giving a small smile, she explained this.



“Oh, okay.” Even though Roisin had imagined herself getting control of her own class from the first day, a large part of her was thankful that wasn’t the case. She wouldn’t even know what to start with if had to start today.

“In the new academic year, you’ll be taking over the year one class, as our dear Beatrice will be retiring at the end of this academic year. We’re sure you’ll be fine here at this school.” Smiling sweetly, the headmistress seems to have warmed up to her.



“Thanks. I’m really excited to start.” Roisin beamed, happy to have found a job at a seemingly nice school.

“We’re excited to have you here too.” The headmistress smiled in response, and then dismissed her as she said. “The teacher you’ll be working with for the next few months should be outside. I imagine you’ll get along with him well.”



Tue to the headmistress’ word, she was greeted by one of the teachers she was going to work with for the first few months.

“Good morning. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Mr Wright, or I guess you’ll probably know me better as Elliott.” Extending his hand to her, he introduced himself.

Shaking his hand, she smiled at him. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Roisin, or Miss Matthews. But, you probably already know my name.” Laughing somewhat nervously, Roisin followed suit and introduced herself.



“It’s nice to meet you, Roisin.” He smiled at her warmly. “You’ll be helping me teach the year two class for the meantime. We wanted to make sure you were used to teaching before taking on your own class.” He explained. “One of our older members of staff is retiring after this academic year, so you’ll be taking over her class.”

“That makes sense.” Nodding in response, Roisin couldn’t help but feel incredibly anxious about teaching. Even though they were still rather young, it made her feel worried about messing up.



“You shouldn’t be so nervous. You just need to get into the swing of things, I’m sure you’ll be fine. For today, you’ll mostly just be helping out in the class and watching how I teach.” Elliott smiled at her, and then added. “So, new kid, tell me about yourself.”

“Well, I don’t really know what to say. I guess there’s quite a lot I can say.” Pausing for a second, she started with. “I’ve got a boyfriend and he’s in the army, and I recently came into some money, so I’ve started buying up properties and renting them out for people.”



“Huh, that’s pretty cool.” He smiled at her. “There’s a lot of people trying to find houses and stuff but they’re just way too expensive, you know?” Laughing slightly, he reasoned. “I guess that’s probably why you’re doing it, huh? That and a little extra money on the side I guess.”

“Yeah, it’s like an investment that can help people, I guess.” She smiled in response. Stopping for a second, she asked. “I know this is going to sound so incredibly lame, but it’s alright if I eat lunch with you in the staffroom today, right?”



“I dunno…. I’ll have to ask my friends.” He teased, and then grinned at her. “Of course you can, Roisin. You don’t even need to ask.” Elliott lead her towards the classroom where his class was.

As the two of them entered, Roisin felt her anxiety rise. Even though they were all only about seven, she felt nervous.



After her first day at work and looking at the progress on the house she was doing up, Roisin went back to the flat for the evening. She was happy with her first day of work. Everyone seemed nice, and she felt like Elliott was a great person to learn from too!

“Hey, teach.” Lainey greeted her as she came in. “How was your first day?”

“It was so great!” Roisin enthused, going over to where she was stood in the kitchen. “I met all the other staff there and I’m starting by helping out in this other teacher’s class and he-”



“He, huh?” Lainey asked, grinning. “Is he cute?”

“Lainey!” Roisin scolded. “I’ve got a boyfriend, remember?” She asked, rolling her eyes. “It doesn’t matter if he’s cute or not, he’s my colleague. Plus, I don’t even know if he’s single or not.”

“That’s not really answering my question.” She pointed out, absently taking a bite of the snack she was eating. “So, is he cute?”



Sighing, Roisin started a new topic. “I went to the new house that I bought. I wanted to see what the contractors had done with the place, and I took quite a few pictures while I was over there in case you wanted to see them.”

Shrugging absently, Lainey agreed. “Sure, why not? I’ve got nothing better to do right now.” Since giving up competitive figure skating, Lainey’s been restless, not knowing what to do with herself. Part of her has been considering going into coaching, but she really isn’t sure if she actually wants to spend that much time with kids, or could without swearing or cursing at some point. She knew that she had a habit of being overly honest, but it was never intended as mean, and Lainey had a feeling that if she went into coaching, she would likely make at least one of the kids cry, and she really didn’t want that.



“Hey, this place is pretty nice.” Lainey pointed out, scrolling through the pictures on Roisin’s phone. “It looks nothing like that shit shack you originally bought.”

“Yeah, they’ve really done it up, haven’t they?” Roisin too was impressed by the change. “I guess now all that’s left is furnishing it and then finding someone who’ll want it.” Smiling slightly while taking back her phone, she couldn’t help but feel as if this house was like her baby. For so long it’s been under construction and being done up, and now it’s nearly complete. It just needs furniture.



“So, I guess I’ll be the designated person to sit in the house and wait for the furniture, huh?” Lainey asked, giving a small grin. “I don’t mind. I’ve got nothing better to do anyway.” Sighing heavily, she kicked the air absently.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Roisin asked, concerned. “We can if you need to, and I feel like you do need to.”



“There’s not a whole bunch to talk about, Ro. About a month ago I was an Olympic standard athlete. Now, I’m unemployed and haven’t been on the ice for weeks.” Shrugging slightly, she just mumbled. “There’s not a lot left to do or talk about. I know I need a break from the ice, maybe permanently, and I just need a break in general. I guess I’m just bored, that’s all.” Grumbling that, Lainey mumbled. “I mean, I’ve done everything I thought about doing. I’ve gotten better at cooking, I feel like I’ve looked at pretty much every profile of people who follow me on social media because I was bored, and I’m just out of things to do.”

Roisin took a moment, and watched Lainey as she went into the living room. She can’t even imagine how hard it must be for her right now, and it feels like there’s nothing she can do to help her, which felt difficult.

Taking a moment, Lainey asked. “What do you want to do for dinner? I’m kinda feeling takeout, you know, to celebrate your first day.”



Grinning, Roisin looked through the menus they had collected through their time in this flat. “So, we can get Chinese, Indian, pizza, I think the pizza place has a deal on today.” She figured Lainey wasn’t in the mood to do any cooking tonight. Thinking about skating a lot has likely bummed her out.

“The good pizza place or the bad pizza place?” Lainey asked, looking over at her.



“Let’s face it, they’re both pretty crap.” Roisin laughed slightly. “I think the one that wasn’t closed for a few weeks is the one with the deal.” There was the sound of someone knocking on the door while Roisin began to order the pizzas. “Can you get that? And usual, yeah?”

“Yeah, usual.” Lainey nodded, getting up and answering the door.



When she answered the door, she was met with something, or someone, strange. It was weird, but Lainey felt like she recognised this weird person. “Hey, do I know you?”

“Oh!” The woman seemed startled by Lainey answering the door, and immediately seemed embarrassed. “Sorry, I’m sorry. I, I think I might be in the wrong place. I’m sorry, I should probably be-”

“Wait.” Lainey stopped her, holding onto her arm. “I know you, right? How do I know you?” Was she one of the profiles she’s been stalking on social media? No, couldn’t be. Lainey’s met a few people who were fans of her, and usual they freaked out a lot more than this.



“Hey Lainey, who’s there?” Roisin asked, joining Lainey at the door. Seeing the random person at the door, Roisin felt obliged to introduce herself. “Uh, hi. I’m Roisin. Roisin Matthews. Can we help you?”

Her name got the woman’s attention. “Roisin Matthews? Really?” She asked surprised, and then mumbled something under her breath.



Discretely moving to stand between Roisin and this weird woman, Lainey asked. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“Well, uhm…” The woman trailed off, and then laughed nervously. “This is likely going to sound outrageous, but, uhm.” Biting her lower lip, she closed her eyes and spoke quickly. “My name is Juniper Smith, and I think I’m your sister.”


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Chapter 4.07 Sorry

Even after all these years, Roisin and Lainey have only had three large fights


Don’t get the wrong impression. They argued often when they were younger (they were sisters after all) but had only had three large arguments in their lives. The first one was when they were about six and seven. Because Joe was in the year above Roisin in school, and was in Lainey’s class, Roisin often felt left out whenever Lainey and Joe would spend time together as friends at school, and Lainey was annoyed whenever Joe would spend more time with Roisin if he ever came over after school when they were little. Even though it was a very petty fight, they were annoyed at each other for days and wouldn’t talk about it. It got to the point where the two of them refused to be in the same room together, resulting in Nick and Juniper getting involved, many times, having to force them to apologise to each other. It was kinda funny for everyone to think back on that fight now.


The second one was when they were twelve and thirteen. Roisin had a habit of taking some of Lainey’s clothes and wearing them herself (even though they had the same amount of clothes, Roisin got bored with her own constantly and wanted new ones, hence why she often took Lainey’s), which escalated into Lainey using various objects to force her wardrobe doors shut before Roisin could borrow something, or specifically organising and rearranging her clothes so she could tell if something was taken. It wasn’t one long fight however, it was a long series of short arguments that began to deteriorate their relationship, a fight which involved them taking more personal hits, like Roisin constantly making fun of the way Lainey spoke when she first got her braces, or Lainey mocking Roisin when she got upset (which was kinda often). That, again, was solved by Juniper and Nick getting involved, creating a communal wardrobe as well as a separate one each. The rules were that they had to put about half of their clothes in the communal wardrobe, and if they took something, they had to replace it with something else from their wardrobe. Again, it was funny to think back to that fight.



They were the three fights that really stuck out to Lainey at least. They were funny stories to think about now. Maybe she should call-

Just as she was about to reach for her phone, Lainey hesitated, and pulled her hand away. Roisin probably didn’t want to talk. It was just after midnight where Lainey was, but back home it was probably only about eight.

This was their third largest fight, and it made Lainey feel awful because she knew it was all her fault, and that this wouldn’t be like the others. Unlike this one, the other two large fights were petty and could easily be resolved. This one, on the other hand, couldn’t. She threatened Roisin, made her feel afraid and made her cry. All of that she did for her own personal gain. What kind of shit sister does that?



When the two of them used to share a bedroom, before any of her competitions competitions, or if either of them had a bad dream, the two of them would talk late at night about anything. Usually it was about random things that had happened the day before at school, or something funny they saw.

And now, here she was, the night before the biggest competition she’ll ever have in her life, and she can’t even talk to the person who means the most to her, all because she fucked up.

Roisin probably didn’t want to talk to her right now. Or maybe…?



Lainey got her phone, and opened up the contacts. Her finger hovered over the call button next to Roisin’s name for a long time, considering whether or not she wanted to do this right now. On the one hand, she really wanted to talk to Roisin and apologise for what she said.

On the other hand, Roisin likely didn’t want to talk.



Putting her phone back down, Lainey looked up at the ceiling as she thought about everything that’s happened, all because of those performance enhancers. The obvious answer would have been to just stop after Caleb found them, and then everything would have been solved. Sure things would have been awkward between her and Caleb, but not as awkward as they were now. It’s easy to quit in theory, but in reality it didn’t seem so simple.

Was she addicted to them? It wasn’t something Lainey ever considered before, but she began to think about it more, and she realised that she was one of those athletes now. Those disgusting athletes that cheat, either by drugs or other means, and cry about it on national TV when they’ve been found out.

Was she one of them now? She filled out all the criteria, the only thing left would be if she got caught.



Somewhat reluctantly, she tried to get those thoughts out of her head as she tried to get to sleep. Tomorrow was one of the most important days of her life, she couldn’t waste it from being tired.

After quite a while of trying, Lainey eventually managed to get to sleep.



It was moments before their turn, as Lainey and Caleb saw the duo before them getting ranked. Glancing at him, she mumbled. “Good luck.”

His eyes fixed on anything but her, he grumbled as he walked off. “I’d say the same, but do you really need it?”

The fact that the two of them were both still here showed that Caleb didn’t tell anyone about Lainey’s cheating, after all, if he told someone, they’d both get disqualified and would have to wait another four years until the next Winter Olympics. That had to be the only reason why he hasn’t told anyone yet, because he cared too much to let go now.



As it was soon their turn to go on the ice, it really dawned on Lainey what was happening. Possibly the biggest moment of her life, the thing she’s worked so long for, and it wasn’t even her skating. Well, it was her, but not at the same time. It didn’t feel like it was her, but someone else. The person she’s become, and the person she’s changed into. The person she’s changed into was, without a doubt, the worst version of herself. The person she was now is a bitch. The version of her that vowed never to cheat would probably be calling her a twat. a bitch, a cunt, and every other dirty word under the sun.



There was the sound of Caleb walking off, without her. A few months ago, the way they would stand before a competition was a lot less hostile than what it’s turned into now. Before it used to be two friends (more than friends? Lainey wasn’t sure what exactly they were) who both wanted to win more than anything, having enough faith in each other that they could win. Now, it more felt one-sided. She still believed in him, but she knew he didn’t believe in her anymore.



It was weird, but she felt weirdly calm. Was it because of the routine? The two of them have poured hours into it, and put in all of their effort into for so many months of practice. It was easily the best performance the two of them had ever worked on, and despite the fact they were going to be being watched by thousands in the audience, and millions at home, it didn’t feel that way. Like with any other competition, she knew that dancing on the ice with Caleb felt like it was the two of them. Maybe that’s why everything felt easier, really. Because she was with him. Even in the lowest point in their relationship, things just felt easier with him.



It was weird because even when the two of them were first starting out doing couples, it almost felt right that they were with each other, and it was clear that the two of them were better skaters together (maybe that was why Nick felt the need to watch over practices more? He was always like that whenever she even mentioned boys), and it felt easier, because she wasn’t alone. Now though? Even though she was surrounded by people, and Caleb was a mere few feet from her, she felt alone.

It was only when she was told she had to go on the ice that she began to truly think about all of this. Even though she was in a competition surrounded by winners, she felt like a loser that was all alone.



It was long after their event ended, the evening before they had to leave, when Lainey built up the courage to talk to Caleb, going to his hotel room. It was a while after she knocked when he answered. “Hey Caleb? Can we talk?”

He visibly stiffened upon seeing her. Despite him learning about her activities a while ago, and the two of them winning silver together, nothing was fixed. Things were still exceedingly awkward between the two of them.



“I wanted to say sorry.” She started, feeling anxious. She knew deep down that he would never tell anyone about her secret as it would cause them both to lose the silver they won together.

“Sorry about the cheating or the lying in order to cheat?” He asked, reluctantly letting her inside his hotel room.

“Sorry about causing this mess, and about all of it, and about ruining what we had.” She started her apology.



“Okay, sure. You’ll say sorry, but how do I know you’ll even mean anything by it?” Caleb asked, eyes narrowed at her.

“Because I got rid of them. All of them. Cold turkey.” She mumbled, glancing at him and then avoiding eye contact. “I’ve lied, cheated and hurt a lot of people, including two of the people I care most about. I said and did some really shitty things to Roisin, and I basically crapped on all the hard work you’ve put in by doing everything I’ve done.” She spoke quietly, looking at him again. “I… I only started because I didn’t want to lose what I had, which makes no sense thinking about it now because I have pretty much, and if I was honest I would have lost everything. I’ve worked so hard to get this far, but all that’s happened is that I’ve hurt people and disgraced the sport I love so much, that we both love so much.” Tears in her eyes, she looked down. “I get it if you can’t forgive me, I wouldn’t forgive me either, but I really am sorry. If I was in singles I would have come clean, but I know that if I do then they’ll start talking to you and maybe you’ll end up losing your medal too, and I know you’ve worked hard to earn it, the good way.”



He stayed quiet, just watching her.

“I’ve been thinking about it since our routine, and I’ve decided to quit the competing side of skating.”

“What?” He asked, that statement taking him off guard. Part of him figured she would, but to hear her say it?

“I know it’s a dick move because you’ll either have to go into singles or find a new partner, but I don’t like the kind of person I’ve become. I know that if the old Lainey saw me, she’d probably call me a cheating cunt, and I am one. I’ve become an awful person. I threatened my own sister for fuck’s sake just to get here!” Sighing heavily, she ran her hand through her hair. “I-I can’t do this. I can’t.”



For the first time, from when they met as talented teenagers who were good at figure skating to now, Caleb saw Lainey begin to break down into tears. He honestly didn’t think that she could cry. “Lain…” He started, watching her. He moved over towards her and hugged her.

“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” Burying herself into him, she felt embarrassed getting upset like this, but it made her happy that she and Caleb have made up, kind of. She figured things won’t be normal between them, but at least this could be a step back in the right direction, right?



When Lainey got back to the flat, Roisin stood up when she came in, feeling awkward. “Hey, so, silver medal, huh? You must be pretty-”

“Performance enhancing drugs.” She stated simply.



“What?” Roisin asked, confused.

“That’s what I was on. That’s why I needed you to do the drugs test for me, because I was on them to help me get better at skating. That’s why I threatened you and scared you because I was worried that I would get caught, and I knew if I told you the truth then you wouldn’t go along with it, so I used violence and intimidation to get what I wanted. It was stupid and wrong. I cheated, lied and I hurt both Caleb and you in the process and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for what I did to you. But, I’m not doing that anymore. I’ve quit them cold turkey and I’m not competing anymore.” Lainey’s voice wavered as she spoke.



Roisin stared at her, dumbfounded by her confession. She took a moment before going over to her and hugging her tightly. “Please don’t hide something like this from me again. I was really worried about you.” Roisin frowned, looking at her. “I-I didn’t know what was going on with you. I thought that, I don’t know what. I was just really scared. I-I thought you had changed for good and I thought you had just turned into this completely different person.”



“I’m sorry, and know that I really mean that. For everything, and for putting you through it.” Hugging her tightly again, Lainey buried her head into Roisin’s shoulder. “I said really nasty things to you before I left, and I didn’t mean any of them. The things I did and said I’ll never truly forgive myself for because I know you probably felt scared of me and that’s not okay with me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, should make me do that to you and I’m so, so sorry. I mean, I know sorry doesn’t really mean much because it doesn’t take back what I did but I really mean it, and I know things are going to be awkward and I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”



Glancing towards her bedroom, Roisin asked. “So, that text you sent me, about throwing away that box in your room…?” Lainey had sent her a text saying for her to get a box that was in her room and either throw it away, or flush all the contents. Roisin didn’t really understand what it meant, but she did it anyway.

Nodding, Lainey glanced in the direction of her room. She knew that she couldn’t get rid of them on her own without sneakily keeping some, so it seemed easier to get an unsuspecting Roisin to throw it all away. “I’m not being that person anymore. I want to go back to who I was, no matter what.”


AN: I feel like people forgiving Lainey and her not truly getting some kind of evil karma in return does feel like a bit cop-out-ish, but Roisin isn’t the kind of person to lash out or hold a grudge. She’s just happy that Lainey’s being honest with her again.

Originally I had bigger plans for the pictures but then between laptocalypse and me being lazy… Heh, yeah.

Chapter 4.06 Flags and Signs

How did she not see this coming?


Lainey pursed her lips, sitting on her bed at home while absently playing with the little plastic cup that had her name on it. The time seemed to be crawling by as she considered her options, and what she could do. For once in her life, she knew it was a test she couldn’t pass. Sure, tests way back when she was at school, she was only pretty sure she wouldn’t pass them because school was stupid, but this is different.



She knew she wouldn’t pass it. No chance in hell would she pass it. What she’s been taking is one of the first drugs they look for when analysing the samples. If she didn’t produce a sample for the test, she would be disqualified for being suspicious. But, if she did give her own sample, she’d be disqualified on the spot and banned from the sport.

If she gave her own sample that is.



Her own sample was no good, but there was someone who would have a legitimate sample. Someone very close… Could she really get Roisin to do it for her? No way Roisin would co-operate. Hell, she could predict the way it would happen. Lainey would ask for her help, and then Roisin would ask why, and then Lainey would have to explain herself to which Roisin would be horrified, disappointed, and refuse.

That is, unless…



“Roisin?” Lainey called, going into the living room to find her. “Roisin? Where the fuck are you?” She asked, seeing she wasn’t in the living room. Getting more irritated, she went into her room.

“What’s up?” Roisin asked, standing, and then frowned slightly as Lainey turned to her. “Okay, someone’s making a scary face.” She mumbled, laughing nervously. “What’s with the cup?”



“I need you to do a drugs test for me.” Lainey explained briefly, handing her a cup. “Understand?”

“What? Why?” Roisin asked, confused. What was going on with her? She was kinda starting to scare her… She’s been acting weirdly for a while. She’s noticed her acting weirdly from a few weeks before she and Caleb were told they’d be competing for the Olympics, but she figured it might have been something else, but…

“Because I said so.” Keeping short, Lainey felt bad about what she was doing, but she needed this. She needed this. “Are you going to co-operate with me, or are you going to keep fucking around?”



Involuntarily backing up slightly, the way Lainey was acting was scaring her. “What’s going on? I don’t get it.” Why would she need this? Roisin knew that Lainey’s been staying away from drinking for a while, so it can’t be because of that (Roisin remembered about five years ago, Lainey went out a few days before a competition and was worried alcohol was still in her bloodstream so Roisin did the test for her), so what was it?

“What’s not to get? Pee in the cup. That’s it.” Glaring at her, Lainey forcibly gave her the cup. “You’ve done it before, remember? It’s not that hard.”

“Not unless you tell me why. You’ve been acting weirdly for ages.” Roisin pointed out, frowning and holding the cup somewhat close out of protection, as if the cup could somehow save her. But, it couldn’t, really.


Cracking her knuckles, Lainey spoke in a dark tone. “Look. You’re going to do what I say, alright? I don’t want to act this way Ro, but I will if I have to.”

Furrowing her eyebrows, Roisin asked quietly. “Have you been taking things? Is that why?” Was that it? Roisin could remember seeing something on her nightstand, but she figured that was something else. It was something else, right? Roisin knew Lainey would never do anything to mess with her career. Never.



Her hand slamming against the wall, Lainey growled. “Just take the fucking test, Roisin. Who cares about my fucking intentions? They don’t matter.” She didn’t get why she just wasn’t co-operating already. What the fuck was her deal? It wasn’t that hard and they’re sisters. Sisters are supposed to help each other, right? Why the fuck wasn’t she doing this for her?! Lainey would do it for her if she really wanted to.

The movement scared Roisin, as she just looked at Lainey. Trying to keep herself from getting upset, she closed her eyes. “Fine. I’ll do it.”



After about twenty minutes, Roisin came out of her bathroom and handed the cup to Lainey, refusing to make eye contact. “Here.” After figuring that nothing would come of her saying no, Roisin decided to just go with whatever Lainey wanted.

“Thanks.” Lainey responded, taking the cup from her and began to out of Roisin’s room.



“Lainey, what’s going on?” She asked quietly, evident that she’s been crying from what just happened. Roisin didn’t get why she was acting this was. Did something happen? She just wanted Lainey to talk to her, but she wasn’t.

“It doesn’t matter. Nothing. I’ve got to pack.” Lainey tried to leave, but Roisin held on to her arm before she could go anywhere.



“Why aren’t you talking to me? What’s going on? You’re starting to worry me.” Sniffling a few times, she didn’t trust her voice to be much louder than a whisper as she spoke. “I just want you to talk to me.”

“Will you stop giving me the third degree? Fuck all’s going on, and I’m sick of you assuming something is.” Snarling, Lainey glared at her. “What? You gonna go cry now? Whatever Roisin. You’re being pathetic. If you’re just going to act like this and not even try to be supportive, then don’t bother supporting me. You can just fuck off for all I care, and stop being such a fucking cry baby.”



Yanking her arm out of Roisin’s grip, Lainey didn’t care at this point that she was worrying Roisin, or that she upset her. It didn’t matter.

There was a pause, a hiatus, as Roisin just stared at Lainey, trying to find any sort of remorse for what she just said.

But there wasn’t any. All that was present was the sound of Lainey slamming her door shut.



Wincing at the sound of the door closing, Roisin stayed stood in her room. She wasn’t sure what to do. A large part of her wanted to talk to Caleb and ask if he knew what was going on with Lainey, but she knew that he didn’t know either, or at least that’s what he was telling her. Another part of her wanted to talk to Joe about it and call him (Roisin hung up abruptly on him when Lainey wanted to talk to her), but what if she overheard? Bitching about her sister while she was in the other room and on a warpath didn’t seem too smart.



With the way she just acted, Roisin wasn’t all too sure if the two of them still living together was the best idea. At this moment in time, even though it seemed ridiculous, she felt physically afraid of Lainey, to the point of being purposefully quiet as she paced around her room. She didn’t feel truly safe in her own home, and that shouldn’t be the way she felt. Part of her knew that she should stick it out, because Lainey was probably going through something serious, but what if it wasn’t that? What if it was just some freak attitude change?



Should she move out? She really didn’t want to, she wanted things to be normal between the two of them, but would they be? If Lainey’s been acting weird for this long, would she go back to how she normally is?

Maybe she should wait until she comes back home after the Olympics, and decide then as to whether or not she should stay here with her. At the moment, all signs were pointing to leaving.


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Chapter 4.05 Tightrope

Needless to say, it was awkward seeing Caleb again.


After he found out her secret, they didn’t have training the day after, and the day after that was training off of ice where he practised separately from her. Now, the two of them were face to face again after everything that had happened.

He didn’t talk to her before they were both on the ice. If anything, he seemed to be ignoring her, which was understandable based on what had happened. He was angry at her, and she understood why. It wasn’t irrational anger, it was rational, it made sense. In fact, the two of them didn’t talk properly for weeks.



As the days and weeks passed while they rehearsed, it got slightly easier seeing him, slightly less awkward. Based on the fact that she was still here, she knew that he didn’t tell their coach. After all, if he told on her then they’d both be out and disqualified, and it would likely go far beyond just the two of them and getting disqualified for this time. It could even mean drugs test wide at their training rink, and possibly the two of them getting banned from competing, so she knew he would keep quiet.

Seeing as though she was still here, she figured he was keeping quiet. She a new wave of anxiety as they started to practice, hating how she felt so awkward and anxious around him now.



It got easier to practice together, but it still wasn’t easy as it used to be. It never will be as easy as what it used to be, at least not for now, or for the near future. Even if she did give it up, it wouldn’t be the same for quite a while after what’s she’s done, so what’s the point giving them up? It’ll just make her a worse off skater.

The time went past quickly, and today was their last rehearsal at the training rink before they went to the host country to compete.



Most of the other people were out of the building, after all it was late by now. The only other person here was their coach, and he was busy sorting the final few things out for the Olympics. By now, they didn’t need so much supervision while skating, mostly because their routine is sorted and it’s all just practise.

It was almost as if nothing had happened between the two of them. There was still the same chemistry, and the same connection. Nothing felt different, it was as if he never knew.



And as their routine ended, there was a pause as they stood close together, before Caleb skated out of their close embrace, but still close enough to talk to her without shouting over at her. “So.” He mumbled, not sure what to say to her. That’s a step up, at least he’s talking to her and it’s not ‘we need to practice’ or some incoherent grumbling walking away from her.

“So.” She repeated, equally as awkward. What the hell was she supposed to say? She hated this, things were never awkward between the two of them, and now they were. “Big day tomorrow, you got stuff for the fli-” As she tried to make awkward conversation, he cut her off.



“Have you quit?” He asked, his look cold. Maybe it’s because they were finally alone that he decided to ask her, or maybe it was because of some other reason. Lainey couldn’t quite tell. Maybe he figured he was the only one who knew, so he didn’t want to mention in front of the others. There were rumours, that bitch Louise selling her out, but there’s a difference between rumours and reality.

“What?” She asked in response, giving him a confused look. Where’d he get that impression from? “Caleb, I-”



“Have. You. Quit?” He enunciated each word obnoxiously clearly, his eyes narrowing.

“You have no right to-” Starting to get annoyed, she tried to fight back but he interrupted her again.

“It’s a simple question, Lainey.”



Sighing heavily, she grumbled. “I can’t just quit.”

“So, you’ve not. You’re just going to fuck everything up for yourself, for both of us.” Scoffing, he shook his head in disgust.

“You don’t get it. I can’t.” She pointed out. “I’m not just going to quit. You even said it yourself. I’m better this way.”



“It’s illegal.” He spat, glaring at her. “Don’t use what I said before I knew against me.”

“I’m just stating the truth. I’m a better skater this way. I’m faster, in more control and more balanced. I can land a triple fucking axel now! You wanna tell me that’s no fucking good?”

“It is good but it’s not you.” He argued in return, keeping his voice low. Even though it was only them, and their coach was on the other side of the building in his office, he was wary about people who could be walking in, or eavesdropping.



“I’m not quitting. Not now. We’ve worked too damn hard for this.” Speaking in an equally low voice, she frowned at him. This was probably the worst fight they’ve ever gotten into, and most serious too.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Lainey. You can’t just keep this shit up!” Running his hand through his hair, he grumbled. “Why the fuck are you being so stubborn about this? It’s like you don’t even fucking realise how shit this is! Do you know what’s going to happen when they find out?! Because they will.”



“I’m being stubborn because I want to win. We’ve both spent our lives dedicated to this. I am not letting that go. Never! I don’t care what I have to do. I’m getting my win.”

Unintentionally, throughout their fight, the two of them were getting closer together. Caleb looked at her for a long time, before skating away from her.

“What? Is that it?” She asked, sneering. “No rebuttal? No calling me out?”



“I’m done caring, Lainey.” His voice was monotone as he said that. “I’m done. If you want to disgrace the sport we both love so much, and cheat. Go ahead. If you want to just ignore how worried I am about you and how worried your sister is about you, go ahead. I’m done caring. I’m not having this fight with you anymore because there’s no point. If you want to go ahead and not give two fucks about the people who care about you, then go ahead.”

At her silence, he continued. “Roisin’s worried about you too. She’s noticed you acting weirdly. She figured it was just stress from what was happening and has been texting me a lot about it. I haven’t told her though. I don’t want to be a part of your dirty secret.”



There was a pause between the two of them. Neither of them moving or speaking. There wasn’t anything left to say, after all.

It was only when the door from the resting area opened when either of them moved. “Can I see the two of you in my office for a quick chat?” Upon hearing their coach say that, Lainey felt her heart drop. No matter what this was, she felt like it couldn’t be good.



“They want us to do a drugs test, huh? Not that I’m surprised.” Caleb asked, taking the small plastic pot with his name on it after Lainey did.

“It’s just routine stuff. They want to make sure no one’s on anything to make it fair.” Their coach explained, seeming somewhat awkward talking about it. “There’s nothing you guys need to worry about, hell I’d be surprised if you weren’t expecting this kinda thing.”



“When do we need to have it done by?” Lainey asked, trying to mask her panic. “It’s mostly because it’s getting kinda late, and I don’t really have to… Go right now.”

“By tomorrow morning. You’ll meet up with the rest of the team representing our country and they’ll take the samples then.” Answering her question, their coach ignored the latter half of what Lainey said. “Well, if that’s everything. I’ll see you two tomorrow.” Smiling at them, their coach added. “I know you guys know you aren’t the first to go this far, there was someone who trained here who got to go about twenty years ago, but you guys are the first from here to compete in couples, so I guess what I’m saying is, do us proud. Alright?”



“We will, don’t worry.” Smiling at their coach, Caleb reassured him. “We’re the best two figure skaters here, right? So you know, we’ll do great.”

“Yeah, we will.” Grinning in response too, Lainey added. “You can count on us.”


As the two of them left their coach’s office, Caleb gave her a look before walking off. Lainey didn’t know what to think, all she could think about was how this was it, the end of her figure skating. She hasn’t even been to the Olympics, they’ve never even successfully made it into Worlds yet! This can’t be it! It can’t be over. There’s no way in hell she would let go of everything so soon. No way. She didn’t want everything she’s worked so hard for to be gone. No fucking chance she was giving up just because of some stupid, ridiculous, drug test.

She’ll figure something out.


AN: This chapter originally was going to be most of next chapter but next chapter started off as next chapter and the chapter after and I wanted the chapter after to be it’s own so I wrote that dialogue with Caleb and Lainey but then I wanted THIS to be it’s own chapter because it was getting longer than I liked.

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