Chapter 3.45 It’s Nice We’re Not Naked Now

There was another body in the bed as Juniper woke up.


Based on the fact it was her room, she couldn’t just up and walk out and pretend it never happened. The only option she could think of at that time was to close her eyes, rest her head back down where it was, and pretend she never woke up until he wakes up and sneaks out. It wasn’t like she minded sharing her bed either, he was warm to cuddle up to, and it made her feel weirdly safe being this close to him.

It was weird because this shouldn’t be happening. Nick was her best friend, she shouldn’t be waking up mostly naked in bed with her best friend.


What they did felt like a hazy memory, one which she had conflicting emotions about. She had seen that they ended up happily together but part of her was worried still about if she forced it when he wasn’t ready, would it all just break? It was a risk she wanted to take, but one she wasn’t ready to take. She felt him stir awake and she quickly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. Maybe if he took the initiative and sneaked out then her queries would be answered.

As he woke up too, he recognised the room and could clearly remember what happened. She was sad, he comforted her, there was weird tension, they kissed, fucked and then fell asleep. It was probably something they should talk about. “June?” He asked, knowing she was awake. He wasn’t stupid, he could tell that she was faking. “June?” He tried again, yet she was being stubborn. “Juniper.” Using her full name, he didn’t wait as long before continuing. “I know you’re awake, stupid.”


Glancing up at him, she gave him an awkward smile. “Morning.”

“We need to talk.” He looked down at her for a split second before his attention focused on the ceiling. He wasn’t sure what exactly to make of what had happened. It was weird because they could have stopped at any time, re-evaluate the situation and decide it’s not the best thing to do, but they didn’t.

“Yeah, I guess we kinda do need to.” She agreed. “We should probably put actual clothes on as well, so we can actually, you know, look at each other without seeing… Things.” She mumbled, getting off of him.


“I can agree to that.” He mumbled, his gaze focused hard on the ceiling like it was the most important thing he has ever seen. Even though he was extremely tempted to glance down to his right, he didn’t because that wasn’t the right thing to do, and he knew she’d be extremely pissed off at him if he did.

In the time he was focusing hard on the ceiling, she had managed to locate some clothes to put on and tossed his clothes over to him too, to make this whole ordeal slightly less awkward.


There was a long, tense, awkward silence as neither of them knew what exactly to say.

“So…” Juniper started, never having been in this situation. “It’s nice that we’re both not completely naked now, I guess.” Smiling awkwardly, she regretted what she said as soon as she said it.

He gave her a look, and then sighed slightly. “Yeah, fantastic.” Taking a moment, he then pointed out. “I’m not really sure where this leaves us, or if it changes anything. Does is change anything?”


ย “Do we want anything to change?” She asked quietly, sitting on the bed at the same time as he did.

“I don’t know.” He confessed, sighing heavily. “I don’t know.” Repeating, he mumbled. “It feels way too early to talk about this.”

“It does, but I don’t want us to be all awkward and junk for ages while we have breakfast and a coffee.” She pointed out. “I mean, I’m not great at making conversation when I’m uncomfortable as it is, let alone postponing it and more awkward sentences like the one I said earlier.”


“That’s a good point, I don’t want a variation of ‘it’s nice that we’re not naked now’.” Letting out a single laugh, he used humour to hide how awkward he felt. He stayed quiet for a while before asking. “What do you want? From this I mean?” He asked, glancing over at her.

She merely shrugged in response. “I dunno. I mean, we’re really good friends, like best friends. The closeness where if we were both eight, we would have friendship bracelets.” Juniper started, but soon stopped as she said this.

Nick took this opportunity to add humorously. “We can get each other bracelets if you want. If we keep this up, we can get each other special best friend bracelets.”


Narrowing her eyes at him, she grumbled and smiled somewhat bitterly. “I feel like you’re not taking this seriously.”

“I am, I am. Sorry. Serious Nick from now on, okay?” He reassured her. “Anyway, you were saying about how we’re close?”

“Yeah, we are close, and I don’t want to throw that away and make things weird if the possibility of us doesn’t work out.” She made her concerns known, frowning as she did so.

“Well, have you seen anything about us? Whether we work out or not if we do try?” He asked, figuring that would be a clearer answer.


Hesitating slightly, she explained. “It’s not that clear cut. See, my visions don’t always come true. Everything is kind of like, well, you know when there are weird TV episodes where the main guy goes into the past and sits on a butterfly or something small and then the future is really messed up? It’s kinda like that. Everything I do or what others do alters the future. For example, before we broke up, I saw a vision about me and Daniel being together. Granted, it wasn’t very nice, but it was still something and it’s pretty clear that won’t happen. And I know you’re probably thinking that if I just tell you the good stuff I’ve seen then it’ll be fine but that’s not it. If I do that, then you’ll be with me because you think that’s how it’s supposed to be and not really because you want to.”


“Right, so we’re gonna have to talk about feelings and stuff, aren’t we?” He mumbled, not especially wanting to do that.

“Yep. Feelings and all that junk.” She agreed, sighing slightly as she did so. “Who’s going to start?”

“Well, ladies first.” He gave that excuse, smirking slightly as he did so.


Rolling her eyes, Juniper took it upon herself to go first. “Alright then.” Staying quiet for a while, she thought of how to phrase it. “I do like you, as in more than a friend like you, but I love having you as a friend, and I don’t know what I’d do without you, so I don’t want to mess that up.”

“So, do you want us to stay friends or…?” Nick asked, trailing off as he did so.



“I dunno, what do you want?” She asked in response, not so sure where to go. The only boyfriends she’s had started off romantically. She’s never really been friends with someone before dating them.

“I would like us to be more than friends but-” He started, but was soon interrupted.

“But what?”


“But the way you were acting yesterday about Sam, I just, I don’t know.” It was bothering him slightly, as he didn’t want them to try dating, only for her to still be in love with her ex-husband.

“You’re concerned I’m still in love with him?” She asked in response, and his silence spoke volumes. “There will always be a part of me that loves Sam, just like how I know there’ll always be a part of you that loves Elle, but I think that how I felt yesterday was a mix of me missing him, but mostly hating how everything felt so… Stagnant. Like, how I’ve been here for so long and I feel like the only good thing come from me moving here has been you.”


The corners of his mouth twitched up into a smile as she said that. Changing the subject slightly, he asked out of interest. “Hey, remember when we first met?”

“Yeah, I remember. You were such a dick.” She commented honestly as she stood. “I hated you. Hated. I felt so pissed off that Roisin decided to be friends with Lainey.” She couldn’t help but find it somewhat amusing that they only started talking and tolerating each other because of their daughters. Did that mean that their daughters technically set them up?

“I hated you too. I thought that you thought you were better than what you actually were.” Grinning as he said that, he then added as he stood also. “I dunno, I just think it’s funny how far we’ve come since then. We tolerated each other, then liked each other, hated each other for a bit, liked each other and now…”


“Now we’re stood here talking about whether or not we should be a couple.” She finished his sentence, smiling slightly. “Imagine if the versions of us when we first met saw us now.”

“They’d be so disappointed in us.” Laughing as he said this, he then went back to the topic at hand. “So, what are we going to do? Because I think I’d prefer us to be more than just friends.”


“I think I’d prefer that too.” She agreed, giving him a somewhat sheepish smile. “It’s going to be really weird being in a relationship with you. I mean, it’s you. Nick. Room mate Nick, Lainey’s dad Nick.” She mumbled.

“I know, dating psychic Juniper, Roisin’s mom, know-it-all Juniper who I have to call Jennifer in public.”

“Hey, I am not a know it all.” Sneering slightly, she rolled her eyes. “So, we’re really doing this, huh?”


“I guess we are, yeah.” He wasn’t sure what else to say. This conversation felt somewhat awkward but probably because things between them were changing.

“Should we like, kiss or something? I feel like that’s the thing to do.” She mumbled, but then added. “But now I feel like I’ve kinda ruined the moment by asking if we should do it.”


“I think we should still do it anyway despite you wrecking the moment.” He added the last bit teasingly. “So, should we just like, go for it?” He asked.

“I think so.” She replied, giving a somewhat sheepish smile.


The two of them spent a short time looking at each other, seemingly building up courage to do what they were about to do. Tentatively, moving closer, their lips locked in a soft kiss.

It wasn’t the first kiss they shared, nor would it be their last, but this one felt different.

It felt right, as if it was meant to be.



Finally properly together oh my wow.

So, a timeline because I’m sad/interested on how long Nick and June have been like a thing

Juniper has her first vision of Nick on 29.10.15 (they’re in UK date format. Day.Month.Year)
So, we first met Nick properly 30.3.16
They made friends the next day xD
He moved in 27.05.16 (which is funny because that means they’ve been living together (or at least had first moved in) for over a year before finally acting on their feelings xD)
They went to a wedding together 17.6.16
He got in contact with Elle again 6.7.16 and moved out on 6.8.16
He moved back in on 2.9.16 and that’s when she properly started dating Daniel
She told him about her being psychic and about her killing Sam on 30.9.6
She told him the whole story about being Juniper and her killing Sam on 22.10.16 and he also mentioned about his past then too
(there was a cute Xmas special on 21.12.16 lmao)
He found out about Daniel and did not approve on 5.2.17
Juniper found out she was pregnant again on 19.2.17 and broke up with Daniel then
Juniper had Juniper Jr on 1.5.17 and was done with Daniel for good then too
They first properly kissed on 28.5.17
And they started dating today ๐Ÿ˜€ 29.5.17

Wooow so much has happened

Just for the record, things are gonna move slightly faster (it’s about time we got a wriggle on, am I right?) from now on because I’ve got something awesome planned for chapter 50 ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m excited and happy, is anyone else feeling this way? ๐Ÿ˜€


20 thoughts on “Chapter 3.45 It’s Nice We’re Not Naked Now

  1. I can’t deal with second hand awkwardness omg. But I guess it’s kinda cute too. I can’t imagine best friends becoming partners in a way that doesn’t in love awkwardness tbh.
    I’m excited for this special thing! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ or AM I???


    1. Yeah, it’s very awkward xD I can’t see it not being awkward though tbh, like how can it not be? It’s a cute, confessing feelings, awkward xD

      I’m even excited for next chapter but there’s this one thing I can’t find and it literally makes me wanna cry because I need it ;-;

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All the awkwardness aside, it’s great that they talked everything over. It’s like, they aren’t just stumbling into the relationship now.
    And seriously, Nick is way hotter than both Sam and Daniel.


    1. Yeah, it probably wouldn’t last that long and be more confusing if they didn’t at least try to talk things through. It’s good that this rather awkward encounter happened xD
      *whispers* it’s because I tried harder making Nick.
      For reals though, I couldn’t get Sam’s nose right and it bugged me and Daniel was basically just a Sam clone lmao

      Liked by 2 people

      1. How dare you not try hard enough, lol. You put us all, storytellers, to shame. *whispers* I only try hard on the final heir’s spouse, the others can be whatever, lmao.


      2. I did try with Sam! Or, at least I tried more than what I previously had done xD ngl I think the effort I put into making Nick was the most effort I’ve ever put in lmao. I’m so bad at making sims, male sims in particular, so I just don’t with normal, non-picture, gameplay xD I tried with these two though, I think Juniper’s the prettiest sim ever in any of my games. I either make them vanilla or ugly on purpose lmao

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Woah, this was so awkward that only reading it made me feel awkward, lmao.
    The part where they ” kissed, fucked and then fell asleep” totally cracked me up. This was so straight out and I wasn’t expecting it that they would rush into having sex after this innocent kiss that finally happened.
    Congratulations nonetheless and I am waiting impatiently for the 50th chapter special ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yeah xD I tried to make it less awkward but then I was like “nah, it’d be super awkward between the two of them” and voila! Awkward!

      Nah, it wouldn’t have just been innocent. I feel like with their relationship, they would have either kissed and laughed it off, nothing coming from it, or going to whole way and not being able to or wanting to stop.

      *nods* I’m looking forward to it. Big things happen in that chapter

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yus I did ^-^ I made it using the tattoo-inator thingy. Nick’s always struck me as the kind of guy who would get tattoos of important things like that (I imagine that he used to have one with a date of his and Elle’s anniversary but that’s looooooooonnnnnngggggg gone now xD )

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  4. Gah, they were so adorable and awkward. XD Like, guys, just do it. C’mon.

    Am I wrong, or is Nick more into June than she is into him? He just seems to really care about her, or he makes it more obvious.

    It is exciting they’re together!! So they’re going to have a kid, right?? ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. They were so very awkward xD It couldn’t not be awkward because I mean, they’ve been friends for so long and it’s quite a big transition to make.

      I think it’s more that he just makes it more obvious than she does. Since everything that happened with Sam, she’s not been the best at being overly affectionate.

      Yeah! It’s exciting! ๐Ÿ˜€
      No babies for a short time I’m afraid, they’ve gotta be a couple first! Be cute together and stuff!


  5. Yesssssssss!!!!!!! I am so happy for them! I feel like a creeper a bit. Like I want to watch them go on dates and have dinners and take care of the kids and everything now that they are doing it as a couple.

    They were awkward, but it makes sense. Glad it wasn’t just immediately lovey dovey and reciting poetry and such. It wouldn’t be them. I like that Nick admitted he wanted more. I think with all the different things that Juniper has seen with her visions it maybe made her unsure if it would be the right thing. But with him wanting it also, they can give it a try. Hopefully it will work, because how could it not?


    1. Yas Junie and Nick dating! Yas!
      I am happy too, I’ve been waiting a while for this xD we’ll see some romantic day to day couple stuff with them but not too much. It’s already chapter 45 and we’ve got stuff to get through xD

      It would have been weird if they went straight into being all “i luv u””luv u 2” and all that crap straight away. It’s not really them either.
      Yeah, I feel like it would have to be him to initiate the feelings admitting, mostly because Juniper would be worried about if she admitted first and pushed the relationship, it would just break, y’know? Like she also needed confirmation that he really did want it.
      I wouldn’t be mean enough to make it not work (OR AM I MEAN ENOUGH?! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Urunwa

    Well that was awkward, thought it was going to end with Juniper freaking out and ending it. It looked like it for a second there to. But, I’m still waiting for something to blow up in their faces. Don’t trust it until they are old and grey together.


    1. I can assure you that they will be happy together for the next few years. Whether it’s until they’re old and grey… Well, there’s some things I need to think about first as to whether or not that will happen.
      It was very awkward, but it was a necessary awkward.


  7. Yesyesyes, finally those two figured out what all of us knew all along ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m really curious as to what your rolls are for this generation though! Before I would have guessed Single+Help, but now they’re a couple… hmm. I hope that doesn’t mean they’ll soon go back to being just friends? Aahh, don’t tell me though, I don’t like spoilers!


    1. *shrugs* We’ll have to see if it lasts. According to Juniper’s visions, they should last, but also according to Juniper’s visions she should be with Mia sooooo….. We just don’t know.


  8. Yeah it’s really difficult to confess to your best friend, who likely shares your type of humor and will respond to comments like ‘We’d be great together’ with flippant answers like ‘Yeah I know right? Would would run this town!’ Or, ‘We’re together right now, watching the television!’ which completely deflate the romantic atmosphere. It’s like, friends are so great for each other because there is no tension or expectations to be prefect, but a spouse or date? Completely a different animal.

    10/10 would recommend the experience XD


    1. Yeah, it’s really difficult to confess something like that, especially to someone you’re so close to because there’s so much to lose, you know? We’ll just have to see how it all plays out, hopefully it’ll end well


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