Memory Lane Challenge (?) (Matthews Random Legacy and DRSE)

is this a challenge?


So, I was nominated by HeatherFeather for my Matthews Legacy, and then nominated by Twinsimskeletons (SNP fuckboy but jk I love Carys really) for my DRSE on tumblr.

So…. Yeah

Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award.

1.Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
2. Share FIVE many lmao of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.

I added in the number 1. Do I only have to share 5? I’m sharing more.


So, I’m gonna start with my legacy (after all that is what’s here) and then do DRSE in the same post.


1.) Where Thomas and Erin got together

so, confession: I don’t have any pictures before Chapter 2.06 (I used to delete them after each chapter) so I had to hunt for the Generation 1 ones, which is why there’s a lack of them, and I remember this one where she thought he was dead and she realised that she loved him and was willing to be with him and then he turns up and aww cheesy.


2.) Thomas and Erin getting married

Hmm ^-^ I just like this one. Nothing else I really have to say, I just like this one

3.) Alyssa with baby Belle-y Boo



Jesus this is really zoomed in in the viewer thing o.O

I just love small Belle. I thought this challenge was gonna be cringey, but it’s not that cringey xD


4.) Alyssa’s ‘naughty’ dream of Adrian


I loved these two together. They had such chemistry (or at least did in my mind) and they really clicked together. There was a definite attraction there and the affair they had being one of those stereotypical office romance affairs. You know the whole “So I wanted to talk to you about this pressing issue *closes door* the issue of your clothes still being on” kinda thing, rather under the radar. It’s what Alyssa needed because Damon was so boring! However, Adrian wasn’t good for her. They were about the same age, so no issue there, but she was more mature mentally than he was (after all, she had three kids by this point)


5.) Bridgeport Hookup


What? I liked these two together


6.) Tyler to the rescue


I like this one because Alyssa’s finally made the right choice when it comes to guys. She’s picked one that’s not a douche and who she has a connection with. She’s lucky he was so hung up on her, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten a second chance.

7.) Belle and her boyfriend’s first kiss



8.) Toddler Juniper in general

Fuck me she was so fucking cute. Where did we go wrong?

I kid, I kid.

But seriously. I couldn’t pick a favourite. The one with Alyssa and Tyler kissing her, I love because it’s first one. The one with Nate I love because I just love it. The one with the pigeon at the front I love because she wanted to rule over pigeons, the one of her crying I love because her arm felt “squiggly”, the one with Tyler because that’s just after her first vision, the one in the dark because I loved her relationship with Belle. The one of her looking under the bed because that was after her premonition of Belle’s pregnancy (and she was wondering where the baby was hidden). The one adjacent because she looks sassy and the final one because she was confused by the vision and decided to ask Daddy about it.

9.) Ashton and Faye


I put most detail into Faye, she was my favourite spare spouse ^-^ I loved her. I loved how she was fascinated by the human world and I picture her now being a little bit like Sonia Nevermind in a weird way? Like kind of not used to our customs and says weird sayings, but is a really nice person, like a cinnamon roll, and Ashton really loved her which was sweet, and they got over the whole her mum trying to kill his mum thing xD

10.) Alyssa’s wedding (and the fact her parents were watching)


Alyssa finally got her ending, and I loved how Erin and Thomas were watching it all happen ❤


11.) Juniper’s first kiss with Mia


I have so much I want to say here about Mia’s and Juniper’s relationship, but let’s just enjoy the picture, okay? xD

12.) *mastermind voice* Despairingly fateful encounter


When these two met. Ah.  If only she knew that she would one day murder him ❤ but for realsies, I actually liked their relationship before it turned toxic.


13.) Juniper’s and Sam’s relationship

I liked them together. What can I say? I liked them back when they were (probably) prom king and prom queen (Juniper was only prom queen by default) and were ‘relationship goals’ at school. Before things turned nasty.

14.) Lead up to Juniper’s wedding

I felt so bad for Mia. If this was a regular legacy: no roll rules or anything, she and Mia would have ended up together. But, I feel like it makes me overthink, kinda. Because if she ran off with Mia, she would have never married Sam (obviously), never had Roisin and never killed Sam and never met Nick. So, I guess it’s all just I dunno. It’s all in perspective, you know? Chain events and what they lead to. She wouldn’t know what she was missing if she went with Mia, but she doesn’t know what she missed by picking Sam, and likewise so many missed events for the pursuit of the path she’s taken.

15.) Juniper starts to fear Sam


I just like her face, and her hand placement. Like, you can almost see that she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s seen something so awful.

16.) DEATHS!

muchos deadinos. Ripadipdip


17.) Juniper shooting Sam


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I always intended for Sam to die. I originally pictured it as Juniper being innocent and Sam getting killed by someone else (my original plan for Melancholia fun fact she was going to kill Sam and no one would believe a fairy did it), but then I was like “what if…?” and voila murdering Juniper and abusive Sam (mostly so she’d have more of a motive to do it)


18.) Juniper and Nick at that wedding

Screenshot-1230I have too many favourite pictures of these two together.

19.) The Juniper Buckingham reveal


she looks lowkey evil in this, like a proper serial killer, and I love it.

20.) Juniper and Juniper


I do feel so bad putting both Junipers through this (especially older Juniper) but it is what it is, I’m afraid. She’ll always wish she kept Juniper I think, deep down that is, but that’s just not how her life played out sadly :c

21.) The morning after…

Screenshot-3504I think I just like how awkward this is, and how he was focusing very intensely on the ceiling, and she was focusing on his face (or at least shoulders and above), and this is how it kinda all started out with them being more than just friends.


DRSE section!


I miss them all being alive and no one being dead :c

2.) Octavia bringing Ricky to his knees in the first trial

Not even gonna sugar coat it, she was one of my favourites and I was almost heartbroken when she came up to be killed. It makes sense for someone to want to kill her (as she is the Ultimate Debater after all), but I still love her and how badass she is.

3.) When Elettra was scared and spent the night in Mikey’s room


I just think any moments when he’s comforting her is sweet because she’s badass a tough cookie and doesn’t want people seeing her upset, so idk I think it’s sweet how she’ll let him see her upset but no one else really. She trusts him with that.

4.) Helen comforting Masae after Kasem died


I like their unusual relationship ^-^ Like Masae’s really outgoing and Helen’s really quiet and I just like the contrast between them. I feel like they help each other be better. Helen’s taught Masae to listen more and be a little quieter at times, whereas Masae help Helen become more confident

5.) Melissa’s and Octavia’s relationship and their underwater kiss


Again, I just love these two together ❤ it made me so upset when Tavi died, and ugh. I think Melissa blames herself a lot for Octavia’s death, even though she wouldn’t want her to, just because of how preventable it was (they had an argument just before Tavi died, and if she had just stayed in her room with her and not gotten so wound up…)

I don’t think Melissa’s really been swimming all too much after the second trial.

6.) The third motive

this was my favourite motive by far. Even though it took a lot of work from me, I loved it. I loved it in the game too and how it like just broke people (aka you know who if you played the original game)

7.) Bonnie’s break down at the end of the third trial

Bonnie… Ah. They didn’t deserve what had happened. It was all in an act of self defence, and they killed the victim because if they didn’t, they would have been killed instead (granted they could have just broke free and ran off…). I feel bad for them, but I guess wrong place at the wrong time

8.) When Aries was outted as the spy.Screenshot-3414.jpg

the reasons why she became a spy were to protect herself and her family, which is sad because her pride kept her from telling everyone straight out about what was going on (that and if she did, she figured it would only end negatively for her and for her family).

9.) The death of Steve

Screenshot-3747True despair!

10.) This picture

Screenshot-3929I’m not sure if they’ve noticed it and are staying quiet, or if they haven’t yet, but there’s something somewhat significant about this picture that neither Carys nor Owly have spotted. I kinda hope it stays that way though


This was so fucking long. I’m sorry. In my defence for the Matthews bit, how can I choose 5 pictures from about 150+ chapters?!

And with DRSE, I have so many pictures for that too. It’s like impossible to choose!


But thank you so much for reading all this, I appreciate it, and thank you for nominating me ^-^

Seeing as though I’m kinda late to the party, anyone who sees this, consider yourself nominated ^-^


17 thoughts on “Memory Lane Challenge (?) (Matthews Random Legacy and DRSE)

  1. This is great! And I admit, Juniper killing Sam was also one of my favorite moments. Sounds bad, I know, but he was just a bad person, ok?
    And now I’m curious about that picture of Elletra and Mikey…


  2. I’m glad you did more than five so I’m not the only one lol.

    Erin and Thomas! That seems so long ago. Also made me realize that your heirs have all had slow burning relationships with their partners. It makes when they get together so satisfying, though.

    Kinda weird to see Juniper with just regular blonde hair again. She looked so perfectly made up when she was with Sam, but now her look has a lot more personality.

    I have to skip the Danganronpa pics. I might try to read that story, too…


    1. I have waaaaay too many pictures and I am far too invested in these pixels to only give five pictures.

      It was like 3 years ago, nearly 4 years ago when this legacy first started, so it was so long ago.
      I think it’s because the rolls I’ve had kind of dictated it to be that way? I mean, I’ve never had straight up couple, I’ve had single with help (gen 1) and second chance twice so, unless if I wanted them to be with a ‘meh’ partner after, or if I wanted Erin and Thomas to never be a thing, it kinda had to be that way xD it wouldn’t be as satisfying if their first breeding partner (using that term because in Alyssa’s case, Tyler was her first partner) was their one true love.

      I feel like that’s why this generation doesn’t feel that long to be, kind of because I’ve split it in two kinda (pre Sam’s death and post Sam’s death). They’re two very different Junipers, and there is a reason for how different the two are, but that’s a story for another time.

      It’s a long story xD I put it into one of those thingies the other day and it takes about 10 hours to read apparently. So… When you’ve got a spare 10 hours, the link is here:
      In this, Elettra is made by Twinsimskeletons, and Mikey is made by Owly


  3. …is the significant thing the ring? or is that just my imagination cause I don’t 100% remember when this picture was in DRSE but it looks like Elle has a ring on and I don’t think I put it there.
    ALSO don’t call me an SNP fuck boy i’m in ENGLAND NOW OKAY YOU CAN’T HOLD THEM OVERME


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